When I first started working at Belly and was just beginning my wine education, I thought I only liked red wine. The irony of that is now as the Wine Commander at Juliet, I struggle to find red wines to put on our list. In my time in wine, I’ve discovered that white wines aren’t just fruity, thin or flat but exude some of the things I like best about wine.

Our current list is a walk down memory lane for me. The white wines that got me excited about wine are making an appearance on our menu, and I’m excited tell you about some of them now. These wines tick all the boxes for me in terms of flavor, history, and preservation of tradition.

Duck Wine from Tuscany

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen this wine featured as our Wine of the Week. 

I first discovered this wine when looking for a pairing for a meal I was making that featured white anchovies. I visited our friends at Wine Bottega and they directed me to this wine. It was in fact a perfect pairing that evening, and years later has come back to me at Juliet. It still makes a great pairing with anchovies, by the way.

Anatrino in Italian means duckling so we've fondly been referring to this as our duck wine.
Wine maker Marco Tanganelli has taken over the land from his father and grows Malvasia, Trebbiano and Sangiovese. The vines are over 100 years old, and Marco and his family take pride that in all that time they've never been touched by chemicals or pesticides.

This wine is 100% Trebbiano from Tuscany. It sees 4-5 days of skin contact providing it with a light orange haze. It has some light tannin which you usually don't get with a white wine. Come join us and try something new.
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Marco Sara's Friulano

Marco Sara is a third generation winemaker. His production is completely natural with no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides used in the production. Sara's wines have an elegance and confidence to them. His Friulano is like sipping golden sunshine with balanced fruit and great acidity.

Forlorn Hope's Queen of The Sierra

Last month, I was traveling in California with friends, and we stopped into the Forlorn Hope Tasting Room. Forlorn Hope winemaker Matthew Rorick took over his vineyard in 2013 and converted over to all organic farming practices. Queen of The Sierra is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and Verdelho and tastes like the inside of a Cow Tail candy. The folks at their tasting room suggested this to me when I asked them for a wine similar to an old favorite they no longer have in production, and this certainly did not disappoint.

I hope you've enjoyed

learning about some of my favorite wines that first got me excited about wine years ago. In the coming weeks, we'd love to see you in Juliet so we can share these special wines with you in person. On April 28th, we'll be having another gathering of Wine Club at 3 pm. Keep an eye out for more details soon. Until then.


PS: The photo above is by Lydia Carmichael Rosenberg from my Interview with the thirty-one percent.
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