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Secretary Sentiments Issue 12
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hello everyone,

This will be my final newsletter to you as District Secretary. This Saturday we enter April and our new service year. It has been a fantastic year of service, leadership, and fellowship, and I look forward to another working along side those not graduating. However, we all have one last job as secretaries, and that is to submit the monthly report form for the month of March! As District Secretary-Elect Julia Dressler will be taking this on, you should all be working with your successors for this final submission as well. We want to finish out the year strong and get all our last hours in the record. For this final month, and then on into next year, the MRF submission process is changing, as international has created a uniform submission process via the membership update center. I apologize to any clubs that have already submitted the normal form for this month, you will still need to move the information into the new form. Please read on to the note from Julia below explaining the new process with links to helpful resources!

DCON Board Meeting & HOD Minutes

Minutes from the outgoing board's final meeting and this year's house of delegates are now available on the district website!

Executive Assistant Application

The application for this year's EA is online and open to submissions by April 3rd. The EA is the right hand to the District Governor! You will help oversee the district committees, work on our NYCKI News, help communicate with our district Vice Presidents, and complete other directives as requested by the governor.

Election Report Forms

The ERF is used to collect the contact information for all newly elected club officers. The outgoing club board is responsible for completing the form as soon as their elections have been held. This is extremely important for allowing us to get in touch with clubs for the next year, so please take the initiative to complete it!

Secretary Facebook Group

Please add your successor to our Secretaries Facebook Group! It will make it much easier on Julia if you each add on person, rather than her having to track down and add several dozen. 
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group

NEW Monthly Report Form 🗓

This year, Circle K International has decided to use a uniform MRF submission form among all CKI clubs. MRF's will now be submitted through the Membership Update Center. This may sound intimidating but once you are able to log in it actually is a very simple process. INCOMING SECRETARIES should try to log in with your email as soon as possible. If you can not log in OUTGOING OFFICERS need to make sure that they update the system with the incoming secretary's information. If you are having difficulties accessing let me know and I can work with you to get you access. The new MRF will not appear on MUC until April 1st, so if you access prior to the 1st, do not be alarmed that it is not there. Attached is a resource that was created by International VP Steven McCarthy to help walk you through it. While it is very informational I will also be holding meetings via google hangouts everyday leading up to the due date, April 5th, to walk you through it and work with you to understand the new process. If you are able you could even bring all of your records that you need to submit the MRF and you can complete it right then and there. If you can not attend any of these times just let me know and I would be more than happy to meet with you one on one. My hope is to make this transition for you as smooth as possible. If you have any urgent questions that you want to know before our google hangout feel free to email, call, text or message and I will be happy to clarify.
Julia Dressler | District Secretary Elect |
Thank you all for a fantastic year!


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