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Kids in the Creek Corner

Welcome to another month with Kids in the Creek! Last month, CHLP received a few entries for the Artful Owlets contest and we've selected Henry B. as the May winner of the $10 gift card with this hoot of a masterpiece:
                                   Owl Inspiration
                                       Chubb Chubb
You know it is the perfect day when you see something amazing. Something that you didn't see before.

I had one of those perfect days when I saw a baby great horned owl. He was sitting on a branch to the left of his nest. I was so amazed to learn he was a baby because he was bigger than my head and because he was so big I decided to name him Chubb Chubb.

He was really beautiful, white with black spots and big beady yellow eyes. He looked at me as if he could shoot lasers out of his eyes at any minute. I think he was as shocked to see me as I was to see him.

Delphine, 12
And now what you have all been wading for - Great Blue Herons!

Kids in the Creek Crafts

Wade into one of these activities with the kiddos and share their masterpieces with CHLP for a chance to win a $10 giftcard!

1. Pick one of these activities:
2. Email pictures of entries to CHLP by midnight July 7 to be entered in the drawing. (
3. Please include your child(ren)'s first name(s) with their corresponding entry.
4. View entries on our Instagram or Facebook pages - be sure to "like" your favorites!
5. CHLP will contact winners via email.
**By entering, you agree to entries being shared on CHLP social media with your child's first name**

Is that a new bird statue in the pond?

Nope, it just moved! If it’s a big, blue-grey bird with a long yellow/orange bill, long legs, and a black stripe over its eyes, it’s a Great Blue Heron! These majestic fishers are common summer visitors to the ponds, streams and wetland areas in Cherry Hills (as I’m sure you know if you’re a backyard goldfish enthusiast). You might miss them if you aren’t looking carefully – they can stand perfectly still while waiting for the perfect chance to strike at a fish or frog. In flight their slow wingbeats, s-curve neck, and long legs trailing behind make them look like they just flew out of a painting. If you see one of these impressive fish-stalkers, try and see if you can stay as still for as long as they do!


Some fun Great Blue Heron facts:

Scientific name: Ardea herodias

They are the largest heron species in North America, standing around 4 feet tall on average

Despite their size, these herons only weigh about 5 pounds (hollow bones really help on the scales, huh?)

They are found from the southern coast of Alaska through southern Mexico and the Caribbean 

Populations east of the Rockies and north of roughly I-70 are migratory, but those on the Pacific side of the Rockies and south of I-70 are found year-round

They mostly forage in streams, ponds, and wetlands, but have also been known to forage in agricultural fields and eat fish, amphibians, and small mammals and birds

There are three forms of this heron species: 

  1. The blue-grey form is the most common

  2. An all-white form called the great white heron is found in South Florida, the Caribbean, and the Yucatan Peninsula 

  3. A blue-body, white-head form called Wurdemann’s herons is found in Florida where the blue and white forms overlap

For more information on Great Blue Herons check out these websites:

Book Suggestions for Parents

Henry the Impatient Heron

Henry the Heron couldn't stand still He was always moving, and it drove everyone crazy His brother and sister yelled at him for stepping on their heads, and Mom and Dad could barely get food into his little baby mouth. But herons have to stand still to catch their food, so how would Henry ever be able to eat on his own? 

Find Henry the Impatient Heron at Tattered Cover or The Bookies!

How to Raise a Wild Child:
The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature

We love the focus on playing and exploring nature as a key piece of childhood, taking risks, learning through experience, and testing ideas. 

Check out the author Scott Sampson's TedTalk How to Raise a Wild Child and find the book on Amazon here!

Upcoming Event Dates


June 15

Our popular Cherry Hills Land Preserve Field Guide will be published on our website for you to download and begin summer adventures with your kids!  Find it at

July 18・9:00 am-10:00 am

Creeks and Critters 

Cherry Hills Land Preserve and Denver Audubon are teaming up to present a hands-on discovery of Little Dry Creek at Woodie Hollow Park in Cherry Hills Village. The event will run from 9 AM to 11 AM.  Kids of all ages are invited to put on their water shoes, lather up on sunscreen, and pack drinking water for a morning of outdoor water play and education. Learn about the animals and habitats that Little Dry Creek has to offer.

Spots are filling up for this popular event.  Reserve your spots now!

August 5・9:30 am- 10:30 am

Building Homes, Building Habitats:
Bird-friendly Gardens for Kids (Webinar) 

Connecting with nature in your own backyard is a powerful tool to help children relieve stress and create joy, all while helping our feathered friends!  Learn about food, water, shelter, and space options that can welcome birds into a backyard sanctuary created by your family. 


Beekeeping 101 - Date to be announced

Chickens 101- Date to be announced

Stargazing - Date to be announced

Contact to reserve a spot in these programs.  We are doing the onsite programs under the Tri-County Health Guidelines, so our on-site classes are smaller to accommodate the Covid-19 guidelines.  Reserve your spot early!
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