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Coronado School Board Meeting


If there is one thing we’ve learned from the recent national and state elections, it’s that local politics matter.
Now it is time to commit to staying energized and informed on local politics. By increasing our awareness of local public policy outcomes, we can strengthen our democracy at the roots.  These are the issues that impact you and your neighbors now and may have farther-reaching consequences in the future.
This month, attend one or more of your local government board meetings.  Your presence is a simple yet powerful way to stay engaged in the future of our city, our state, and ultimately our national government. Here are some suggestions:

1.  Coronado School Board Meeting on (corrected date) January 21:
Get to know the board members, expand your knowledge of the issues facing our schools, and develop a better understanding of how these local educational issues reflect larger state and national educational issues. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement had a big impact on our Coronado School Board elections. While paying attention to state and local coverage of the BLM movement is intellectually interesting, paying attention to what is happening in our very own school district is actually taking action. Consider attending the school board meetings on a regular basis. The Zoom link and subsequent dates are listed on the CUSD School Board Meeting Website.

2.  Coronado City Council Meeting on January 19:
Within our own city, get to know the issues, follow policy decisions, and understand how these issues reflect larger state and national policy issues. Some issues are specific to Coronado and have no larger context, but many agenda items can be intertwined with state and national issues. Our city council’s response to state and national government policy impacts Coronado’s COVID-19 health procedures; Coronado’s ability to have a suicide-protection barrier built on the bridge; and Coronado’s response to sewage spills in our ocean waters. The Zoom link and subsequent dates for council meetings are listed on the Coronado City Council Website.

3.  San Diego Co. Board of Supervisors Meeting on January 12:
Our city’s well-being is impacted by decisions made by the SD County Board of Supervisors as well. For example, at the end of 2020, the County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution asking the State for more local control of restrictions related to the pandemic. Coronado’s response to the pandemic is just one stark example of how what happens at the County level influences what happens in our own neighborhoods. Information on how to attend and/or participate in SD County Board of Supervisors Meetings is available in this handout “Voice Your Opinion” The live-stream link and subsequent dates are listed at the San Diego Board of Supervisors Link website.
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