LF&M #18 – An update full of excitement and gratitude.
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Standing tall, in good company


I'm writing this in beautiful downtown Santa Rosa, CA, where I'm waiting for Kristin to finish her longest cycling workout (56 miles!) of our vacation-slash-training-camp getaway at an incredibly cute Airbnb outside Occidental. (Wish her luck on July 27!)

During Kristin's swim+ride yesterday (as I write this), I hiked about ten miles in Armstrong Redwoods State Nature Reserve, and I thought a lot along the way of how much has happened in the couple of months since my last "monthly" newsletter:

  • I presented on my pilot study and launched the podcast mini-series I now know will comprise part of my dissertation project;
  • my collaborator Stacy Williams-Duncan and I received word of the acceptance of our paper "Faith leaders developing digital literacies: Demands and resources across career stages according to theological educators" in Journal of Media Literacy Education;
  • I celebrated Holy Week and Easter with my new home parish, the inimitable St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, and the parish I'm currently serving on long-term supply, Trinity+St. Peter's Episcopal Church;
  • I designed, and our class is currently wrapping up, a course on Missional Practices and/for Beloved Community at Church Divinity School of the Pacific;
  • I edited and co-produced the first season of a podcast soon to be released by The Episcopal Church, featuring Presiding Bishop Michael Curry;
  • I completed the Reimagining Education program's second online professional development course, "Anti-Racist Curriculum, Pedagogy, Leadership, and Policy," with Teachers College classmates and working educators across the country; and, last and VERY EXCITINGLY,
  • I successfully defended my dissertation proposal, "Making Meaning Making Media in a Multiply-Storied, Faith-Adjacent Community."
The advice I got from my dissertation committee was to brag a little more, which doesn't necessarily come very naturally to me. But I gotta say, I am proud of the work my collaborators, my classmates, my students, and I have done over the past couple months. I hope some of it has made a difference for some of you, or will soon.

More importantly, I am grateful. Your interest in this newsletter, and the contributions many of you give via Patreon, help make a lot of this work possible. It has sustained me during a pretty grueling and sometimes pretty lonely semester. 

I do hope to get back to more regular media making for Creative Commons Prayer as the courses I'm teaching and taking wrap up in the coming weeks. At the top of my list are crowdsourced playlists to accompany the Way of Love practices (Go! is almost ready, but I continue to welcome your input), and a Baptism & Confirmation expansion pack for Holy Eucharist Illuminated.

In the meantime, know that the Patrons-only Creative Commons Prayer Slack channel runneth over with resource finds and recommendations shared in real time—more than 50 since the last issue of Learning, Faith, & Media hit your inboxes. I plan to be a more faithful correspondent in the summer months, but you'll hear from me most often if you hop on board there.

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Resources: Helpful finds and quick takes

Courageous & Just
Courageous & Just: Great conversation for helping white folks understand what whiteness is. Really enjoying getting to know Austin Channing Brown as a thinker—and Kelly Brown Douglas as an interviewer. Watch video ...
For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood

—and for the rest of us too

Highest possible recommendation for For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood ... and the Rest of Y'all Too. The title's second half is right—this book has already changed how I theorize race and culture and practice inclusion in my teaching and ministry. Also, there's an audiobook, and it's awesome.

Learn more ...

Roving listener

Listening for, and facilitating, resurrection

An older article about an approach to being church whose time has more than come. In short, it's about partnership, not charity. Hat tip: Casper ter Kuile.

Read more ...

Participating in God's Mission

Participation and mission

I've assigned some chapters from Participating in God's Mission and find the framing ideas really helpful. I think we have a lot to ponder about the intersection between baptismal ecclesiology and participatory culture. Pairs nicely with Leading Congregations and Nonprofits in a Connected World, which I reviewed a couple years ago for ATR.

Learn more ...

Beyond TIC

Recasting Trauma-Informed Care

Another item from the agency and engagement department. This is a great summary of where we've been and a look at what's next.
Read more ...


The secularization thesis argues that as institutional religion plays a diminishing role in everyday life, religion in general will also begin to be marginalized ... However, scholars within digital religion studies have generally found that claim to be questionable, as the Internet has given rise to increased individual and communal expressions of spirituality and religiosity within the digital context  ... 

This has pushed scholars to consider instead a turn toward postsecular mindsets in a digital age. Postsecularism asserts people recognize the moral failings of modern society and science, and this has led to a resurgence of religion in the public sphere, in new forms, where certain religious groups seek to assert their influence alongside new postmodern spiritual sensibilities.
Heidi A. Campbell & Giulia Evolvi
Contextualizing current digital religion research

I don't usually pass along journal articles here—unless they were written by me. ;) But I always try to catch new Heidi Campbell articles, and this one is a great overview of an important and interesting field. Plus, it's currently free to access, so download today if you're interested!

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If You're Interested: Recent work

It's more or less official, y'all – part of my dissertation
will be this podcast mini-series. Episode 2 coming soon!

Way of Love
  • Trailer (Season 1 launches June 9)
Media & Social Change Podcast / PODFEST 2019
From the Creative Commons Prayer archives
For Ethnography Forum
For Theopoetics 2019
From the pulpit

Calendar: Where's Kyle?

Always grateful to be back in the Midwest—and to be 
partnering with the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

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