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The global open mapping community is coming to Brussels this September. It's Maptember, and you are invited! 

During this Maptember, MSF (Docters Without Borders), Handicap International and HOT will host our next Missing Maps Mapathon on 22 September. You won't just be able to help map, but also learn from some very experienced mappers from around the world. At the reception afterwards, you can mingle with MSF staff, global HOT volunteers and people in town for SotM! Register now.

Earlier that day, the Humanitarian OSM Team has their yearly conference. A must for people interested in how open mapping and crowdsourced geospatial data is contributing to humanitarian action and the Sustainable Development Goals. Register here.
That same Thursday, the Belgian OSGeo chapter (the people behind QGIS) have their yearly FOSS4G conference in Brussels (free).

From Friday 23 September to Sunday 25 September, it's State of the Map (SotM, at the VUB). That's the global meeting of OpenStreetMap people. It's about mapping, technical challenges, and interesting data use. It's not only a community conferences, we will also be hosting big names lake the World Bank. You can register here.

Monday 26 September, OSGeo and OSM people will get hands on with the tools and have a Hackday (free). Register here.

We're calling this Maptember. You'll find all the registration pages through this handy website:

We're still looking for people to take on a couple of shifts during SotM, doing things like reception work, hosting sessions and running around. Volunteers get free entry tickets, it will look good on your resume, and afterwards you are allowed to call yourself an official OSM volunteers! Register here.

In other news
The Belgian OSM community meanwhile has kept moving. 

We're still working on the GR hiking routes in Flanders. You might remember we got permission to use the official Grote Routepaden data to improve our map. It's easy to help out. On this page you'll find all the routes that need checking. Open one of the linked umaps and you can start comparing our routes with theirs.
Meanwhile, their Walloon counterparts seem to be opening up too - to be continued!

Another Flemish project you can pitch in on: AGIV released their Wegenregister as open data. That's the road map behind the NGI maps, combined with their own GRB. Though quality varies, it can help find many missing roads. You'll be surprised how many roads appear missing in your own neighborhood. You can load these maps as a background in iD or JOSM. More info and background here.

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