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A Note From One of Our Kids in the Creek!

Last month was our Creeks and Critters event and it was a hit!  CHLP was at Little Dry Creek with Kate from Audubon and several of our crawdad hunters!  We learned all about the creek habitat and why it is so important to us and why we should take care of it.  Thank you to everyone who enjoyed us for a day of fun in the creek!

"Crawdad fishing with the Cherry Hills Land Preserve was sooooo much fun.  I probably caught about twenty crawdads.  I let all the little kids look in my bucket before I set the crawdads free.  I even taught some of the kids how to catch crawdads.  You know you have to move fast and grab them behind their pinchers!" 
-August, 7 

Meet the Locals

"The early bird gets the worm!" What bird comes to mind when you hear this saying? We think of robins. Read more below to learn about this month's Kids in the Creek Local creature feature: the American Robin! 

Kids in the Creek Crafts

Do one of these activities and share your masterpiece with CHLP for a chance to win a $10 giftcard!

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Facts About the Original Worm-Catching Early Bird!

You all know them. You all love them. The quintessential early bird, American Robins are as common in our yards as mosquitoes are in ponds. Robins are often heralded as the first sign of spring, but they actually are here all year round. In the winter they tend to be more in trees and in small groups so they’re just a little bit less easily found than when they’re hopping around your lawn looking for worms. Robins are so common and popular that they’re practically pop stars.
Have you ever had a robin’s nest in your yard? If you have, have you ever looked inside for eggs? Robins’ eggs are a very pretty light blue color; so pretty that there’s a whole shade of blue named after their eggs: Robin’s egg blue. The next time you’re getting crayons or colored pencils, see if you can find one in that color! Then you can draw your own robins with their eggs!

Have you ever heard the saying about the early bird and the worm (the one your parents say when you sleep in)? That saying is about robins! They’re always up early looking for worms (their favorite treat) in lawns and grassy areas before the worms dig deep to hide for the day. Robins have sayings about their behavior and colors named after their eggs because they are everywhere in North America. They are found year-round in every state except Alaska and Hawaii and seasonally are found from Mexico all the way past the Arctic Circle!

The next time you see a robin, remember that your backyard is probably their home for the whole year and they really appreciate that bird feeder on your porch.

Some Robin facts:

  • While robins eat worms in the morning, they usually transition to fruit as the day gets later and warmer
  • Robins can have up to 3 sets of eggs every year
  • Robins especially prefer berries and will eat them year-round
  • Wintertime flocks can be huge, up to a quarter of a million birds!
For even more Robin fun, check out the American Robin Field Guide from The Audubon Society and hear their cheery song at All About Birds!


Book Suggestions for Parents

A fascinating opportunity for children to learn how to attract birds to their own backyards. Bird Watching for Kids is filled with entertaining and fulfilling projects that allow children to interact with nature while learning about the needs and behaviors of wild birds.
Find this book here

CHLP Events You Don't Want to Miss!

August 27
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Summer Stargazing 

Join Cherry Hills Land Preserve and Kent's Mr. Gaffney at Quincy Farm for a mid-summer evening under the beautiful Colorado night sky! Observe and learn about the many stars in our solar system and beyond. Mr. Gaffney has an amazing telescope that will give you a different look at our Colorado skies.  Don't forget to bring blankets, jackets, masks and bug repellent!  Bring a headlamp or flashlight with a “red light” setting if you have one. Sign up today - limited spots available


If you can't make the stargazing night, download SkyView®, a fun app to see where the stars are at any time of the day!

Point your phone at the sky and it will point out the stars, planets, constellations and even the Hubble Spacecraft.  When you click on a star it will tell you the name and how many light-years away it is.  

If you point it at the ground it will show you what is happening on the other side of the earth!  Day or night, this app is a fascinating way to view our galaxy!
Apple App Store
Google Play

August 30
7:30 am - 9:00 am

Family Bird Walk 

Join the Cherry Hills Land Preserve and Denver Audubon go birding at Quincy Farm! The Bird Walk will be a great opportunity to look for the nest hosting the great horned owls that call the area home. We will also learn about the variety of birds that live and migrate through the area. 


We are doing the onsite programs under the Tri-County Health Guidelines, so our on-site classes are smaller to accommodate Covid-19 guidelines. Reserve your spot early!

The 2020 Kids in the Creek Field Guide is here! 

Have you gotten this year's new Field Guide yet? Click on Read More below to download and print a copy or pick up your copy at Cherry Hills Village City Hall! 
CHLP has a special offer to get you and the kids out to use the Field Guide:
  • Complete the Village Trail and 5 other trails
  • Mark the trails off in your field guide
  • Take a picture of you with your field guide & the completed trails 
  • Send the picture to us (  
  • Get a Cherry Hills Land Preserve Trail t-shirt!
Read More
A special thank you to Janet Kritzer and The Village Club in the creation of this year's Field Guide!
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