June 2020

Strong impovement in sprayability of OPF liquid

At PHC, we are continuously working on product development to optimize our products. OPF liquid fertilizers are now processed at 200 micron particle size. This has significantly improved the sprayability of OPF, making it easy to use in all spray systems. An additional advantage is an even better stability of the formulation. The high concentration of vegetable amino acids and the specific composition of minerals make OPF a good choice in the tank mix.

To reduce the negative impact of plant protection products, these products are often mixed with OPF 7-2-3. This plant fertilizer de-stresses the crop, minimizes growth retardation and supports healthy growth.

The added value of foliar fertilization

In periods with heavy rain, most crops are making a considerable growth spurt. Foliar fertilization with vegetable amino acids and specific nutrition helps the crop to produce more qualitative sugars and proteins. The current growth spurt is being reinforced.

Amino acids are directly absorbable and provide the crop with freely absorbable energy. Foliar feeding is an effective measure that provides the opportunity to focus on issues such as uniform fruiting, leaf quality, crop color, number of buds and plant resistance.

Fulvic 25 in combination with foliar fertilizers

Fulvic 25 applied to the leafs, in combination with foliar feeding, ensures increased uptake of foliar fertilizers. It rapidly mobilizes nutrients into the crop. For example, Fulvic 25 in combination with a calcium fertilizer increases Calcium levels in young tissue. With higher salt levels ​​in some foliar fertilizers, Fulvic 25 reduces the harmful side effects of these salts.

Advice: Dose 2-3 L / ha in combination with foliar fertilizer

Foliar Application
An application with Fulvic 25 on the crop without any additives can also be very effective. Fulvic 25 is incredibly mobile and forms various nutrient complexes in the crop. For example, oxidized iron can be converted into plant-available iron. It also enhances various aromatics in herbs with a positive effect on the taste.

Advice: Dose 3-5 L / ha in a solo application
Over fertilization
When there is a need for over-fertilization but nitrogen is still available in required amounts, Fulvic 25 can make all other minerals more available without offering extra nitrogen. This allows iron deficiency and manganese deficiency or calcium fixation to be remedied by simply using the soil stock.
Advice: Apply 10 l Fulvic 25 per ha on black strip with plenty of water on wet soil, or prior to / during rain.


On the longer term, dry and tropical weather is expected again. Start applying precautions in a timely manner to increase the stress tolerance of the crop. 
Dosage guideline
(one-off) heat/drought stress application
5-7 L/ha OPF 7-2-3
1 L/ha Fulvic 25

1 kg/ha Natural Green

Repeat applications
3-5 L/ha OPF 7-2-3
1 L/ha Fulvic 25
Application in combination with fungicide / insecticide sprayings (every 10-14 days) 2-3 L/ha OPF 7-2-3
1 L/ha Fulvic 25
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