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Hi everyone! I'm feeling very strange writing to you this way, since I know so many of you personally. But I needed to let you know a couple of things that were happening right now, where you could give me a big hand by helping out right now.

Tuesday, May 3rd is launch day for Writers of the Future volume 32. You can pre-order the book today, but if you'd like a taste of what's coming, I'd like to send you a free copy of my story plus two others from the anthology. 

After you read the sampler, if you could post a brief, honest review to Amazon on release day, it would be hugely helpful.  I realize this only gives you four days to read it, but even if you only read one story and check out the accompanying illustrations, that's enough for an honest review. 

Just email me at, and I'll reply with the sampler.

If you're interested, I've got more information about the sampler and reviews below.  But first...

Untethered Kickstarter ends in two days!

My story "Real Selfies" is scheduled to appear this fall in Cantina Publishing's Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology. With two days to go, its Kickstarter is only half funded.

Please check it out, and consider contributing! 

More on the Writers of the Future sampler

The Goal:  If we can get 250 reviews on the day of release, it will do nice things in the Amazon visibility algorithm, and give us a chance at driving sales up and making one of the big print bestseller lists. 


Sales? Yes. Sales of the book pay for next year's contest to help launch the careers of another batch of new writers. 

Also, this book gives us a chance at bestseller status at the beginning of our careers. That is very valuable and hard to get. Most authors never reach it until late in their careers, but once you have it, you have that title the rest of your career.

So, Why do we Think we Have a Shot at This? 

Because last year's anthology did it! They made Publisher Weekly's Bestseller list! 

How can I help?
Mail me for the sampler, read it, and post an honest review to Amazon on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Finally: Website Refresh

I've got a new look for my Web site, with the blog moved beneath the main page. I think it's a big improvement, but I'd love to know what you think!
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