May 2020
Our dedicated webpage gathers a range of information, resources and latest news in relation to the current pandemic and the challenges it raises to all of us as a society and to older persons in particular. 

You will find: 
  • guidance to individuals, families, carers and public authorities
  • good practices and initiatives from our members at national/local level
  • EU & international recommendations and statements
  • our position on Covid-19 and its impacts on human rights in older age

Special Briefing

All around the EU citizens of all ages join forces to tackle the dramatic consequences of COVID-19 on our lives while the EU and the UN step up their support

In our Special Briefing this month we look at the many initiatives from civil society across Europe, which show that older Europeans want to play an active role in the recovery process and do not agree to be parked aside from society on the sole ground of their age. We also welcome some positive responses at European and international levels.

Read our Special Briefing

---    AGE NEWS  ---

AGE took part in high-level EU discussions on COVID-19 impact on vulnerable groups 

The challenges faced by older persons are further exacerbated during this COVID-19 crisis, making our work to advance rights in older age even more pressing and visible.
AGE has recently been invited to a number of high-level online discussions to inform EU’s policies in response to the pandemic.  
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Grow old, grow healthy in time of COVID-19 - AGE shares old age perspective in EU webinars

The European Commission organised and hosted a webinar on 'COVID-19 in Society' on the Health Policy Platform on 8 May 2020. AGE took part to share the perspective of older people. 
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UN Secretary General calls for COVID-19 response that respects the rights and dignity of older people 

"Our response to COVID-19 must respect the rights and dignity of older people", stated UN Secretary General when launching an UN policy brief on the Impact of COVID-19 on older persons. UN Chief’s powerful statement echoes AGE’s message and is a tremendous achievement for older people’s organisations around the globe!  Read our article and press release

Older LGBTI: how do they live through the COVID-19? 

Among older people, those belonging to a minority to a larger extent experience additional challenges during the pandemic. On 17 May, International Day against Homophobia, we shed light on the situation of many older lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, or intersex people (LGBTI).  
Read our joint press release

People of all ages need to build together a post-pandemic world designed for everyone and for the planet

On 29th April, the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, AGE and the European Youth Forum (EYF) called for all generations to join forces and seize the momentum of the current COVID-19 crisis to reinvent completely the way our societies are functioning. We drafted recommendations to EU and national decision-makers to address the long-term consequences of COVID-19 for all generations and tackle climate at the same time as the risks of future pandemics.
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AGE and 10 EU organisations call for a whole-of-society approach to mental health in time of COVID-19

To address the many-fold impact of COVID-19 on mental health, we have joined forces with EU organisations and developed a number of recommendations to national, European and international decision-makers. 
Find them out here

AGE and EDF call for priority access to food shopping for older persons and persons with disabilities 

Together with the European Disability Forum (EDF), we sent to the President of Eurocommerces a number of recommendations to address the specific challenges older persons and persons with disabilities face when food shopping and reduce their risks of becoming infected with the virus. 
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AGE and Better Finance call for post-COVID-19 measures to protect pensions

In a joint press release together with Better Finance and the CFA Institute, we warn against the possible negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis on pension savings and incomes, namely as a result of policies likely to be implemented by governments and central banks to address the upcoming post-pandemic economic crisis. 
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Disinformation and COVID-19: a matter of concern for older people?

Several experts and associations have warned of the risks for people’s health and security as false information about the pandemic becomes viral. 
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Age-friendly housing translated into clear guidance for professionals

AGE and partners of the Homes4Life project are releasing a set of reports and technical guidance to support the development of resilient housing that meets the needs of an age-diverse population. Read more
Co-creating age-friendly environments: Mobility Scouts selected as "success story" 
We were happy to learn last March that the project „Mobility Scouts - Engaging older people in creating an age-friendly environment“ was selected as a „success story“ by a panel of experts by the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission.. 
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Ageism In The Age Of Covid-19

Older people are at risk of suffering worse outcomes amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But it is vital we acknowledge more than just their vulnerability. 
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Our Annual Report 2019 now available in 7 EU languages  

AGE Annual Report is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Read AGE Annual Report here
    AGE Members' News 
AGE members warn against online fraud during COVID-19  
The older persons’ association SPF Seniorerna in Sweden and the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance in the UK have shared information about risk of scamming during the pandemic.
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Austrian pensioners' association warns against locking away older persons
A recent amendment to the ‘epidemic legislation’ in Austria would allow the government to limit the access to events to certain groups of people. PVÖ, the Pensioners' Association of Austria, fears that older people could be "locked away" as a result. 
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COVID-19 in Germany: BAGSO calls for ending social isolation of people in care institutions & better supporting family carers 
BAGSO, the German National Association of Senior Citizens‘ Organisations, issued a number of recommendations to politicians urging governments to end the social isolation of people in care institutions and ensure better protection to family caregivers. Read more
Spanish senior organisation calls for promoting solidarity between generations as a response to COVID-19
UDP Mayores seized the momentum of the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations on 29th April to recall the key role of intergenerational interaction and cooperation to fight age discrimination and ageism and promote a society for all ages that is truly inclusive. 
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ZDUS volunteers keep mobilizing against COVID-19 in Slovenia 
The Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Associations, ZDUS, is taking action to assist older persons during the pandemic, in particular those living alone or in need of assistance or care.  Read more
---    OTHER NEWS    ---
Medicine shortages in Europe - EPHA urges for action
Medicine shortage is a serious issue in Europe with devastating effects on patient health. It requires more than ever urgent and coordinated response by EU Member States and support from EU initiatives. 
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'Living, working and COVID-19': Eurofound publishes first survey results
Eurofound has revealed the first findings of its survey on COVID-19's effects on people’s quality of life and work across the EU. A comprehensive report of this survey will be published in September 2020.
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Good Practices
Free family newspaper for confined grandparents
'News from home' aims to help families maintain a link with the oldest relatives and break older persons' isolation during COVID-19 confinement, in particular those who are not familiar with new technologies and social networks.
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Young and older generations join forces to address COVID-19 crisis across Europe
While millions of people remain confined in their homes in solidarity with the healthcare workers and to protect those who are most at risks of severe COVID-19 health consequences, multiple initiatives are being taken by people of all generations across Europe, expressing empathy, solidarity and unity as the best response to the pandemic.
Find them out here
---    PUBLICATIONS   ---
Social Sustainability – Concepts and Benchmarks  
This study looks at definitions and ways to measure and benchmark social sustainability and explores how the concept can be integrated into EU policy-making processes. 
Read more
Demography and the Coronavirus Pandemic  
This policy brief by Population Europe offers an overview of the most important crisis outcomes identified by the demographic community in Europe to date, and points towards the pivotal trends that need to be tackled in the coming months. 
Read more
Calls for proposals are available on AGE website at:
  Did you know that...? 

Research shows that the emotional impact of isolation, disruption of daily routines and the withdrawal of physical affection can have long-term effects on mental well-being. A recent review has looked at the psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it.
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