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We're back in one! ❤️

Our new all-in-one shop is now complete, and we couldn’t be happier!!

What a huge journey it has been… in many ways feels like we’ve come home…  I’m not sure how we’ve done it but our new set up feels more open than either of our previous shops and everyone’s loving it!

Shop mark 3 is hands down the best version of Qi yet with everything streamlined and flowing again just as it should. We haven’t had one negative response with one customer even doing a little whoop-whoop dance.

It’s also given staff a massive moral boost, we’re finding we feel more like a team now that we’re back all working together in the same space. We’re excited to come to work with less time spent running back and forth we now have more time to spend helping our clients find what they’re looking for. Everything has found a home in just one spot making it so much easier to know what we have and where it is. We even found a few goodies we didn’t even know we had!

We are still open for late night shopping until 9pm every Thursday and Friday, but now you can come in after work to soak up the atmosphere and see all the crystals, jewellery and books back in one shop!

The first question everyone asks is what we’re doing with the space next door. Well, we are keeping it!! We have a purpose-built garden studio on that side that still houses many of our weekly classes and groups as well as all our weekend workshops. We also have three additional treatment rooms on that side, and they will continue to operate until 9pm weeknights with the front of the shop being after-hours access for the healing center Mon-Wed.

People keep telling us that at the very least we must have learned so much… I’m not sure yet what lessons to take away from this yet... In retrospect I don't think I'd choose to do it over again!! So perhaps the lesson is that bigger isn’t always better… or that it’s good to recoginise when something is no longer serving you and be willing to walk away or step back even though you’ve poured your heart and soul into it… so that something better can grow in its place.  

For the time being we are going to sit back and enjoy a little more family time with our beautiful daughter Willow whilst we recoup, reflect and decide what to do next.
Please come and check out all the changes for yourself. We’re still offering free tea, coffee, and chai. The garden is just beautiful at this time of year and we’d love to show you around our new shop.

Look forward to seeing you soon!
Qi and the team!

O N   T H E   B L O G  

January felt like it went on forever! But here we are well into February already!

In this month’s energy healing we are being asked to go into the belly area, underneath the solar plexus, open that up and start clearing it out.

At first I first slightly misinterpret what it is that they are asking, but we get there eventually!

We will go down to the belly area, which is a lot like a cellar. Old memories, treasures, and parts of ourself have been kept here, and forgotten about (more)

The universe is whispering to you.  There are messages in the birdsong outside your window, on the formation of clouds in the sky or in your coffee cup, on the waves crashing against the shore, on the billboards you see as you walk through the city, on the lyrics of songs that spontaneously appear on the radio and in the dreams we have while we are asleep.  These messages give us a powerful insight of who we are and what our direction is.

Native peoples have always known how to interpret these... (more)

Death can be one of our biggest teachers. As a mute point, it is the highlighter of the short space of time we have. Loss and cycles of beginnings, work together in succession. Finding peace with this process of continuous shedding and new growth is the way we can embrace the journey. ⠀

Grief and heartache can sometimes be cyclical as well, in terms of revisiting and reprocessing our pilgrimage, the losses and the transitions we’ve experienced... (more)

Hello and welcome to my first article for the 2020 and the new decade!

And what a turbulent beginning with wild weather and temperatures, severe bushfires, torrential rain and hail just to top it off!

With the rising of Mother Earth’s frequency as we clocked over to 2020, all became somewhat chaotic as the world and indeed ourselves slowly adjusted to this new higher frequency throughout January, much like acclimatising to a higher altitude. Many of you may have felt sick... (more)

Did you know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) menstrual blood is referred to as Tian Gui, translated to Heavenly Water?

I was so heart-warmed when I heard this for the first time. A little different to our western view of it often being labeled ‘the curse’.

Eastern, ancient and indigenous wisdom and practices know how to honour the feminine and her innate cycles... (more)


W O R K S H O P S   T H I S   M O N T H


February 2020:

February 13: Enquiry Circle for men & women with Sharon Sztar & Daryl Chantry

February 16: St Francis: Pet Mediumship, Communication & Healing with Janette Watkins

February 20: New Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon

February 23: Egyptian Goddess Isis — Past Life Regression & Readings with Janette Watkins

February 23: The Violet Flame Workshop with Alessandra Viglio

February 23: Crystal Frequencies – Module 1 with Lida van den Berg

March 2020:

March 1: Being in Love Workshop with Andrea Oneness

March 1: Archangel Metatron — Journey to the Angelic Realms with Janette Watkins

March 5: Full Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon 

March 7 & 8: Energy Extraction Training with Alida Birch

March 8: New Mediumship Course Begins – Shamanic Native American with Janette Watkins


N E W   C L A S S E S   S T A R T I N G  

Essential Oils with Kelly
6.30PM – 7.30PM / $25 Per Person
Click here for more details
Enquiry Circle for men & women with Sharon & Daryl
7:30PM - 9:00PM / $20 Per Person
Click here for more details *note alternate schedule
Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Theresa
10AM - 11.15AM / $20 per person
Click here for more details
Processing Shadow with Andrea Oneness
10AM - 12PM / $30-40 sliding scale per person
Click here for more details

P R A C T I T I O N E R   S P E C I A L S

First class with Fiona free!

Added class times for Fiona's Flexxd™ Resistance Yoga! See here for schedule.

What is Flexxd Yoga? Watch the video below! 
Thank you for reading! 

Love & Light 

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