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Issue #110 - Unit vs E2E Testing for Vue.js, 8 Vue.js UI Component for 2019, and more

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Unfortunately, this edition of the newsletter comes out on April 2nd so I can't prank you. I loved this one from the Nuxt guys though!

7 Must-Read Links From This Week

Unit vs E2E Testing for Vue.js

What's the difference between unit and E2E testing for Vue apps? Do you need one, or the other, or both? This article will provide a useful comparison.

Vue.js Amsterdam 2019 - Complete Talks

Check out this Youtube playlist with all the talks from VueJS Amsterdam last month including Evan You - State of the Vuenion, Sebastien Chopin - Nuxt js 2019, Roman Kuba - Next Level Jest Testing, and more

8 Vue.js UI Component for 2019

With Vue.js slowly becoming the framework of choice for more developers, here are 8 handy UI components to watch and perhaps integrate into your projects in 2019.


Prevue is a new all-in-one prototyping tool for Vue developers. It allows you to visually design your component architecture, including routes, and export as a Vue application created with the default Vue CLI settings.

Build Responsive, Cross Platform Vue Apps with Quasar Framework and GraphQL

Learn how to build a responsive SPA, SSR app, PWA, Hybrid mobile, and Electron app all at once in a single code base! This is achievable by using Quasar framework with Vue and GraphQL

Creating a Quasar Framework App with AWS Amplify Services

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and deploy a Quasar application using the AWS Amplify CLI. Other Amplify services included are AWS Cognito for authentication, AWS AppSync for real-time data, AWS ElasticSearch, and more.

Add Authentication and Authorization to Vue.js Apps with Auth0 and GraphQL

This tutorial will show you how to add authentication to a Vue.js app with Auth0. Other technologies used include Apollo, Hasura GraphQL, and authorization with JWT.


Monetize Your Project Ethically with CodeFund

CodeFund monetizes tech projects with relevant, ethical display ads that don't track users. CodeSandbox, Nuxt, and JSBin are among our publishers. Find out if you qualify!

Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 | PACKT Books

This book, written for Laravel developers who want to learn and master Vue, provides a detailed guide to full-stack development with these technologies, emphasizing design principles and best practices.

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