February 2017 - News and stories from the road
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So we've been on the road for over 50 days, and are well settled into our routine.  And by "we" I mean both Apollo and myself.  I nearly always say "we" - we're going here or there, we're feeling fine, we're looking for a place to stop for the night - because Apollo is as much a part of this journey as I am.  He's not just a vehicle or another impersonal object.  He certainly has opinions about what we do, and lets me know what those opinions are!  It is not uncommon for me to confuse someone I'm talking with by saying "we" because they assume I would mean another person.

Apollo has definitely settled into his job as road warrior.  He knows that it is his job to walk forward, never turn back, and to follow the white line that marks the shoulder.  I don't have to steer, even if I have turned into a parking lot or field - I just tell him "walk on" and he resumes our earlier path.  If I try to turn back he gets very upset! He also knows that around a certain time of day we will turn off the road into a driveway and then he gets a treat.  So when he thinks its time to end our ride for the day, he starts turning into every driveway we come to, asking "how about this one? are we stopping here?"

The biggest challenge of the ride has become finding a place to stay each night.  Most long riders just knock on doors at the end of the day and ask for hospitality.  I have done that, and it works.  However, it gives me peace of mind and is less awkward for my would-be hosts if I call a day or two ahead of time.  This is a time consuming project involving lots of networking, facebook time, Google searching, and phone calls.  While I am sure I'll have to knock on doors every now and then, I've been able to successfully network like this for 7 weeks straight.

In the next month, we'll be looking for hosts along the I-5 corridor between Corvallis Oregon and Seattle Washington.  If you know anyone near our route, please help put us in touch (even if they aren't able to host, they may know someone who could!)

Happy trails,

Meredith and Apollo

A Long Ride Haiku:

The road's wide shoulder
Like the margins of a page
Frames my life's story
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