There is no straight line from point A to B in energy healing

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Great skill set for emergency self-care.
Petroglyph. New Mexico. 

From an energy perspective, everything in the body has a purpose.
Yes, even the appendix.

Emergency Self-Care: 
practice now so those skills are there when you need them

Wednesday night, the right lower quadrant of my belly felt like it was packed with gravely, grindy glass shards. Friday night at seven, I surfaced from anesthesia after an appendectomy. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I woke in my hospital bed with a hammering headache, a headache that reminded me of the hangovers I used to have, and that might have been a result of no caffeine for two days. But in the moment, I remembered that when you have surgery, they strap you down and that locks up your CranioSacral system. Mine was cement.  The point of this newsletter is if you've trained in BodyTalk Access, please practice it, so that when you're in an emergency situation, you can “pull it out of your pocket” and it will be effective for you. You need to practice the techniques for them to be readily available to you. If you haven’t taken the class, you can now access it via Zoom through the International BodyTalk Association (There’s a class this weekend!).

It’s always a little hard to lift your arms and get moving when you feel completely ick, but fear of the headache getting worse got me moving. I spent two hours working on myself, trying to get some energy flowing in my locked tight body, especially my head, my Oh Ouch head. The series of techniques taught in BodyTalk Access includes a set of approaches called Reciprocals, or paired points that communicate through the extrinsic energy system at the surface of your body. Think Bioenergetics or Chinese Medicine and Wei Chi, if those are familiar to you, otherwise, just know it’s a super-fast communication system with more varied pathways than the slower and more pre-mapped nerve and meridian counterparts. I have advanced training in Reciprocals so my focus is deeper. I could feel how desperately my body needed help to repair the interconnections that had been disrupted by emergency surgery. 

I continue to practice Reciprocals now that I'm home. Many of you have experienced them in sessions with me. I love love, love Reciprocals.

When you need surgery you need surgery. When your appendix is toast, it's toast. And then you're really grateful to have a competent surgeon.

Surgery is NOT a Neutral Experience

Surgery is not a neutral experience. I think in some ways we know that, but procedures can be presented as routine. There are a lot of potential issues and it isn’t my intention to explore those, although it was good for me even after the fact to reread what I learned in an Ortho-Bionomy class on surgical trauma.

For a couple of tips, if it’s not an emergency procedure, have your team explain how your body will be positioned during surgery. I didn't have that presence of mind to research as I waited on my bed, an island in the chaos of the hallway of the emergency room. But that positioning can alert you to what will need to be unscrambled after surgery.  Also, prep them to tell you that you’re doing great, preferably every ten minutes during surgery. You will hear it even under anesthesia.. 
Tuesday Night Light: Little did I know what was coming.

"Miracle" Healings

Friday morning when a friend said, Go to Urgent Care now, and Urgent Care urgently sent me to the ER. book-junkie that I am, I did have the presence of mind to swing by my house and pick up a novel. Priorities. 

I started off in a room in the ER and ended up in the hallway for several hours. It was just one of those experiences where it was best to let go because I was connected into something that I had little to no control over. My appendix needed to go. I couldn’t renegotiate that with my body at this point. It’s a total coincidence - serendipity? - that I had a BodyTalk exchange scheduled, and the practitioner was set to do my session on Friday. He said he would do it that morning so I had sent a couple of rushed emails hoping he would see them. My session ended up unfolding closer to 1 PM and he called with results while a nurse poked my right arm trying to find a vein.

More chaos. More, go with the flow. 

I hear about “Miracle Healings” after energy work (everyone hopes for a miracle healing) but I personally have not experienced one. I can't say that that's what happened either because there is no straight line from point A to B in energy healing. But, here’s the deal. My CT scan showed that my appendix was significantly perforated and abscessed (my garbled memory but you get the picture). When they got in there to remove it, it was marginally perforated, A potential three day stay in the hospital became an overnighter. When the surgeon spoke with me after the procedure, he seemed confused by that, said he had seen CT scans go the other way, where they showed less infection than what ended up being present, but never more than what was actually there. 

The  potential ramifications of that information didn’t sink in for me until later. I can’t verify that connection, can only think, Hmm, that's interesting. Which is what I did. And I shared the story with my colleague. I rely on BodyTalk, Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy in so many situations in my life, my family’s life, the truth is, I don’t verifiably know its impact because that can come days and weeks later. I generally feel a shift but I don’t completely know what that shift is. What I can say is true for me, and for colleagues and friends trained in energy work, I can’t imagine life without these skills.

More Magic: Tuesday night full moon. Wait. Oops. Sunset. 

BodyMind Spirit Healthcare can support you before, during and after surgical procedures. 


When you need surgery you need surgery. When your appendix is toast, it's toast. And then you're really grateful to have a competent surgeon. Maybe not a surgeon who wants to consider other ideas about the appendix, like it being a library for the microbiome of the body. My surgeon performs a lot of appendectomies, so in some ways, it's not even convenient for him to consider that the appendix is not as disposable as his practice presumes it to be.  

From an energy perspective, everything in the body has a purpose.
So I’m without the library that held my personal microbiome and again I'm grateful because BodyMind Spirit Healthcare can connect into the signature of my appendix and continue working with it. And that's part of what Reciprocals helps facilitate.

I'm grateful for the body's capacity for healing. I'm grateful to be home. I had some fun in my little infinitely expensive B&B with breakfast in bed and a tremendous novel to savor. But this is my safe spot: my household with my daughter and my pets, and all the plants that rely on me for life. And the skills that are so indispensable to the well-being of everyone I care for: human, four-legged, rooted being.  And you, the clients who share your story and your health journey. 

Jenna Caplette, LMT
Healing Arts + Wisdom Arts
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