2020 Featured Listing Lottery 

Wednesday, 05.27.2020

2020 Lottery Team

Abi Huebner, Director of Stakeholder Services 

Claire Molle, Stakeholder Services Coordinator

Wendi Bryson, Stakeholder Services-Administrative Assistant

Thank you to all that have submitted your Lottery tickets. If you have not, please read on. We have extended the deadline until 5/28/2020 at midnight! 

What? Why?

  • Not a scratch card. The Lottery is a process that has been used to determine businesses that will receive the option of purchasing a Featured Listing on Featured Listings are guaranteed to show within the first 15 listings on a specific category page (Lodging- All, Lodging- Cabins & Cottages, Restaurants, etc.) for one calendar year starting July 2020. Since this is a desirable placement, businesses submit a Lottery ticket stating the categories that they would like the option to purchase. Using an online randomization program, businesses are assigned random numbers per category and the program gives us a random selection of 15 for each. 

  • More demand than we have supply. These are great spots. No bones about it. Since there are so many businesses that would like to have one of these Featured Listings, the Lottery has been used in efforts as a fairest way to determine which businesses receive the listings. This process gives all businesses an equal opportunity to purchase these placements. 

The Process.

  • Last year, the Stakeholder Services Team made a change that stakeholders can enter as many applicable categories as they would like and deny their winnings later on. We found that this was a great way to help with the odds of winning at least one category. We will still be doing that process, but this year we have added a few new requirements to continue our efforts to make this as fair as possible.


Laying Down the Law.  Okay, no, not really. Just trying to make things fair so we can all play. 

  1. In an effort to ensure all Lottery Tickets (submissions) are received, only submissions on Google forms will be accepted. We are more than happy to fill out the form for you, but it must be over the phone and you must respond to our follow up confirmation email stating that we filled in the correct responses within 24 hours. Only forms submitted by the deadline will be accepted. Deadline for Form Submission is midnight Thursday, 05.28.2020.

  2. One Lottery Ticket (Google Form) per business licence. If you own two businesses with two separate business licences, two Lottery Tickets (Google Form) may be turned in. Any questions? 

  3. Enter the categories based on your true business. If you own a hotel, do not enter the “Outdoor Adventure” category because they walk from the parking lot to your lobby (just an extreme example). In order for your listing to be the most effective, the website to perform at its highest level, and our guests to find the information they need, your business needs to be in the appropriate category. We will be reviewing your submissions and may be contacting you with any questions or to let you know that you do not qualify for a category you have selected. Lodging definition guidelines (below) will be sent out to ensure lodgers are placed in the best category.  


Final Steps. Keeping things moving, keeping things clean. 

After the submission deadline of May 27, 2020, all participants will be notified of the Lottery winnings on Friday, May 29. From that point, winners will have one week to claim their winnings. Winners may deny any category and the next business on the waitlist will be notified. Waitlists are made during the randomization process, therefore we cannot accommodate special requests such as “if something pops up in Lodging All, I’ll take it”. The next business on the waitlist will be offered the spot and so on. Again, all about making this fair. 

Once Featured listings have been claimed, we will be contacting stakeholders to solidify all online advertising. As always, first right of refusal will be held for placements that are not Featured Listings. Stakeholders can add and drop additional advertising at any time throughout the year. 

In efforts to accommodate our stakeholders, Claire and I will be very flexible when meeting with stakeholders, whether it be a quick phone call, virtual meeting, all email contact, or if you want to see half of our smiling faces we’d love to stop by when acceptable.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Claire and Abi. We are both happy to help. 

Ready? Fill out your Lottery ticket here. 


Lodging Definition Guidelines. 

Bed & Breakfasts must have a maximum of 11 private guest rooms available for overnight stays and a full English or continental breakfast included in the room cost to qualify. 


Cabins & Cottages must be a singular, or a collection of standalone small houses to qualify. The guest occupies the entire structure during their stay.


Campgrounds & RV Parks properties must have space set aside for tents and/or RVs to qualify for the Campgrounds & RV Parks category.


Condos must provide self-contained condominium-style apartments within a single building for guests to rent short-term.


Hotels & Motels must have more than 10 private rooms which include private bathrooms available for guests to rent short term to qualify. Hotels are generally more than one story with rooms that open to the interior hallways of the building. Motels are generally not more than two stories and their guest rooms exit to the exterior of the building to accommodate motorists.


Lodges & Inns must have multiple rooms collectively under one roof to qualify. Lodges & Inns are typically smaller than hotels and offer meals. They should feel more rustic than typical hotels. 


Pet-Friendly properties must allow pets in at least some, or all of their rooms/cabins/condos/campsites in order to qualify for the Pet-Friendly Category.


Suites category is for any lodging property that offers larger room options which include separate living spaces and bedrooms as well as a kitchen or kitchenette within their hotel, motel, lodge, or inn. Cabins and cottages do not qualify as suites. 

Vacation rentals must be privately owned homes which are licensed and made available for short-term guest rentals to qualify. They can include houses, apartments, guest houses, townhomes, condos, or individual cabins.

Ready? Fill out your Lottery ticket here. 


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