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Seasons greetings from Qi

December is the season of celebration and religious observances around the World. This includes: Bodhi Day (Buddhist) Saint Nicholas Day (Christian) Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican) Hanukkah (Jewish) Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish) Summer or Winter Solstice (Pagan)... etc

In the Pagan tradition it is the time of the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. At the Summer Solstice the Earth’s pole (North in June, South in December) is at its maximum tilt toward the Sun. The Sun reaches its highest position in the sky, and the daylight hours are longest. In temperate regions, the Summer Solstice solstice is seen as the middle of summer and referred to as "midsummer" although in some countries and calendars it marks the beginning of summer.

Since prehistory the Summer Solstice has been a significant time of year, celebrated with festivals and rituals. One of the largest celebrations of the Solstice happens every year at Stonehenge, where thousands of people gather to watch the sunrise at the ancient site. Stonehenge, the neolithic-era site in England, is opened annually for the Solstice on June 21, when sunlight hits Stonehenge in a special way and light enters the centre of the circle of stones. For us in the southern hemisphere, Solstice will be on December 22 this year. 

Summer Solstice Rituals
Make an altar with flowers, fruit, vegetables and candles. Use yellow fabric with just a touch of black for the turning that follows the Solstice (the days begin to become shorter)

As a celebration of the Sun, Summer Solstice rituals can include bonfires (where they are allowed) and certainly candles.

Summer Solstice is a time for giving thanks and giving back – like the Sun, our radiance becomes a source of regeneration for ourselves, others, and the World. We remember wholeness of being, and purpose of this wholeness: for pouring forth, as Mother Sun does in every moment. Celebrate with music and dancing.

Stones for the Summer Solstice:
  • Sunstone
  • Moonstone
  • Chrysocolla
  • Citrine
  • Ruby

From our family to yours - we wish you all the best for a safe and happy holiday season.
Love & Light,
Qi and the Team

Please note: our trading hours vary over the Christmas/New Year period as:

December 30 - January 2: CLOSED
December 28 & 29: 10AM - 5PM
Christmas Day, Boxing Day & December 27: CLOSED
Christmas Eve: 10AM - 6PM

G I F T   I D E A S   A T   Q I 

1. Gratitude Diary ($39.95RRP), Work Your Light Oracle Cards ($24.99RRP) & Rose Quartz Chunk ($10 - $20) 
2. Locally made Heat Packs ($49.95), Massage Oil ($17.95), Happiness Essential Oil Blend ($16.95) & Ceramic Oil Burner ($15)
3. Meditation Cushion ($64) & Assorted Children's Books
4. Ammonite Fossils (assorted prices) & Petrified Wood Macrame Necklace ($60)
5. Sage Bowl ($32), Sage Stick ($9.95), Palo Santo ($3.50), Black Tourmaline ($12), Clear Quartz ($5), Smudge Feather ($70) & Carol's Clearing Potion Spray ($22)
6. Peridot Earrings ($115) & Moonstone Earrings ($125)

O N   T H E   B L O G

Welcome to the December Energy Report and Healing!

Last month was quite a dark and intense time period. I was shown that there would be a lot of darker energy around, and that turned out to be quite accurate!

Themes of sex, death, nightmares, obsessive compulsive behaviour and so on where very present.

Many were also revisiting various relationships and wishing to know if they... (read more)

If we look around us, life is filled with symbols. We see symbols when we walk, in books, online, in nature, in our thoughts and even in the sky in clouds.

The more we start to understand what these symbols mean to us, the more we are empowered to work with the direction, guidance and messages that they hold. An ancient way of capturing these symbols resides within the tarot, oracle and angel cards. It all started with the tarot which started off as a card game played by the Italians centuries ago and what remains is legacy of... (read more)

2020 brings with it a massive shift in energy with the new decade approaching.  As we leave 2019 it is time now to prepare for this exciting, positive energy change in ourselves, our world and our universe.

Get into the Flow

By making a conscious and mindful decision to change. And then acting upon the decision, shifts and opens up your energy in a new and positive direction... (read more)

When the going gets tough we need some inspiration to get going! An act of compassion or a reminder that we are supported can ease the discomfort, as does clarity from a psychic tarot reading or a call or visit from a good friend. We all seek some solace in knowing that our challenges are not forever and reinforcement that we will be OK in the end.

We also experience times when we want to attract a new relationship, an exciting career change or a soul-absorbing... (read more)

H E A L I N G   C E N T R E 

Welcoming Michael Joseph onboard the Qi Healing Centre
Michael will be offering Psychic & Tarot Readings at Qi from mid-January.
Click here to read more. 
Offered by Healing Life Centre, this is a great way to start your 2020.
No need to book! Just come along. 

W O R K S H O P S   T H I S   M O N T H

December 2019:

December 14: Beginners Tarot: Major Arcana Course with Kripa

December 15: Summer Solstice – Spirit Portraits & Readings with Janette Watkins

December 19: New Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar 

December 22: Trance Channel – Spirit Art, Automatic Writing & Voice with Janette Watkins

January 2020:

January 4: Free Pranic Healing Clinic with Healing Life

January 11: Mind Body Reset & Connect with Chris

January 19: Reiki 2 with Andrea Fortune


P R A C T I T I O N E R   S P E C I A L S

Energy healer Mary Gaynor is offering the following for the holiday season!

The perfect way to De-Stress before after Xmas!!

2x Facial De-Stress massages 
– $135.00 (45 min each , normally $75.00 each)
1x Facial De-Stress Massage 
– (45 min) & 1 Energy Healing session ( 1 hour) – $150.00
Thanks for reading!

Love & Light


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