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October at Qi

Burning Seed Lessons & this year's Open Day.

I’m forty-three and just returned from my first festival. Everyone tells me that Burning Seed (based on the USA’s Burning Man) is one of the best and that it will have ruined me for all future festivals.  They also tell me the first one is always the best. 

It was truly an amazing experience, possibly life changing. They prefer not to call Burning Seed a festival as there is no paid entertainment. Rather it is founded on Ten principles:

Immediacy – Overcoming barriers between us and recognising our inner selves.

Participation – Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.

Leave no Trace– Respect the environment and leave no trace.

Civic Responsibility – We assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavour to communicate civic responsibility to participants.

Communal Effort – We value creative cooperation and collaboration.

Radical Self Expression – Arising from the unique gifts of the individual.

Gifting – Devoted to the acts of gifting. The value of the gift is unconditional.

Radical Inclusion – Everyone is welcome, respect the strange. No prerequisites for participation.

Decommodification – A community that is unmediated by commercial sponsorship, transactions, or advertising.

Radical Self-reliance – You must bring everything you need to survive for the entire event, to discover, exercise and rely on his or her own inner resources.

Some of the principles come very naturally to me. For more than two decades Qi has been safe haven for all sorts of people with respect for all age groups, cultures and beliefs we have embraced radical inclusion.  Gifting on that scale was amazing to behold and it definitely reminded me the spirit with which we have been offering everyone free tea, coffee and chai  for over sixteen years..  and how this simple act has helped to create genuine connection and community. Qi is a place for people to meet, to come together, to share, learn and grow.

Decommodification and leave no trace have made me think lots more about where I shop, what I buy and saying no to packaging and anything else that I don’t need. I have also seen massive shift in the past twelve months or so in the shop with more and more customers declining receipts and carry bags if they don’t need them. All this gives me great hope that a shift in consciousness is happening.

For seventeen years our annual Qi Open Day has been a free event offering the community an opportunity to come together in the spirit of self-exploration and discovery. Please join us again this year on October 26th & 27th 10 am-5 pm for free talks and workshops, and a free BBQ lunch. Just like other years we will have a free kids craft and activity table. 

Entry is also free and there is no need to book for the workshops, choose to attend one or make a day of it and come to as many of them as you like! To me these days have often had a magical dream like quality that feels reminiscent of my experience of Burning Seed. Watching strangers meet, talk and mingle in such an open, spiritual environment. The sense of community on the day has often restored my faith in the good will of people as they open to the spirit of giving and receiving.

Whilst at Burning Seed, I kept thinking that we as people need more time to come together in this way.  That if this immense beauty, self-expression, collaboration, sense of community and sharing can exist for a week why it can’t be like this more of the time and in more places.

Eternally grateful,

(PS: You can read more about my experience at Burning Seed here!)


O P E N   D A Y  2 0 1 9


O N   T H E   B L O G

I am honoured to have attuned 40 reiki channels over the last 3 years, many of whom are working professionally as practitioners, so I thought I’d do a blog today on becoming a better lightworker. This is relevant to anyone, even if you are not a healer or reiki channel. Here are 4 points to take into consideration:

Stay Open and Vulnerable
Being honest and open allows us to connect with people. None of us are perfect! Unfortunately being a healer hasn’t made me clear of all karma, and once one lesson is learnt (read more)

For the month of October ahead, the angelics wish us to connect with our heart space and use this as an anchor point or fulcrum.

Once we use the heart as a grounded point, then just like a see-saw we can take the weight or motion of the strong swings between the highs and lows.

In these accelerated times there is a lot coming at us, whether through other people, or vast amounts of information, the fast pace of technology, and so on. It is important... (read more)


There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in the sun (you could add wine, good friends and music to that scene…) That glorious warmth on my face and body fills me with happiness and peace. And there is a very good reason why it does!

The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun and our bodies soak it up.

Studies have shown that this has amazing benefits on our health:


H E A L I N G   C E N T R E 

Welcoming Simone onboard at our Healing Centre: 


Simone has been working in the self-development field, coaching and practicing as an emotional therapist, for over 14 years. Along with studying sexuality for over a decade, Simone has trained personally with leaders in their fields, including business mentors and spiritual teachers.

Find out more about Simone here. 

U P C O M I N G   W O R K S H O P S


October 13: Learn – Spirit Portraits & Readings with Janette Watkins

October 20: Atlantis – Lost City of Crystal Masters with Janette Watkins

October 24: New Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar 

October 26 & 27: 17th ANNUAL QI OPEN DAY

October 27: New Mediumship Course – Native American First Workshop with Janette Watkins

October 30: Learn to read the Tarot with Andrea Fortune


November 2: Free Pranic Healing Clinic with Healing Life 

November 3: Codes for Change & Acceleration with Emeraldine Therapies

November 7: Full Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar


N E W   C L A S S E S   S T A R T I N G  

Starting on October 30 with Andrea Fortune, this is a great opportunity to learn the Tarot. Andrea started reading the tarot in London 20 years ago and now runs a successful business as a trusted psychic tarot reader and teacher, with clients in the USA, Canada and UK as well as here in Australia.​ Click here for more details

P R A C T I T I O N E R   S P E C I A L S

Due to the expansion of the store, our traditional Open Day format has changed. Mini-treatments are now offered throughout the month of November by participating practitioners. Please see Mini Treatment menu by clicking here: (Read more) 
Thanks for reading!

Love & Light


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