10 April 2020

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Spring has arrived just when we needed it - more time on our hands means we can appreciate the beautiful blue skies and sunshine as we head into the Easter weekend.

Welcome to the Land of Oak & Iron Newsletter

The natural world around us is awakening and carrying on as normal, whilst typing this I am watching the blue tits taking nesting material into their box in the garden - make the most of spring and discover birds, bees and butterflies while relaxing in your garden or out on your daily exercise.

With needing to stay closer to home, why not make an Easter egg trail around your garden or home to keep younger family members busy.  Durham Wildlife Trust also have some great ideas too, read on to find out more.

If you're spending time indoors, relax with a cuppa and take a look at our latest news or read about past projects and developments in our Forging Ahead newsletter archive - its amazing how much has happened since the project began.
Land of Oak & Iron
The Muggleswick Gate

On a spring day last April, volunteers from the Land of Oak & Iron woodland team made their way to the wilds of Muggleswick - why you might ask?  Well, they were there because Durham County Council had asked if they would like to help work on a project to replace some stiles and gates to improve access on a footpath at the far western edge of the project area.
The volunteers spent the first few days building stile kits and then walking the materials across fields and uphill to where the kits would be installed.  Once the materials had been moved to the location, the timber was treated with preservative.

The location was truly inspiring - tea and lunch breaks seemed to take longer than usual as the team took in the stunning scenery around them.  On one occasion, the weather was so warm, the team's supply of Penguin biscuits melted!

Find out how the project progressed
Wild@Home - Durham Wildlife Trust 

Land of Oak & Iron partners and friends at Durham Wildlife Trust are running some great activities you can do at home - helping to keep minds of all ages active and busy.

Every Monday there is a new activity pack including species spotting sheets and tasks you can complete around the home and garden, plus links to online surveys that you can record any interesting nature and wildlife you find.

We particularly liked making the mini nature reserve in week 1 and this week's recipe for chocolate Easter nests - yum!  You can catch up with previous week's activities by clicking the links at the bottom of their webpage.

To take part, simply visit Durham Wildlife Trust Wild@Home you can also share your results on their social media pages.  We would love to see your results too, so please tag @LandofOakandIron

And to finish - just a few of the photographs from our collection to remind us of the beautiful Land of Oak & Iron and some of the special activities we have shared together as a community.

If you have any photographs that you would like to share, please tag us on our social media pages @LandofOakandIron
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