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Volume 9 - Issue 9  - Oct 2019

Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the October newsletter from Being Well in Suffolk.

This month we invite you to think about how you filter what goes into your brain, and the impact that input has on your mood and your motivation.

We’d love to hear about any changes you make.

Charlie, Martin, Phil, Steve and Sue

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In The Mood
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In The Mood

Every moment of our day we are taking in information through our senses. It allows us to make sense of our world, which then influences how we feel and what we expect. If you are like me, living a busy life (writes Charlie), you may not always be aware of what is influencing you.

Sometimes the input is outside our control, but more often than we think we can actually choose what is taken in. Every sensation has emotion attached, and the way we respond to that is something within our control.

For example, when I’m driving home from delivering training  and my mind is full, I may automatically turn on the radio with no awareness of the impact. Then my brain has to process more new information from the radio, adding to everything that’s already filled it up. Far better to drive in silence, just taking in the world around and allowing precious time to reflect and assimilate all the stimuli already received from the day so far.

We often know in theory what is best for us, but when living our busy lives stay instead on autopilot or short-cut to distractions. Becoming more consciously involved with influencing the input of our lives makes a big difference to our wellbeing.

So what can you do to begin making a difference in your own life? One idea is to come along to this month’s Life Lounge, where Charlie and special guests will invite us to explore how we can influence all our five senses to calm and motivate.

Meanwhile, do remember to make some healthy and nourishing choices about what goes into your brain.

News and Events

Small Steps to Big Changes
Our renowned foundation course in coaching skills begins Mon 7 Oct. As our graduates discover, learning to coach can dramatically improve your life and work. There’s still just time to join us:
2nd Thurs each month 7.00pm at Quay Place Ipswich. On Thurs 10 Oct it’s about How to Improve Your Mood and Motivation by learning to use your senses to make your experience more  pleasurable. Do come along for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. Book your place at The Life Lounge
E GYM - The Listening Circle
Drop into the E.Gym at Quay Place Ipswich at 6.30pm for some Emotional keep-fit. Next event Weds 9 Oct  and on Meetup  or contact Sue.

Inspiring Quotes

 "People complain motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does a shower. That’s why I recommend both every day."  - Zig Ziglar
“Do whatever work feeds your true self, even if it’s not a safe bet, even if it’s like a crazy risk, even if everyone in your life tells you you’re wrong or bad or crazy.” – Martha Beck
“The amount of energy at your disposal is in direct proportion to your desire to do what it is coming up next.” - Richard Jackson MBE
“Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent. We cannot nurture others from a dry well. We need to take care of our own needs first, and then we can give from our surplus, our abundance.” - Jennifer Louden


And Finally ...

Cravings are going to occur to you. So here's the rule of thumb about eating, or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else: If the impulse comes from a joyous thought that feels good, follow it. If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad, don't follow it.

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