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Secretary Sentiments Issue 8
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday All,

December is almost upon as is the holiday season, but most exciting.... MRF submissions! We had a substantial drop in submissions last month, however I am hoping we can get back on track this month so  I have info to pass on to your LtGs. As always feel free to reach out to me for help with anything!

After this month, most schools will go into winter break which tends to come with a drop in service involvement, so take initiative to keep your members motivated and remind them they can still serve while home on break. Be sure to take the time to read through my email so you are up to date on everything!

📝 Getting Personal 👦🏼

Each month I will include a small section about service, volunteerism, and social impact in my own life and/or with my home club. I firmly believe sharing these parts of our lives is the best way to promote stronger and more engaging involvement with our community. You can feel free to skip over this if you are in a rush, but be sure to use the buttons below to add me on social media so I can see what you are up to as well!
Over 100 members from around the state gathered in Lake George this month for New York Speaking, our second district event of the year. We spent the weekend meeting, bonding, serving, and learning through a service fair, a day of workshops, fellowship activities and keynotes from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and 

NYS Recap Video 🎥

Interested in what happened at this years New York Speaking? Get a peek or reminisce if you were able to join us with the recap video. 

New York Speaking 2016: Olympic Games

Kiwanis Family Weekend Board Meeting 👔

The week after New York Speaking, our district board traveled once again to Calicoon, NY to spend the weekend with the boards of NY Kiwanis and Key Club to hold our meetings and bond with counterparts. If you are interested in the events of our meeting, check out the published minutes.


DCON Teaser 🎞

As we work our way through the second half of our service year, District Convention is approaching! This years theme has been revealed with a teaser video. If you are interested in running for a district position this year, start reaching out to the person in that position now to learn more!

DCON 2017 Teaser

District Goals 📊

Remember you can always view the most up to date info on our progress towards reaching our goals as a district this year. Check it out on the website.

🗓 Monthly Report Form 📑

One of your monthly duties as a club secretary is to submit a Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the district. This form will include data about your club meetings, service, and social events, the service hours your members log, and the funds you raise. Each 7th of the month, you will submit an MRF for the previous month through an online uploader. This form is available on the district website along with the submission uploader. There have been several changes to the MRF form and submission process since the beginning of the year so please download the newest version! Please also note that detailed instructions for each section of the form have been added to the website. The next MRF will be due December 7th.

📱 Facebook Secretary Group 💬

Please join our Secretaries Facebook Group where I will be posting quick updates and reminders throughout the year that can help me cut down the amount of emails I need to send out. It will also be a great way to get to know your counterparts throughout the district. 🤓
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group
That's all for now - please be in touch with anything,

PS. as a reward for reading the whole email here is me enjoying breakfast at DLSSP

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