Full of Thanks for Fall Fun
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In Search Of... More Fun At Work!

Often, at The Fun Dept. we hear from our friends and clients that they are “all out” of ideas for fun activities or programs. And sometimes, we will give them the simplest of advice. Google it. Seriously.

As you develop a new fun program or activity, google the month or a typical office item or maybe a popular holiday coming up. Better yet, google search for images. When you see the pictures, it will evoke hundreds (if not thousands) of new fun program ideas.

Just to show you how this works, we will do it now. So, in honor of the changing seasons and the impending holidays, we will google (image search) “November”. There -- we just did it.

What popped up first were multiple pictures of beautiful burgundy leaves, a cartoon character raking, and a few pumpkins and cornucopias. So, with these in mind, let’s quick-create some fun programs you can implement in your office, quickly, any day!

The November Fake-a-Photo Contest – Have team members send in their best pictures that they think best represents “November”. But, here’s the catch. They can send in a picture they have actually taken, or one they have actually taken right off the internet. Kudos to whoever invented “copy-paste”. At the end of the day, week, or month, have other co-workers guess which pics are real, and who had a picture that was simply “googled”. And definitely award bonus points for those real artist in the company!

The Spiced Spelling Bee – Spell cornucopia – c-o-r-n-u-c-o-p-i-a. Simply ask coworkers to spell cornucopia (or maybe another wild November-word). If they get it right, they get to put their name in a bowl and at the end of the week, or month or day, pull out a winner.

The Yes-vember Challenge – A truly fun challenge. Ask your teammates to try to incorporate the word “yes-vember” (yes, we JUST made it up) into as many daily conversations as possible. If it suits your culture, even get your clients involved. At the end of the day, week, or month, tally up the final points, and see who has had the most positive month. No-vember? No. Yes-vember? Yes, please!

So, go! Google! And of course have a happy and safe holiday season – filled with some new, fresh and simple fun freebies. And at the very least, know that on our first attempt, we misspelled cornucopia.


The Envelope, Please: Q3 Winning Workplace Culture Award Recipient!

Well, ladies and gentlemen!  We would like to say "congratulations" to our newest Winning Workplace Culture Award Winner, Vynamic!  No stranger to awards, Vynamic has focused on a winning workplace for their employees for many years now.  In 2016, Forbes recognized them for being one of the best management firms consulting firms and their award list reads on.  Congrats to Dan Calista, CEO, for driving the ship and focusing on his people and their culture!  

In fact, they are so serious about their culture, that they strive towards taking care of their vitals--living, leading, learning, growing, and thriving--to stay healthy! "We believe there is a better way to harness the power of a healthy culture in order to deliver the best results. Our product is our people. We invest in the health and happiness of our people, ensuring our team members live healthy, lead with integrity, continually learn, constantly grow, and thrive in a fun and vibrant environment." We welcome Vynamic to our team of companies who value fun and strive for a winning workplace culture everyday!


Fun for Three – yes, Three – Minutes!

by TJ Jones, Fun Warrior, Atlanta's Fun Dept. Certified Trainer

I asked the lively AFF (American Advertising Federation) audience the rhetorical question: does fun at work matter? From the audience I heard an unexpected but refreshingly honest response, “heck yes!” In that moment, I spontaneously scrapped my next slide and asked the group of roughly five tables of eight people to create “FUN” in three minutes or less. The rules were: you have three minutes, everyone must participate, and you can only use what you have right in front of you. Quiet. Some awkwardness and mild skepticism. Pause. Then off they went.

Three minutes later, I approached the first group with the microphone. Their spokesperson described how they pulled the fake flowers from the centerpiece and took turns attempting to toss the flowers back into the vase. Group two took my handouts (thank you very much!), and turned them into paper airplanes. You know what they did next, right? They threw them. One Aerospace Engineer masquerading as an advertising executive tossed hers clear across the room. Another group pulled their utensils off the table and performed a musical version of “whisper down the lane,” which was not so whispery. But it was hilarious. Fun.

After the event, many participants came up to me and told me that the “create some fun” activity was their favorite part of the day. Of course, I made it seem like it was all planned from the beginning. I realize now that it should have been because fun is not delivered or given. Fun is experienced.

My three-minute impromptu experiment taught me five lessons:

  1. The AAF is a blast to work with. I can’t wait to spend more time with them.
  2. Creativity, and a little silliness, can transform the energy of individuals and groups.
  3. A little FUN goes a long way. That short activity, early in the day, made the workshop.
  4. Fun need not be an expensive full day of forced fun where not everyone is engaged.
  5. We may forget slides & bullets, but we remember the feelings of shared experiences.

81% of workers in Fortune’s Best Companies to work for say that they consider their workplace “fun.” Does that make you picture trust falls, paint ball, and pyramid building in the woods? Those events are just fine, but the time commitment, logistics, and cost are often deal-breakers. Why not get a little crazy on with your colleagues more consistently in short doses? Creating a culture of fun in your company, team, or professional association can positively impact your bottom line, your health, and the camaraderie with your team.

Do you have three minutes for a little more fun? 


Let the Healing Begin: Humor for Conflict Resolution

I learned at a very young age that humor can diffuse conflict. Even in potentially dangerous situations, I have successfully used humor to get myself out of harms way. Recently, I was found desperately trying to find some humor during this past election cycle as I found myself and friends embroiled in "not so nice" debates and name calling. SNL debate parodies to the rescue! Regardless of political affiliation, it was easy to find humor and levity on both sides of the political aisle. 

In the final parody before the election, SNL breaks character to offer a moment of levity and healing. It was cathartic to see the characters acting as decent human beings as they embraced each other and their foes as they skipped arm in arm through Times Square (click here). Perhaps Congress and Senate sessions should open with this video to set the tone for a bi-partisan and human approach to conflict resolution. Maybe you should consider doing the same at your office :) Let the healing begin!




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