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Secretary Sentiments Issue 6
Friday, Sept 30, 2016

Hello Secretaries,

We're just hours away from October 🎃🎃🎃 and to me that means Fall, one of my favorite times for service! The heat isn't so intense, the air is fresh, and you can fuel yourself with pumpkin everything. I hope you are all excited to pump things up with your clubs now that you have had a few meetings. 

So glad I got to see a few of you at Kamp Kiwanis this past weekend, I hope you had a fantastic time. If you or any of your members did attend, please remember to mark it down on your MRFs this month and also remember that it counts as an interclub event towards NY Kiwanis Foundations. 

You may have increased numbers to report on your form this month, be sure to check with all your members before submitting. However, you should submit even if there is nothing to report, so that I can make note of that. You can submit any missing MRFs from past months. Lastly, I still need to have chats with some of you, so check for your name below! 


📝 Getting Personal 👦🏼

Each month I will include a small section about service, volunteerism, and social impact in my own life and/or with my home club. I firmly believe sharing these parts of our lives is the best way to promote stronger and more engaging involvement with our community. You can feel free to skip over this if you are in a rush, but be sure to use the buttons below to add me on social media so I can see what you are up to as well!
Speaking of DLSSP, I want to share it as a start to a conversation on how intertwined our three tenants are. Out of our three district events of the year, this one is meant to be the one focused on service. And while this is absolutely the case, you can't help notice all the leadership and fellowship happening as well. This is a labor intensive weekend and beyond all the assigned service projects happening, there is also a lot of work to be done to satisfy everyone's basic needs for the weekend (food, comfort, hygiene) and while ConCon chair Ryan is in charge of coordinating all of it, I watched over and over again as all different members stepped up to help. The best way to lead, is to do. Of course fellowship isn't hard to come by, whether it is as we cozy up by the fire, strut down the runway, or chill in our cabins. DLSSP is a prime example of why I joined CKI, and why I am sure many of you did. It is a reminder of what we should all strive for in our clubs, and as a K-Family. 

Secretary Chats 📞

Here are the secretaries I still need to chat with! 

  • Diamond Walker
  • Shannon M. Perrone
  • Amber Swinden
  • Jadxia Carbajal
  • Kristen Kocaj
  • Michael Kensell
  • Muslima Ali
  • Adrian Maestre
  • Alison Wen
  • Megan Leone
  • Leslie Wong
  • Ayanna Reed
  • Monica Marshall
  • Hailey Weihs
  • Nicole Wojnicki
  • Harrison Mullen
  • Adriana Kosakowski
  • Delia Andalora
  • Tina Lin
  • Jenna Campisi
  • Emily Fenter
  • Manny Zheng
  • Fabiola Bien-Aime 
  • Meghan Shea (Mae)
  • Brianna Huckell
  • Christine Garas

Anti-Bullying Walk 👫

Downstate clubs, we are going to be participating in the walk to end bullying which is coming up this Sunday, October 2 in NYC. See the flyer below for info and I hope to see you and your clubs there this weekend!

Trick of Treat for Unicef 👻

Do your clubs need ideas for Treat or Treat for UNICEF? Check out this CKI Pinterest board for all social media squares and additional information on projects. Also be sure to report any participation on your next MRF and mark it as an "International Initiative"!


New York Speaking 🗣

At the closing of DLSSP we officially announced New York Speaking 2016, themed after the olympics! NYS is our fall district conference held in Lake George, NY from Nov 4-6 and you are all invited. We are releasing registration and applications for workshops, host club, and everything else you need this weekend so be on the lookout. In the meantime, check out this video with the highlights from last year to see what's in store. 


🗓 Monthly Report Form 📑

One of your monthly duties as a club secretary is to submit a Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the district. This form will include data about your club meetings, service, and social events, the service hours your members log, and the funds you raise. Each 7th of the month, you will submit an MRF for the previous month through an online uploader. This form is available on the district website along with the submission uploader. There have been several changes to the MRF form and submission process since the beginning of the year so please download the newest version! Please also note that detailed instructions for each section of the form have been added to the website. The next MRF will be due October 7th.

📱 Facebook Secretary Group 💬

Please join our Secretaries Facebook Group where I will be posting quick updates and reminders throughout the year that can help me cut down the amount of emails I need to send out. It will also be a great way to get to know your counterparts throughout the district. 🤓
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group
That's all for now - please be in touch with anything,

PS. as a reward for reading the whole email here is a pic of the two puppies my family just rescued!

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