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January 2018 Newsletter
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Featured Member Agency: The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors (SIGN)
Saskatchewan Sexual Assault Initiatives
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SASS Updates
 Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan Research

SASS has started our travels around the province to conduct research for the Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan. SASS will be conducting surveys with survivors of sexual violence and abuse as well as conducting focus groups for service providers of  sexual violence and abuse.

The aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of the existing strengths and potential gaps in service provision as it relates to sexual violence across the province of Saskatchewan.

The research findings will be presented to the Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan Advisory Committee. This committee will develop and implement a province-wide sexual violence action plan that is comprehensive, coordinates across all professional sectors and levels of government, and reflects the needs of Saskatchewan people.

Along with these interviews and focus groups, SASS also has released 3 surverys:

Saskatchewan Sexual Assault Survivor survey: 
Saskatchewan Sexual Assault Secondary Survivor survey:
Saskatchewan Sexual Assault Service Provider Survey:


Saskatchewan  First Responder To Sexual Assault and Abuse Training

Our SASS member agencies have facilitated numerous training session, within their communities in 2017. This training will continue in 2018. To find out future training dates, contact the member agency nearest you. 
Click here, to visit the SASS website to find a complete list of contact information of our member agencies. 

  Saskatchewan Union of Nurses 

Related image
A big thank you to Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) for your generous donation of $3000.00. The funds will be used to continue our efforts in providing awareness and educational materials across the province of Saskatchewan. 

Additionally, thank you to all those who continue to donate. Contributions like yours help us to continue our missions to create opportunities for members and communities to collectively work together to end sexual violence . 
Member Agency Events & Updates

Envision Counselling and Support Centre Weyburn Workshop

Weyburn will be hosting monthly afternoon workshops. 
February 23rd (12:45PM - 4:30PM): Keeping your Cool: Moving Beyond Anger

To attend the workshop you have to be 18+ and pre-register for them. To pre-register you can call the office at (306) 842-8821
To Visit Envision's website, click here.


Regina Sexual Assault Centre & Kids on the Block Regina

Anti-Bullying Presentation

Regina's Sexual Assault Centre and Kids on the Block will be hosting an Anti-Bullying presentation by Tad Milmine
March 9th (Grades 7-10) 
Further information will be released in early Febraury

Click Here to learn more about Tad, the presentation, and when to register.

NEOSS Conference Presents Wide-Ranging Topics Related to

Interpersonal Violence

NEOSS Conference
From animal abuse and its connection to domestic violence to human trafficking, the Breaking Barriers Conference aimed to increase understanding of interpersonal violence.  

“This is important to [North East Outreach and Support Services] because we can open up some communications and dialogue between everyone on how we can better serve our clients and everyone that is vulnerable by doing this,” said Alana Kewley, the manager of the organization’s domestic violence shelter.

Leanne Sillers, the Saskatchewan SPCA’s animal safekeeping co-ordinator, was one of ten speakers presenting at the two-day conference, held Jan. 16 and 17. She was there to talk about the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence.

Of those seeking refuge from domestic violence, 71 per cent said their perpetrator abused animals. Of social service workers polled, 96 per cent said the safety of a pet was a factor in a survivor’s decision-making and planning process when it came to seeking help, and 78 per cent said they knew of someone that didn’t seek help because of their pet.

Sillers said there was a link between domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and animal abuse.

Click here to read more. 
Featured Member Agency: 

Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbours- Sexual Assault Program

SIGN or "The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors", provides a number of services for the community of Yorkton, Saskatchewan and the surrounding area. Some of these services include Aborginal Family Violence Programs, Family Support, Sexual Assault Counselling, Youth Life Skills, and an Early learning Centre. 

SIGN's mission: Empowering children, families and individuals to achieve lifelong success through programs and services that build strong children, strong families, and strong communities.

To learn more about SIGN, click here
Sexual Assault Initiatives in Saskatchewan

Hospitality Schools Put Anti-Sexual Violence Training on the Curriculum

            Amanda Tarrant.jpg

The end of 2017 saw a seemingly endless vault of sexual harassment and assault accusations levied at producers, actors and comedians. While the spotlight shone brightly on the entertainment industry, the #MeToo movement revealed that these incidents happen across all industries.

Centennial College is aiming to educate students on how to combat sexual harassment and assault before they become employees in the industry. Beginning with the winter sessions, the school will implement a new online training module that every full-time student in its School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts must complete.

Click Here to read more.

Sexual Assault Initiatives in Canada
Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services 

AASAS is offering an online Counselling Adult Survivors of Sexual Violence Course. 
Febrary 1st-April 19th
Thursdays 1:00pm-3:00pm on AASAS Zoom Video Communications

This 12 week program provides interested idnividuals the opportunity to examine and critically consider various modalties, theories, principles, and ethics associated with working with survivors of sexual violence. 

To sign up for this course visit their website, here



           Liberals to Invest $20 Million to tackle Sexual Violence

             Against Indigenous, LGBTQ Immigrant Populations


                                    Related image


The Liberal government is announcing $20 million in funding for organizations to support what it calls "underserved" survivors of sexual violence.

The money will give groups with scarce, or no, resources up to $30,000 to develop project proposals. If they are accepted, they could get funding for up to five years as part of the $20 million envelope

It comes as the #MeToo movement gains momentum across North America and around the world

Click Here to read more

           Few Sexual Assault Survivors Seeking Help From                                         
                                Provincial Pilot Program

           The provincial government launched its sexual assault legal advice pilot program in  the summer of 2016.

While the "me too" movement has again highlighted the prevalence of sexual assault in society, CBC News has learned that a provincial pilot program aimed at helping survivors has been accessed by only a small fraction of them

The program offers vouchers to assault survivors in Toronto, Ottawa and Thunder Bay, which can be exchanged for two hours of legal advice.

But Ontario has issued only 295 vouchers province-wide since the program launched, according to information provided by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Executive director Deborah Dika told CBC the province did a good job of promoting the program to agencies such as hers, but she's not sure many members of the public know about it.

"We've had individuals that have done the two hours and then come back to our agency and said, 'OK, I want to contact the police now, and I just want to put in a report,'" she said, noting that filing a report is not the same as pressing charges.

Asked by CBC News if the Ministry is satisfied with the rate at which people are accessing the program, a spokesperson replied, "The decision to access the service is a personal one, and our goal is for survivors to know that it is available if and when they need it."

Click Here to Learn More. 

In The News...

              Crown Questions Accused in Sexual Assault Trial About                                    Inconsistencies with Police Statement

Image result for pink saskatoon

Crown prosecutor Tamara Rock questioned a Saskatoon nightclub owner charged with sexual assault about inconsistencies between what he told police about a month after the alleged incident and his testimony in court this week.

Skipp Anderson, 40, is accused of sexually assaulting a then 22-year-old man in July 2016 after a group of friends spent the night drinking and hot tubbing at Anderson’s house.

Earlier in the trial court heard about a bribe of money presented to the complainant by a mutual friend in exchange for the complainant to stop cooperating with police. Anderson said he had nothing to do with the bribe, while the friend said it was Anderson’s idea.

To read more click here


     Sask. Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault, Kidnapping of

                                        8 Year Old Girl         

              Jared John Charles pleaded guilty to two charges in connection with the abduction of an eight-year-old girl from Prince Albert in 2017.

A Saskatchewan man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexual assault in the abduction of an eight-year-old girl from a Prince Albert playground. However, Jared John Charles, also known as Jarrod John Charles, pleaded not guilty to aggravated sexual assault in the disappearance of the girl in July, which prompted an Amber Alert

A Gladue report — which examines an offender's Indigenous background before sentencing — has been requested and a date for a sentencing hearing will be set next month.

Click Here to read more. 

            Library Tackles Sexual Harrasment and Assault as

                                    Part of Panel Series

Related image    


The #metoo movement saw women around the world share their experiences with sexual violence and harassment via social media. More than 12 million people have used the hashtag so far. Matotek hopes the Internet-based campaign can stimulate a “larger cultural discussion” in Saskatchewan.

“We think this is a very relevant conversation for us to have in Saskatchewan,” she said. “A lot of the cities here are not ranked very well as the best places for women to live.”

The library has invited four panelists to lead that conversation. Hirsch Greenberg, from the Justice Studies department at the University of Regina, will provide some legal perspectives on the issue.

Click Here to Read More. 


    'The Future is Female': Regina Girls March in Solidarity with                                 
                               Women Around the World 

            Even the young were passionate about marching in Regina on Saturday morning. From left to right: Brooklynn Brennand, Ellys Strong-Garcia and Edyn Strong-Garcia.

Hundreds of people of all ages hit the streets of Regina Saturday morning to march for equality, joining hundreds of thousands of others around the world.

The Regina Women's March, organized by the local YWCA, was part of a larger movement of marches taking place in cities around the world.

According to the YWCA, Indigenous women in Canada report rates of violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, 3.5 times higher than non-Indigenous women and are five times more likely to die of violence.

Overall, Saskatchewan has the highest rate of intimate partner violence in Canada and the rate of sexual assault in the province is double the national average.

Click Here to read more.

        The Momentum Continues: Hundreds Attend Saskatoon's

                                   2nd Women's March


The second annual women’s march in Saskatoon brought roughly 400 people together at River Landing on Saturday morning.

“This year the momentum continues,” Saskatoon march organizer Julia Price said. “We don’t live in isolation of any issue. Women’s issues are human rights issues and human rights issues are women’s rights issues.”

Since, there has been an increase of momentum, with the emergence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, which continue to denounce sexual assault and harassment.

“I think hope is one thing out of 2017 everyone needs to garner. I think Saskatoon can definitely be a part of that hope,” Alice DeCloedt, also a Saskatoon march organizer  said.


Click Here to Read More


Saskatoon Motel Owner to Stand Trial on Charges of Sexual Assault,
Uttering Threats

        John Pontes, 74, is facing three sexual assault charges. The assaults are alleged to have taken place at Northwoods Inn & Suites between Jan. 5 and June 4, 2017.


Saskatoon motel owner John Pontes is going straight to trial this fall on charges of sexual assault and uttering threats.

The 74-year-old is facing three sexual assault charges. The assaults are alleged to have taken place at Northwoods Inn & Suites between Jan. 5 and June 4 of last year

Police say an investigation launched in February found that Pontes was extorting tenants for sexual favours.

Click here to read more.



    2 in 10 Canadians Have Been Sexually

Harassed in the Workplace

Image result for workplace harassment 


According to a recent poll administrated by Ipsos, Two in 10 (22 per cent) Canadians have been sexually harassed at their place of work. The poll found three in 10 women were sexually harassed at the workplace, and one in 10 men.

The poll, which surveyed 2,098 Canadians between Dec. 10 and Dec. 14, also found only one in four (23 per cent) of survivors complained to management, and those who remained silent feared repercussions or losing their jobs.

“That’s a significant problem,” says Sean Simpson, VP of public affairs for Ipsos. “If you look at something like two in 10 Canadians are being sexually harassed, that’s not ‘high,’ [but] if you look at [the population], that’s millions in Canada sexually harassed in the workplace.”

Click here to read more. 


           MP's Share Stories of Sexual Misconduct on and off                                                     
                                Parliament Hill in Survey

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Parliament Hill

The Canadian Press surveyed current female PM's of every political stripe last month to find out the extent of which they had been targets of sexual harrasment by their male counterparts. 

The responses make clear that political Ottawa -- long a bastion of male-dominated power relationships -- is no stranger to inappropriate behaviour against women, no matter their stature, with social media being the most common source of complaints.

Nearly 58 per cent of respondents said they had personally been the target of one or more forms of sexual misconduct while in office, including inappropriate or unwanted remarks, gestures or text messages of a sexual nature.

Sixty-three per cent of respondents said they don't believe the level of sexual harassment in political circles is any different than any other workplace.

"I sincerely think it's not any different than anywhere else," said Quebec Liberal MP Alexandra Mendes. "I think it's part of something that is deeply in the male mentality, this sort of undermining of women's capabilities and talents and always sexualizing just about everything."

Click Here to Read More. 

                  Violence Against Women More Prevalent in                                                     
                                     Small Communities

             A B.C. journalist gathered data about violence against women from more than 600 Canadian communities.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and conversations about sexual abuse, a B.C. journalist has gathered data about the prevalence of violence against women in Canada.

The data showed that five small communities experienced the most violence against women between 2008 and 2015. Treaty Three communities in Ontario, Iqaluit in Nunavut, La Ronge and North Battleford in Saskatchewan, and St. Paul in Alberta made up the list, Jones said.

Jones said there's one caveat to keep in mind: "The majority of women don't report the violence that they experience to police."

She said this might be the result of a lack of trust in police or the stigma associated with gender-based violence. But Jones said she wants the data to be used to tell stories about violence against women.

Click Here to read more. 


         Ontario Court of Appeal Emphasizes Need for Fair Treatment                                     
                              of Accused in Sexual Assault Cases



The Ontario Court of Appeal has stressed the importance of fairness for those accused of sexual assault, in a case in which the complainant could not identify her assailant and the DNA evidence was inconclusive – even about whether any assault had happened. A man had been convicted of sexually assaulting the woman and sentenced to 18 months in jail. The appeal court ordered a new trial.

It was "a weak case," the two-women, one-man appeal court said in a ruling released on Monday. "There was little independent evidence, forensic or otherwise, that sexual intercourse had taken place." The prosecution misstated forensic evidence, a misstatement not corrected by Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Scott in his address to the jury, Justice Lois Roberts said in her ruling, joined by Justice Janet Simmons and Justice Paul Rouleau.

"There is always the risk that a jury may treat forensic evidence as infallible because of its scientific nature and, as a result, overemphasize its significance," the court said. "It is therefore very important that forensic evidence is carefully and accurately explained."

Click Here to Read more. 


Third Canadian Politicial Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

       Image result for sexual harassment canada politician

Minister of sport and disability Kent Hehr has resigned from cabinet following allegations of sexual harassment that broke late Wednesday night.

Late Wednesday night, a woman accused Hehr of making sexually suggestive remarks to her in an elevator at the Alberta legislature, where he had previously served as a provincial politician.

On Wednesday, Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie resigned after an independent, third-party investigation found he had breached a harassment policy. His resignation was followed Wednesday night by Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown stepping down amid sexual assault allegations.

Click Here to Read More.


In Unusual Step, Victims Told of Destoryed Rape Kits


When Veronica was raped more than 13 years ago, she says neither the police nor the hospital staff believed her story that a longtime friend attacked her while his mother was in the next room.

She was surprised, earlier this year, when she got a call from the initial investigating officer, John Somerindyke, who apologized for how she was treated and for something that Veronica didn’t yet know: Her rape kit was among 333 kits that Fayetteville police had thrown away.

The kits, about the size of a shoe box, had been collected in Fayetteville between 1995 and 2008. Police began throwing them away in 1999 to make space in the evidence room. Somerindyke, now a lieutenant, discovered the kits were missing in February 2015 when he reviewed unsolved rape cases.

To read more click here


              The Sexual Assault Epidemic No OneTalk About                                                         


At a moment of reckoning in the United States about sexual harassment and sexual assault, a yearlong NPR investigation finds that there is little recognition of a group of Americans that is one of the most at risk: people with intellectual disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate seven times higher than those without disabilities. That number comes from data run for NPR by the Justice Department from unpublished federal crime data.

Predators target people with intellectual disabilities because they know they are easily manipulated and will have difficulty testifying later. These crimes go mostly unrecognized, unprosecuted and unpunished. And the abuser is free to abuse again.

Police and prosecutors are often reluctant to take these cases because they are difficult to win in court.  

Click here for more information.                  

                Time's Up and #MeToo Campaigns Expected to
                           Take Stage at Golden Globes


                This year's Golden Globe awards, put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, are expected to focus a lot of attention on the issue of workplace sexual harassment.                 

As the first awards show on this year's circuit following the bombshell allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the subsequent #MeToo campaign, some celebrities are choosing to wear black as a symbolic stand against sexual assault and sexual harassment.

I, Tonya actress Allison Janney, Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot and R&B singer Mary J. Blige, who's nominated for her role in Mudbound, are among those expected to wear the colour.

While black is a traditional colour for men's formal wear, celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati posted on Instagram that the male actors she dresses "will be standing in solidarity with women on this wearing-all-black movement." 

Click Here to read more. 


Women's Marches Underway Nation-Wide as Trump

Marks A Year in Office

Tens of thousands of women across the country have gathered to pound the pavement today for equality, diversity, and inclusion on this first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

March On Canada Organizer Samantha Monckton says while much has changed in the year since the first march was held, there is still a lot of work to do. “We have to make sure that the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Inquiry gets sorted [out]. Also, childcare and pay equity… there’s a lot of things that we still need to do.”

Monckton adds while online movements like #MeToo on Twitter are good at raising awareness about women’s issues, it’s important for all women to join together in a public display.

Click Here to Read More. 
Global Voices: Forensic Training Helps Deliver Justice in

Congo Mass Rape


For decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has held a terrible reputation as “the rape capital of the world.” Few perpetrators have ever been successfully prosecuted, so the girls of Kavumu had little faith that they would see justice. Fortunately, they were wrong.

This past December, 11 militiamen and a high-ranking politician were sentenced to life in prison after an unprecedented trial and andmark verdict. It was the country’s largest successful mass prosecution for sex crimes in history.

In 2015, officers from a newly formed sexual-violence unit of the Congolese police launched an investigation into the Kavumu assaults. After training in forensic crime-scene examination, they gathered crucial evidence and identified suspects — the militia led by Frederic Batumike, a local politician.

Click Here to learn more.

Former U.S. Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced 40 to 175 Years in

Sexual Assault Case

The former sports doctor who admitted to molesting some of the top gymnasts in the U.S. for years was sentenced Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison, with the judge declaring: "I just signed your death warrant."

The minimum 40-year sentence was previously agreed to by Nassar last year when he pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct. Wednesday's ruling was the second long-term prison sentence for the 54-year-old physician, who was already serving a 60-year sentence in federal prison for child pornography crimes.

"It is my honour and privilege to sentence you. You do not deserve to walk outside a prison ever again. You have done nothing to control those urges and anywhere you walk, destruction will occur to those most vulnerable.

Click here to read more. 

STOPS to Violence 
STOPS to Violence 
STOPS to violence would like to share their eBulletin highlighting events, news articles, and upcoming programs and seminars. 

To view the eBulletin, click here.
Click here to visit STOPS website. 


SSAIC's Monthly Reading List



Ryerson University Sexual Violence Support and Education

Image result for ryerson university
Ryerson University has provided colouring books related to sexual assault education available for anyone to use. 

Click Here to download your own!
Training and Workshops
In Person Conferences


PATHS Conference Applying Evidence to Prevent Violence will be held May 28-29, 2018 at the Ramada Plaza Regina.  For information regarding the discounted rate for members and students call 306-522-3515.

Registration is now open! Click here to register.

Sexual Violence Forum

Image result for centre for research and education on violence against women
February 28th, 2018

Price: $50 per person 

Tornoto, Canada

When it comes to sexual violence, lack of consent is not simply a miscommunication between people that can be addressed through education

In this one-day forum, we discuss the role of marginalization, power imbalances, privilege and accompanying notions of entitlement, and the many ways in which social disparities inform "consent" and patterns of sexual violence.

Click Here for more information.

Vicarious Trauma - Strategies for Resilience

February 28th, 2018 (9AM - 4PM)
Price: $209.00 (*early rate) $235 (regular rate)

*Early rate expires February  07, 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Radisson Hotel 

Trainer: Trish Harper, MSW, RSW


Helpers regularily encounter stories and symptoms of trauma in their roles. There is growing evidence that the impact of directly supporting others through expereinces of trauma goes beyond burnout or fatigue. The toll of witnessing intense human experiences and emotions can contribute to a negative transformation of the helper's own sense of safety, and of being competent and purposeful. This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to examine their own experience and become aware of the signs of both vicarious trauma and vicarious growth. Participants will develop a personalized plan to repair negative effects as well as accelerate their resilience. 

Target Audience:

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for Social Workers, social service and health care professionals, teachers, and anyone working in the helping profession. 

Method of Delivery:

Lecture, personal reflection, video, case study exercises, skill development and small group discussions. 

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this workshop participants should be able to:
  • Describe the process of vicarious impact on a helper from working with trauma.
  • Distinguish between the concepts of secondary stress, vicarious trauma and vicarious resilience.
  • Identify key vulnerabilities and strengths in one;s own practice as a helper.
  • List strategies for the transformation of vicarious impact into resilience.
For more information or to register for this course, click here.
Insitute of Aboriginal People's Health: Strategic

Priorities and Planning for Healthy Communities

Image result for research and education for solutions to violence and abuse

February 2, 2018
Time: 2:30pm
Where: University of Regina
(Administration Humantities (AH) Room 527)

Carrie Bourassa is a Chair in Indigenous & Northern Health and Senior Scientist at Health Sciences North Research Institute in Sudbury, Ontario and the Scientific Director of the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Dr. Bourassa is an Indigenous community-based researcher and is proud to be the successful Nominated Principal Investigator on two Canada Foundation for Innovation Grants that funded the Indigenous Community-based Health Research Lab in 2010 (re-named Morningstar Lodge) and most recently in April 2016 the Cultural Safety Evaluation, Training and Research Lab at FNUniv.

Join us for a presentation on Aboriginal People's Health. 

Seating is limitied. Please RSVP at

Data Visulaization WorkShop

Image result for saskatchewan canadian evaluation society

June 19th, 2018
Park Town Hotel 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tickets Range from $150-$400
Lunch Included

The workshop will address principles of data visualization, report, and slideshow design that support legibility, comprehension, and retention of our data in the minds of our clients.

Together we will focus on how to make visual sense of data and distribute it in a way that readers will discuss, remember, and love, including dashboards, infographics, and simple interactive games.

Attendees will receive loads of handouts and materials exclusively available to workshop participants that will guide you through the tried-and-true process of developing visuals that teach, engage, and make you look like a rockstar.

For more information or to register, click here.             

Canadian Domestic Violence Conference

The Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 5 is a national showcase of ground-breaking grassroots initiatives that address intimate partner violence. 

The ultimate goal of this progressive and formative conference is to strengthen and enrich those individuals who confront domestic violence and to challenge the current social determinants of domestic violence.

We're excited to announce a terrific conference program that will include the following:
  • Opening plenary with Dr. Holly Johnson from the University of Ottawa
  • A screening of the documentary film, A Better Man, followed by a discussion featuring the film's co-director, Attiya Khan.
  • A keynote presentation by Dr. Dawn Memee Lavell-Harvard, director of the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University
  • A closing plenary panel discussion (featuring Dr. Leslie Tutty, Dr. Katreena Scott, Dr. Verona Singer & Dr. Diane Crocker) focused on the official launch of a new book, Innovations in Interventions with Intimate Partner Violence: Research and Practice
  • Three one-day pre-conference workshops to choose from on March 20 & 21
  • And finally, almost 90 concurrent workshops (with over 150 presenters) to enhance your learning and professional development. This is the largest number of workshops in the history of the conference.
Click Here to register and read more. 
Web Conferences
Sexual Assault Response and Resource
Teams (SARRT):
A Guide for Rural and Remote Communities

For those who live in a community/region that is rural or remote, it is clear that such communities face unique challenges in responding to sexual assault.  The purpose of this training module is to guide rural and remote communities in overcoming these challenges by improving coordination of services for victims across professional disciplines and agencies.  The best way to do this is by establishing some version of a Sexual Assault Response and Resource Team (SARRT).  
The Online Training Institute (OLTI) is FREE. There is no cost to register, enroll, or complete any of the modules.

Click here for more course options.

Food for Thought:
"The best preperation for tomorrow is doing your best today"
-  H. Jackson Brown Jr. 
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