'Tis the season for an inward journey. In our rapidly changing, chaotic world, the most important practice is to know yourself, your whole self,

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Helping You to Better Know Yourself

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F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
In healing, every bit of information, every piece of truth, may be crucial.
Gabor Mate'
Giving a front porch foot session, vintage December 2020. 

Deep appreciation to each of you who have made my adventure with front porch sessions both possible  & pleasurable  
(is that a word? pleasurable)

Here's a photo of my giving a front-porch session on December 2nd, 2020. I’m bundled up and masked. This year on December 4th I didn’t need to bundle, even for an after-sunset session. And now, that season of hands-on intuitive fascial release is over. I hope to offer in-office sessions beginning in March 2022

Hands-on Intuitive Fascial release gives an inward experience, sends you into your physicality as you feel your body unwind tension and restriction. I listen for where your body leads and follow, pausing, holding, anchoring, tracking patterns of habitual tension and resistance, listening for the opportunity for release and relief that is also always there.

The body remembers. Fascia — the web of connective tissue that defines your physicality — remembers and expresses all your experiences, but tangles them together. The process of unwinding that tangle is rich with miraculous experiences, surprising awareness that inevitably deepens your relationship with self, with life.

I consider this approach my “medicine” though it is certainly informed by years of training and experience. I had meant to close for in-person sessions this month in any case because of the challenges of clearing a path for clients to access my office. (Though, unfortunately, snow isn't really an issue right now). 

I am scheduling Zoom-based energy medicine. 

What's it mean to follow your Medicine? Read  following your medicine


I crave a deeper bodily experience of who I am, where I am in space, and how I process people and the world around me — and how all of this affects my happiness, well-being, and relationships . . . 
Jenanar Nerenberg, Divergent Mind'
We want to be the authoritative person in our own lives, in charge, able to make the authentic decisions that affect us . . . the more we can learn about
ourselves, the less prone we are to become passive victims.

Gabor Mate'

'Tis the season for an inward journey 

BodyTalk practitioners have often described what they deliver as spiritual physical therapy because sessions help unwrap the layers to reveal a person's particular signature, their distinct and essential self, and strengthens connection with nature and Spirit.  Sessions also surface inter-generational influences crucial to a true understanding of the trajectory of your life. Not all the information will resonate with and for you, but some of it will deeply land.

I participate in a pretty steady stream of long distance exchanges with other practitioners. It's become steadier than I expected because people often request another round (they work on me as well). I suspect that's partly because my approach is different than the "standard" BodyTalk session, and weaves in other healing paths.  I take extra time to research and explore. 

In client sessions,  I like to check in and start putting details  together, highlighting connections, before a scheduled appointment. That way I can sort through materials and do specific research.
I love having time to fine tune what self-care to suggest.  Then I deliver the information that has surfaced and the client and I tap out together. Sometimes there is more to do after that. BodyTalk sessions often ask that something further be done in a few days, giving your bodymind an opportunity to respond to what has already unfolded. That extra check in is part of your session. 

You may find this kind of ongoing, less rigidly scheduled, remote session is the best fit for you.  Or a coaching-oriented session with limited actual exploration of the infinite possible details that could surface. 

Either way, it's your ability be receptive, to listen in your own essence, that helps your session "land."  that allows you to become more attuned to the state of your own health,. Take it in, tap it in.  It is in the knowing of yourself, that you can best decide how you want to live your life as the season unfolds and each day becomes the next and the next. 

. . . simply having information can be life-changing — and one of the best sources of help, healing, and growth.
Jenara Nerenberg, Divergent Mind
Jenna Caplette, LMT
Healing Arts + Wisdom Arts
Sessions given at a distance via Zoom, phone, or email. 

SO grateful to be able to offer sessions via Zoom (it works!)

I hope to return to in-office sessions for vaccinated repeat clients in March. The first three sessions for new clients sessions are on Zoom 

  1. Schedule a 20-minute  call to chat about what's challenging your health. The best way to do that is to text: 406-920-2691. Let me know three times you have available and I will either confirm one of those or make an alternate suggestion. You may also schedule through Schedulicity.  (BTW,  BodyTalk IS effective at a distance.  Read how and why here). 
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