Epigenetics & BodyTalk: How's that work? 
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Here's the followup information I promised you!

Links & resources for further exploration

". . .We are the culmination of our life experiences as well as the life experiences of our parents and ancestors. Because our genes don't easily forget." -- Sharon Moalem, MD, PhD in "Inheritance." 

  • I found a clear presentation by Paul Andersen from Bozeman . It's older but simple and good. 
  • Another film is "The Ghost in Your Genes.
  • Though it is more focused on modern genetic science in general, I also recommend the book I quoted above, "Inheritance: How our Genes Change Our Lives and Our Lives Change Our Genes". It's older (4 years) but easy to follow. You can also find information on Epigenetics in Deepak Chopra's "The Healing Self."  

How BodyTalk works  

Based in Energy Medicine, BodyTalk works to shift the conversation in your BodyMind. Your life-style, genetics and history are drawn upon to establish a personalized approach to healthcare that layer by layer, brings about lasting changes. 

How does a practitioner know what to do? Training. Intuition. There is no set approach to any particular set of symptoms. Using a "muscle-checking"  biofeedback technique and protocol charts, I get details on the status of energy circuits in your body, identify and reconnect "priority" weakened or broken circuits.  Once a formula has been created, it is tapped in.

Want more? Here's a brief explanation, including tapping, from the International BodyTalk Association.  Experiencing a session is the ultimate way to understand the complexity and beauty of this amazing approach. 

Summary of a BodyTalk Epigenetics Session

Want to see how Epigenetics might show up in a session?  To give you a sense for the complexity and detail of this work, here are excerpts from a session I gave for a woman with Fibromyalgia. 

I started by doing an intuitive Epigenetic Scan with the specialized chart I have. I found 18 epigenetic markers influencing her Fibromyalgia. Six of those came up as priority to address in this session (18 would be far too many to effectively address in one session). 

  1. The first marker was inherited from her Mother’s Father and related to his en-utero heavy metal exposure from nickel, impacting the health of his thymus. Priority? Remove a histone silencing marker in her.
  2. PVC exposure in client affecting the posterior pituitary. Add a methyl marker.
  3. There were 3 inherited markers from her Father’s Mother’s Mother that came from a gastrointestinal tract weakness created by a viral infection at 2 years old. In the client herself, the priority was to remove histone silencing markers.
  4. Inherited trauma Father’s Mother’s Mother's Mother:  head trauma, locked spheno-basilar junction effecting the posterior pituitary. Remove microRNA marker. 

Then it came up as prioirty to address  self-judgement about health, "Just not feeling good, why?" That she doesn't feel safe in her own body is impacting her sympathetic nervous system.

Try it . . . 

  1. Schedule a 20 minute free consult with me if you want to chat. The best way to do that is to text: 406-920-2691. Let me know three times you have available and I will either conifrm one of those or make an alternate suggestion. You may also schedule through Schedulicity

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And, that's a wrap. It was so great to share this with you.  

Jenna Caplette, LMT
Healing Arts Practitioner
BodyMind Spirit Healthcare
Located south of Bozeman Deaconess

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