Newsletter, June 2016

How Hot is U.S. Real Estate?

Since the beginning of 2016, a slowdown in global economic growth has resulted in increased stock market volatility. In contrast, U.S. commercial real estate continues to perform notwithstanding concern about high prices in a few of the top metropolitan markets. The following two research reports provide commentary on various pockets of value in this $12 trillion market, and highlight the importance of analysis and diligence in sourcing and managing real estate investments.

Navigating Through The Crosscurrents, 2016

According to this report by Deloitte, National Association of Realtors and SITUS RERC, U.S. commercial property prices have increased 62.6% between 2009 and today. However, net values declined so much by 2009 that they did not return to their previous peak until Q3 2015. Values and prices are beginning to flatten this year, with many investors projecting returns based on operating income as opposed to market appreciation. 

US Macro Forecast, 2016

Cushman & Wakefield's latest report reviews the core drivers of the U.S. economic expansion. Commenting on commercial real estate fundamentals remaining intact overall, the authors predict that some asset classes to perform differently than others.

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Since 2007, RMA has focused on private real estate investments in select major U.S. metropolitan cities.  These are markets with a history of stability and low volatility across multiple economic cycles, with prospects for long-term growth.  We create value through capital investment, structure, repositioning.  We seek to reduce investment risk further by pursuing investments across a broad spectrum of property types, such as multifamily, office, industrial, retail and senior housing. RMA has invested in 40 direct transactions over the past nine years, and currently manages real estate commitments in excess of $1.2 billion.  

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