This month is 'Plastic free July', the challenge is to not use any single-use plastics for the month. This can be achieved by using containers with lids in the home and taking reusable shopping bags when doing your food shopping. It is predicted that there will be more plastics in our oceans than fish by 2050, this is a horrifying statistic but we have the power to stop it from happening. How many times in your life would you have done things differently if you had the ability to know the outcome?

For more information and accept the challenge see Plastic Free July



We stock a variety of beeswax wraps that have been handmade in Perth, they vary in colour and size from 30cm x 30cm to 54cm x 40cm. Made from 100% cotton that has been infused with organic West Australian beeswax, Jojoba oil and natural food grade tree resins, they will last from 6 to 12 months.

Beeswax wraps can be used to wrap breads, sandwiches, leftovers, fruit and veg and even grated cheese (not recommended for meats or fish). Simply wrap the item with your wrap and use the warmth of your hands to mould it to the item. When the wrap has reached its lifespan you can shred it and use it as a fire lighter! A great way to start your plastic free July ;)


Etiko are Australian owned and operated and are all about fair trade and environmentally friendly fashion, they got established in 2005 and were the first non-food brand to achieve fairtrade certification in Australia and New Zealand. With Etiko you can be sure you are supporting an Australian company that delivers on its promise to employ fair trade practices.

Their clothing is 100% organic cotton and completely Fair Trade, the ladies and mens shirts are hard wearing and represent different talking point images.

We stock Etiko charity recycled thongs, these thongs are made with natural and recycled rubber. Each purchase donates a percentage to a charity, depending on the colour you choose, choose from surfrider foundation blue, wilderness society green, save the children’s white or orangutan project black.



With so much plastic packaging and chemically laden products on the market it can sometimes appear hopeless in the plight to live more sustainably, rest assured though it can be done! By making a conscious effort to consider the environment when purchasing products, you are creating a better world for the future and reaping rewards for your health in the process. For more information on how to get started see our blog here.


Yes that's correct folks you read it right, the Ozone Hole is healing! A research team in the Solomon's has discovered that the hole has shrunk by 4 million square kilometres and is not as deep as it used to be. This wonderful find has been linked to the reduction of atmospheric chlorine. Once again proof that it's never too late for change. To read more see the National Geographic article here.
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