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Vue Router 3.1.0 Released

Vue Router version 3.1 has been released and includes various bug fixes and new features like scoped slots for the router-link component, and a Promise return from the router push and replace methods.

Test Driving the Vue Function API

This article is a collection of interesting ideas and insights the author had about Vue development while trying out the new Vue Function API.

Getting More Out of Vue Async Components

If you use Vue async components, it's probably for code splitting. In this article, you'll learn other interesting use cases for async components.

Vue.js Single-File Component Factory

Perhaps the best way to inject dependencies is via factory functions that take dependencies as parameters. In this article, you'll see a solution that makes it possible to do this from a Vue.js single-file component.

The Perfect Wrapper Components in Vue 2.6 (and soon Vue 3.0)

Do you want to build a codebase that looks like a teenager's bedroom, or, like it's straight out of IKEA? Using wrapper components effectively can make your code neater and your design features inheritable, and are easier than ever to implement with Vue 3.0.

Vue.js Pattern for Async Requests: Using Renderless Components

Learn how Vue renderless components can be used to handle async requests and to make HTTP request logic reusable.

Easy Vue.js Drag & Drop Tutorial

In this 15-min video tutorial, you'll learn how to create a Trello-like drag and drop system in Vue.

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