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Secretary Sentiments Issue 10
Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017

Hi all,

I hope everyone has settled into the semester well! We are officially three quarters of the way through the service year, which means...... only 3 more MRFs! As we finish our first month of 2017, please take the time to complete your club's report forms throughly, especially considering you may have new members to log. I have included a link to all past missing MRFs below, because if you would like to be in the drawing for the 100% submission prize, you have to get them all in! Here are the details....
  1. The winner will be chosen at random from a list of all qualifying entries. 
  2. To qualify, you must be currently be serving as a club secretary and you must have 100% of your MRFs submitted by February 15th. If your club's secretary is not in charge of submitting the MRF, and another officer does, they may enter the drawing, but should also notify me. 
  3. Secretaries will not be considered automatically. To add your name to the list, you must fill out an entry form no later then February 15th where you will affirm you can in fact attend convention if your name is chosen. 
  4. The winner will be notified and announced on Feb 17th, allowing them one full week before the deadline to register for convention if they haven't already. The registration fee will be waived and they will be sent a check to cover their portion of a hotel room. 
If you have any questions about the drawing or issues with MRF submission, please be in touch. With that, there is lots to share this month so please take a moment to read through everything...

📝 Getting Personal 👦🏼

Each month I will include a small section about service, volunteerism, and social impact in my own life and/or with my home club. I firmly believe sharing these parts of our lives is the best way to promote stronger and more engaging involvement with our community. You can feel free to skip over this if you are in a rush, but be sure to use the buttons below to add me on social media so I can see what you are up to as well!
One of my favorite CKI activities is tabling at university events. Person to person interaction is by far the best way of finding new students who might love joining your club. Being able to look someone in the eyes and talk about your own experience is a powerful way to share what Circle K is all about, and to make it a less intimidating move for them to stop by the next meeting, they already know a familiar face! However, tabling doesn't need to stop after the start of the semester, you should work with your fellow officers to seek out events throughout the semester where you might be able to spread the word about CKI. Check out the section below on tabling to get access to some resources to get you started. 

District Convention 👔👗

We are fast approaching our final district event of the year, DCON! The weekend, March 17-19, encompasses elections, networking, a huge span of workshops, and fellowship activities, but is also a celebration with all our friends from across the state, complete with a dance-floor and and other evening activities. Registration is due February 24th, so head over the the convention website to learn more, and enjoy yours truly as the most nerdy secret agent ever in this trailer.

Awards 📊

As we enter the last quarter of the service year, it is time to apply for awards and be recognized for all your hard work! There are awards covering everything from club secretary, to faculty advisor, member, service project, and even club apparel! Check out the full list and get your applications in by February 10th.

January Board Meeting 🗓

In January, our district board met in Binghamton, NY to spend the weekend discussing the business of the district and share updates from our home divisions. If you are interested in the events of our meeting, check out the published minutes.

Club Tabling 🗣

A new semester means a great opportunity to recruit! Research if your school is holding a club fair where you can tell students about CKI and how they can join. Check out the links below to get free brochures and tips on how to better table. Here are some quick ones to get you started...

  • Don't all crowd behind the table, have someone stand out front to interact with the crowd, and pull them over to your table to learn more. 
  • Have small cards with info about your next meeting, attaching them to a piece of candy always encourages more takers!

Running for Higher Office 💼

What are your CKI plans for next year? Have you considered running for a higher office? Perhaps you want to serve your club in a different position, or help your whole division as LtG, work on the district board as an executive officer, or even run for international! Whatever it might be, now is the time to jump on the opportunity, as elections for all levels approach. Check out the links below to learn more about the process and positions. You should also be emailing current officers to notify them of your interest and get some insight. If you are interested in an office above club level, email both Governor Jerry ( and the person currently in the position ( 

Monthly Report Form 🗓

One of your monthly duties as a club secretary is to submit a Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the district. This form will include data about your club meetings, service, and social events, the service hours your members log, and the funds you raise. Each 7th of the month, you will submit an MRF for the previous month through an online uploader. This form is available on the district website along with the submission uploader. The next MRF will be due February 7th.

📱 Facebook Secretary Group 💬

Please join our Secretaries Facebook Group where I will be posting quick updates and reminders throughout the year that can help me cut down the amount of emails I need to send out. It will also be a great way to get to know your counterparts throughout the district. 🤓
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group
That's all for now - please be in touch with anything,

PS. as a reward for reading the whole email here is a recent snapchat from my sister, featuring our puppy Wilson. 

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