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Lessons from Quincy Farm

Never have we been in times like these, where there is a pandemic and social and economic upheaval. It is good to remind us of our core value that we are all here for each other.  Cat Anderson lived this value.

Every year, Cat, who gifted our community with Quincy Farm, would have students come to the farm to retrieve cartons of multi-colored eggs from the chicken coop. After they gathered the white, brown, green and speckled eggs, she would have them break a few of the eggs because “even though they have different shells, they are all the same color on the inside”. She shared this story over the years with hundreds of students that visited the farm.

CHLP will be hosting our annual stargazing event with Mr. Gaffney at Quincy Farm, which is one of the few dark spaces left in Cherry Hills Village. To sign up, RSVP below via our events page! 

If you would like to see more updates on Quincy Farm, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you for stargazing!

Cherry Hills Land Preserve


Creeks and Critters

Last Saturday, 25 kids and parents had a blast exploring and learning about Little Dry Creek and local wildlife with CHLP and Denver Audubon! Kate from Denver Audubon shared why riparian areas are critical for us to protect to keep them safe and healthy for wildlife, as well as our own drinking water, and encouraged kids to think about ways to help protect them by picking up trash, preserving high grass along creeks, and making sure wildlife have ribbons of green habitat.
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Did you know?

  • An aluminum can takes 80-120 years to disappear.
  • A glass bottle takes almost a million years 
  • A plastic bottle NEVER disappears – it becomes microplastic that we find in rivers and oceans harming fish, birds, and mammals like people. 

CHLP Upcoming Dates

July 31
9:00 pm

Summer Stargazing 

Join Cherry Hills Land Preserve at Quincy Farm for a mid-summer evening under the beautiful Colorado night sky! Observe and learn about the many stars in our solar system and beyond. Don't forget to bring blankets, jackets, masks and bug repellent!  Bring a headlamp or flashlight with a “red light” setting if you have one.  We have 8 spots left for this amazing night.  Sign up today!


August 5
9:30 am- 10:30 am

Building Homes, Building Habitats:
Bird-friendly Gardens for Kids (Webinar) 

Connecting with nature in your own backyard is a powerful tool to help children relieve stress and create joy, all while helping our feathered friends!  Learn about food, water, shelter, and space options that can welcome birds into a backyard sanctuary created by your family. 


August 11
4:00 pm

Hummingbird Doodle (Webinar)

You may not be able to catch a hummingbird, but you can learn how to draw one!  


August 30
9:00 am- 11:00 am

Family Bird Walk 

Join the Cherry Hills Land Preserve and Denver Audubon as we tour the Cherry Hills Village trails. The Bird Walk will be a great opportunity to look for the nest hosting the great horned owls that call the area home. We will also learn about the variety of birds that live and migrate through the area. 


We are doing the onsite programs under the Tri-County Health Guidelines, so our on-site classes are smaller to accommodate Covid-19 guidelines. Reserve your spot early!

Meet the Locals

Cottonwood Trees

Have you gone for a walk on the Highline recently and noticed how big some of the cottonwoods are? These trees are thought to get to be about six feet across! Even though they get pretty big, cottonwoods don’t live very long (for a tree). They rarely live far past 100, although there are records of some living over 200 years. 
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The stars of the Colorado fish world are trout. There are several species commonly found here, and they are usually fairly easy to tell apart: rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, brook trout, and cutthroat trout. All trout are cousins of salmon, so they look very similar and have that torpedo shape; like something you’d have fun chasing in a swimming pool.
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The 2020 Kids in the Creek Field Guide is here! 

CHLP is happy to bring you all this year's new Field Guide. Click on Read More below to download and print a copy or pick up your copy at Cherry Hills Village CIty Hall! 
To celebrate the release, CHLP has a special offer for you:
  • Complete the Village Trail and 5 other trails
  • Mark the trails off in your field guide
  • Take a picture of you with your field guide & the completed trails 
  • Send the picture to us (  
  • Get a Cherry Hills Land Preserve Trail t-shirt!
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A special thank you to Janet Kritzer and The Village Club in the creation of this year's Field Guide!

Hey Big Kids! Do you Love Nature & Wildlife conservation?  Check out these cool links: 
The Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science Blog 
Tasty Treats for your Feathered Friends
When you are making breakfast for yourself, set aside some of the bacon fat to make a tasty treat for your backyard friends.  Here is a quick recipe that they will love! 

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