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Secretary Sentiments Issue 7
Friday, Oct 28, 2016

Hello Secretaries,

Happy Halloweekend! Whether it is full of parties and fun, or meetings and subway rides (like mine), enjoy, stay safe, and stay warm. Even as ghouls fill the streets with pumpkin buckets at the ready, our favorite time of the month is upon us. That's right, it's time again to get your monthly report forms ready to submit! I am thrilled to see all the things your clubs are doing each month, and just as excited to work with your LtGs when your clubs are struggling to help you get out there, and serve.

As we enter the second half of the service year, there is lots to share and exciting things going on, so please, as always, read on.

📝 Getting Personal 👦🏼

Each month I will include a small section about service, volunteerism, and social impact in my own life and/or with my home club. I firmly believe sharing these parts of our lives is the best way to promote stronger and more engaging involvement with our community. You can feel free to skip over this if you are in a rush, but be sure to use the buttons below to add me on social media so I can see what you are up to as well!
Kiwanis One Day was last Saturday and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the whole weekend involved in CKI activities. On Friday my home school hosted the Liberty Waffle Divisional where we had members from all over NYC as well as Key Clubbers and Kiwanis together to catch up, do some service and enjoy a waffle bar. We started early the next morning in the Bronx for NY Cares Day/Kiwanis One Day working at an elementary school helping them prepare materials for classes and organizing their book library. In the evening it was out to Staten Island for the Metro Kiwanis sponsored Halloween fundraiser, where we joined with Aktion club members for a night of music, food, and raffles! I feel more lucky each time I get to spend time with our K-Family and I think it is so important that we keep serving together to make the greatest impact.

Updated Resources 🗄

The Club Building and Resources committee worked hard combing through old files to add useful documents to our resources page. Check it out and be sure to share with your boards.

Secretary Chats 📞

I am going to set up weekly office hours to help complete the rest of our chats! If you haven't completed your chat with me, please respond to this email letting me know a 20 minute period during the below times in the next week weeks you would be available to talk!

Mondays 3:20pm-6:20pm
Tuesdays 2:20pm-4:20pm


DLSSP Recap Video 🎥

Interested in what happened at this years District Large Scale Service Project? Get a peek or reminisce if you were able to join us with the recap video. 


Trick of Treat for UNICEF 👻

Are you raising funds via Trick or Treat for Unicef this year? Be sure to report any club participation and fundraising on your next MRF and mark it as an "International Initiative"!

📋 District Board Meeting 👔

Over our weekend at Kamp Kiwanis for DLSSP, our board of executive officers, lieutenant governors, and committee chairs gathered for a board meeting. If you are interested in the events and decisions of our meeting, you can read the full minutes with important info you might want to know!


🗓 Monthly Report Form 📑

One of your monthly duties as a club secretary is to submit a Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the district. This form will include data about your club meetings, service, and social events, the service hours your members log, and the funds you raise. Each 7th of the month, you will submit an MRF for the previous month through an online uploader. This form is available on the district website along with the submission uploader. There have been several changes to the MRF form and submission process since the beginning of the year so please download the newest version! Please also note that detailed instructions for each section of the form have been added to the website. The next MRF will be due November 7th.

📱 Facebook Secretary Group 💬

Please join our Secretaries Facebook Group where I will be posting quick updates and reminders throughout the year that can help me cut down the amount of emails I need to send out. It will also be a great way to get to know your counterparts throughout the district. 🤓
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group
That's all for now - please be in touch with anything,

PS. as a reward for reading the whole email here is a pic of Sara and I in our last minute Danny and Sandy outfits!

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