Some news, and ideas, for the weekend. 
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Good morning. 

And welcome, almost, to the weekend.

If this is your first time here, this is my favorite newsletter of the month. What used to be called "What to cook, eat, and read..." was eventually reimagined, in its current form as "To cook and comprehend," taken from the double meaning of comprehend in Emily Dickinson's 112. With thanks for the inspiration to Juliet staff member, and founder of Promenade Opera Project, Rachel Davies. 

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Comprehend, then, will be to eat, and to understand. And to understand, we might read, watch, or listen. Cooking...well, that's still just cooking. 

This is also, for longtime fans, the first of a new format for this email. We're shortening things here a bit...but if you miss the longform may consider signing up for the email list for of Juliet magazine...where the old version of this newsletter will soon be resurrected. 

What To Cook

If you're are probably as excited as we are about the return of the Union Square Farmers Market last weekend. It is early in the season, of course, and sometimes we have to get a little bit creative to make the most of the little variety that we have to begin with. Well...if turnips and greens are all you's a great new technique to make them fun again

And Comprehend: to eat, and understand

We are wrapping up Xenia: Feast of the Gods this weekend...there are a handful of spots available, give Katie a call at the restaurant to grab on of the last ones...or remember you can always just walk in to enjoy the a la carte version of the menu. 

Up next, we've got something brand new for 2019. Cuina Catalana: alchemy of innovation and tradition opens on May 29, and runs through June. 

You can see menu details and make your reservations, here

I am particularly excited about this menu opening...well, for a whole lot of reasons, but I'd like to highlight one:

This menu is an opportunity for the leadership staff of the restaurant to be autonomous for the first time, realizing a dream of both their own and the owners of Juliet, and the backdrop of the Catalan traditions are the perfect foil to bring this rebellious spirit of diffuse empowerment within the restaurant industry  to completion. While Katrina and I prepare to take a few short steps away to open Peregrine in Beacon Hill, our namesake Juliet is entrusted, at just this moment of the opening of Cuina Catalana, to a team of well tenured professionals excited to take this leap of empowerment at Juliet, which as been baked into the mission of the company from the beginning, and will now be take a huge step forward. 

Katrina and I will  remain engaged and ready to offer direction, our vision for Cuina Catalana will be cooked, served, and stewarded forward by chefs Rachael Collins and Megan Mooney and managers Katie Rosengren and Ariel Knoebel, along with one dedicated and talented team. 

Sam will have further information about the menu, previews leading up to its opening, and some great features on the team behind it on our Instagram feed in the coming week. 

Ok, I promised a short one, and here we are...oops. Let's wrap things up with just a handful of links, if you are looking for any reading over the long weekend. If you click through and enjoy any of this, I'd love to hear from you about it! 

See you in Catalonia! 


Oh, P.s.: Earlier this week we quietly sold out a preview dinner for Peregrine. And surprise...there will be another one next Tuesday. The first dinner focussed specifically on the influence of Catalonian culture on the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Next week's dinner, titled: Isles of Beauty / Better than the Moon will focus more specifically on the cuisine of Corsica and Sicily. I'm incredibly excited about it...and we have limited room
Sharpen those knives for market has a great primer

Love cookbooks, Mexican cuisine, or just plain good stories? If you don't already know Diana Kennedy, this is a great way to be introduced

Speaking of Mexican cuisine...what do cooking and yoga have in common? I know...there's little logic in this sentence...just click the link

Curious about gratuity free at Juliet? Katie and Sam were featured recently on The Garnish podcast about just that. 

And if you want to get off the internet, and grab a book for a long weekend trip, Katrina was featured on Eater last week with a set of great, varied, recommendations, that I can't wait to dig into myself. 

At  we have introduced a ton of new work...the first of 2019. It is all free to read now, with options to pay what you can for general support, print subscriptions, or more. So...check out what is new, stay as long as you like and come back often, and when and if you can...we'll appreciate your support. 

In addition to new general editorial work for the year, we have added a new travel section. The first stop..fittingly for the season at Juliet...Barcelona. 
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