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Coaching, Mediation and Training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Photo: Julia Baier
22. Dezember 2020

Dear friends, customers, fellow travellers,

2020 - what a year! 
It wouldn't be surprising to feel speechless right now. 
As I wrote this newsletter, pictures came to mind of 2020: roller coaster ride, icy storm, parachute jump, breathlessness and jelly-wobble. Writing was harder than ever for me. I practically did nothing else for ten months but stare at the laptop and write. 

We all received more information this year than we can handle. I don't know anyone without lockdown fatigue. So here in a nutshell - education, training, international projects and things that give me pleasure.  

With great gratitude for great friendship and also customer loyalty, as well as the many exciting new projects this year, here's a look back at 2020. I have learned a lot of new things, refurbished materials and overcome fears. I will be very happy to remember the experience I have had of live interviews, creating new flipcharts, artistic learning material and online learning tools, which I take with me into 2021. My new cartoons will be in the next newsletter. 

I reflected on things that I didn't need this year and other things that were indispensable - that was enlightening, I can only recommend it! My list can be found under Everyday TipsThe little story at the end reminds you of the need to let go. 

Shortly before the new lockdown, an elderly lady was standing in front of an empty shelf in the supermarket and sighed. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a slightly exaggerated smile so that she would notice despite my mask. And she did and said, "it's not at all so bad now. I was a "Trümmerfrau" after the war, those times were hard. The pandemic in Berlin is like a short hiccup in comparison. But I'm worried about my grandchildren, because they don't know hardship and they're suffering during this pandemic a lot. " 
We looked into each other's eyes for a long time. I nodded. What a beautiful gift of her wisdom! 

Everything is relative. Serenity, perseverance, patience all go hand in hand with resilience. 
2020 was a tough lesson in terms of resilience and humility. We may not understand until much later what we have learned this year. 

And because a song says more, here are inspirations  from three artists who have grown dear to my heart, Svavar Knutur from Iceland and Rising Appalachia from Atlanta.
Have fun reading and I wish you love and fun on this adventure of "being human".
Lorna Ritchie
Rising Appalachia - Resilient (Official Music Video)
Svavar Knútur "Humble Hymn" live @ Hamburger Küchensessions
In the last two years I have had the honor of continuing the trainer training of Klaus Karstädt († 2018) with his wife Friederike Kahlau-Karstädt and a very special trainer team. With Anja Palitza, Olaf Hartke, Peter Schmid and from 2021 Alexio Schulze-Castro, Friederike and Klaus chose a treasure trove of skill, teamwork and creativity before his death. 

It was an extraordinary pleasure to carry out the modules in the "Knaubenhof" seminar house in Otting, also under the distance rules. In this small and fine family business, the GFK attitude is lived - everything is furnished with a lot of love and there is a quick, uncomplicated solution for every "little problem".  http: // 

For 2021 there are only a few places left for trainer training ...... see link for the current status (German fluency at C1 level) is required for all trainings with k-training:
book here
And if you want to get to know Klaus' inimitable way, you can find out all the essential information in short, concise videos (approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes in total) in order to acquire a basic understanding of what is behind this term and the model of nonviolent communication.
Klaus Karstädt explains Nonviolent Communication (in German)
Empathy is the key - workshop April in Berlin
After many years of working together with my esteemed colleague Philipp Behar-Kremer, I am implementing an idea we have long been wanting to realise - to offer NVC as part of therapeutic training in Berlin.
(German fluency at C1 level) is required. 
In the institute's beautiful country house villa, with plenty of space for relaxed learning, outside and inside. 

Here are a few photos from the institute ...
book here
Lorna Ritchie - Internationales
"A picture is worth a thousand words" 
In the summer of 2020 I was able to support European artists in an Erasmus Project "The colors of feelings and needs", who have created their artworks for feelings and needs. After the first lockdown, we worked together at the circus "Cabuwazi", with open windows and social distancing during the training in English and German. I was impressed by the spirit, creativity and commitment of all those involved in the project. So much beauty in one room: It was a real pleasure to be part of the film too (interview after ca. minute 6,30)! 

Thanks to Dagna Gmitrowicz  for the entire coordination and to Andrei Matalyha  for the interview and the recordings!
European Artists meet NVC...
*** LIVE VIDEO with ARTISTS (and me) ***
Colours of Feelings and Needs - documentary
A collection of 256 cards illustrating feelings and needs with the research report and manual. This is an innovative tool designed for trainers, educators, youth workers, teachers, coaches and anyone accompanying groups and individuals. It supports the process of recognizing, describing and expressing the feelings and needs of the participants, regardless of their age, culture and background.
All cards are available free of charge (also as online material) in English, German or Polish - a wonderful addition to the training materials for all people who want to address feelings and needs in learning situations. Having used them several times,  for real and digitally, also in coaching - I like them very much!
Link to Projekt and free download of all cards in English, Polish and German
International congresses, conferences and festivals were a great inspiration to me this year. There are new plans for 2021 and I will report in the next newsletter. From these two events I developed some project ideas - "Global Dialogues Local" and "NVC for every day with Uschi and Atze" - the well-known column figures become independent as a coaching team. "Watch this space!"
When the radio station calls...
Photo credits ©  imago images | Petra Schneider
"Are you availbale for an interview on Deutschlandfunk live today?" the caller asked whilst I was on vacation at the lake. Despite a slight panic, I gave myself a nudge and said yes! The question was, what do you say nonviolently to someone who is not wearing a mask? Oh, how easy it was back then, before things escalated as we saw in autumn. Nervous and stuttering, the interview passed quickly - it was very exciting to be live on the radio! 
Another interview quickly followed, this time with Jan-Malte Andresen from WDR2 ...
Deutschlandfunk article here ...
WDR live interview here...
Dr. Stephanie Schnichels ( ) presented our method "peer empathy" for professionals in nursing, with everyday examples from practice. I developed the "peer empathy model" together with Frank Gaschler, based on the method "collegial counseling" but supplemented with findings from NVC and the reconciliation tradition from Hawaii - Ho'oponopono. What a joy that care teams are inspired to recharge their batteries, protect their own health and resources. 
To order here:
continue here (text in German) ...
In the Empathic Times I have written various articles since my last newsletter, e.g. a book review of Sarah Peyton's book "Self-resonance - in harmony with oneself and one's life", then a two-part series about successful role-playing in training and of course my personal column "Uschi + Atze" - my favourite couple who strive to bring NVC into everyday life.
order here (in German only)
continue here (text in German) ...

Everyday Tips
2020 has been so tough for the retailers, some of whom got super creative! 

In our neighbourhood,  Boris and Janine at Lagano, have diligently developed new designs, printed fabrics themselves and produced these wonderful models if desired. A mask with a giraffe pattern, maybe a last-minute gift?

last minute gift?
To order, click here
Another Xmas recommendation: 
Jens Neumann has put together his favorite GFK exercises for everyday life with the help of 30 trainers - I am very happy that I got this book in the summer. 

The name "Courage Factory" aroused my curiosity - here are real treasures, not only for teachers ..... 
for "normal people" who are curious.
Maybe order last-minute Xmas gifts for yourself or others, currently there is a free calendar 2021 for free. 

Much more can be ordered here ...
Not just zooming... fun and games too!
IN GERMAN, but easy language:
This website is a hobby and heart project of Caspar Siebel, who put together an excellent compendium, introductory games, energizers, online warmups that put an end to any boring Zoom training. Everything is available online and can be viewed free of charge here: 

Or can be ordered as a book ... -workshop-games-training-meetings-the-book /
Wheel of fortune in training! 
There are so many ways to make Zoom trainings fun and varied. This one creates a bit of a quiz show feeling when it comes to creating work groups.
For more variety in front of your screen:
A quiet moment at the turn of the year

2020 - a year to let go and soon the time will come. 
My tip at the turn of the year:

Write down 3 things 
1: What I unexpectedly didn't need this year 
2: What was indispensable for me? 
3: What am I looking forward to in 2021? 

My list looks like this:
1: lipstick, new shoes, umbrella, perfume, taxis 
2: good friends, electricity, balcony, slippers, oven, the forest 
3: the sea, my dance school, singing around the campfire, Christmas markets, hugging my "FRamily ".

Little story to finish
Are you ready for something new? 
A professor visits the master. The professor speaks and speaks about everything he knows about Zen and wants to discuss.

The master gets up and gets a pot of tea. He pours tea into his visitor's cup, more and more, the tea runs down the cup to the left and right, fills the saucer, floods it too.

The professor can no longer contain himself. "What are you doing, my cup has long been more than full, no more can go into it!"

“Like this cup,” says the master, “you are overflowing with your opinions and speculations. How am I supposed to show you Zen if you don't empty your cup first? "

I look forward to your query. 
Please feel free to get in touch. 

Call or send an email:
0163 265 24 39/
 Please have a look and find more information about
training and coaching  
on the website.

Let's co-create your success!


I'd love to support you reach your goals with ease,
effectiveness, and fun

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