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Govt to reduce logistics costs to 12%

Road transport in India plays a considerable role in its contribution to the country's GDP. While the overall contribution of the transportation sector per se to the country’s GDP was 6.5 percent in 2011-12, revenue from roads alone contributed 4.8 percent as against one percent from the railways.

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E-commerce News

Amazon to invest $3 billion more in India ops Inc, the world’s largest online retailer, said it will invest another $3 billion in India after the company exhausted its earlier investment pledge of $2 billion, piling pressure on local rivals Flipkart and Snapdeal to keep raising fresh funds.

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Start up News

Nandan Nilekani backed logistics company 4TiGO in 6 states

The company said its cloud-based technology platform and complementing business services will bring stakeholders of the logistics industry and agencies on a common platform and enable them to exchange information, transact and manage their business.

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Logistics News

Emerging Trends in Logistics

In 2016, it’s easy to see that the future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. Many industry insiders have pointed out that the size of the logistics industry needs to continually grow in order to become a stronger industry in the future.

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