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JUNE 2021

We apologize, an incorrect email address was listed for Esther Valdes in our last Action Alert message.z

The correct address is:

Hello fellow Marxist radicals (just kidding):
I hope all is well with everyone and that you are as excited for the resumption of “normal” activities as I am…understanding, of course, this is an entirely new normal and maybe the only normal we know for quite some time. In this brave new world, voters must speak out on crucial issues in many different ways, including social media, campaign contributions, letter writing, and marching to name just a few. It is no longer sufficient to use your vote as your voice because by the time the polls open most voters have long since decided who and/or what they support. Candidates and political parties are both very skilled at hiding their real positions on issues until after the election is over and then it is too late to change your vote. 
Unfortunately, we experienced this first hand in Coronado as some of us watched in disbelief when Stacy Keszei got elected to the CUSD board. During the campaign, Stacy successfully hid her views on many issues and came off as just another candidate for a thankless position. However, we all now know what her views really are because since the election she has come out against wearing masks, against the Equity Action Committee, and against the No Place for Hate program (to name just a few key issues). Furthermore, most of her support apparently came from Graham Memorial Church, a church that is known for being openly anti-LBGTQ+. A large portion of the rest of her votes for her came from the people she fooled by hiding her real positions until it was too late. Now, she and her friends from Graham Memorial have begun an orchestrated attack on the CUSD in an attempt to coerce the school board to drop the Equity Action Committee and the No Place for Hate program. For more info on where their game plan came from go to:
This is simply unacceptable and we need to let the CUSD know how we feel. Accordingly, for this month’s “action", I am asking every member of the club to send the following email (feel free to make small edits, but please do not change the message of full support) to Superintendent Mueller with a copy to every CUSD board member. Please do not include anything about any individual board member or their positions. Depending on how things progress, you may be asked to do more later, but for now, just the simple email message of support will be sufficient.
I applaud the CUSD’s efforts to make our local schools safe and welcoming to every child and fully support the ongoing, important work of the Equity Action Committee and the continued implementation of the No Place for Hate program. 

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