Last days Early Bird for May Closing the Bones Training on the Isle of Portland / 20% OFF on all Portland CtB Trainings next 48 hours / Classes & Treatments Restart 20 March / Webshop Reopening 17/3 / NEW free yoga class starting 29/3 / Pashminas from Kashmir for Sale.

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March Newsletter

Dear all, 

I'm writing this newsletter from India, where we're in the last days of our stay. It's been a very blessed trip - so much so that we are seriously talking about moving here in the coming years. Equally challenging as exciting to think and talk about! 

So I'm going to keep this particular newsletter quite brief, as I have a lot to do still in these last days. I'm mainly sending this to inform you all that:

- the early bird discount for the May Closing the Bones training on the Isle of Portland (Dorset, UK) ends on 15/3 - so you can save yourself some money by registering before that date.
- I ran a 20% discount offer on my Dorset-based CtB trainings for International Women's Day, which I'll exclusively open for another 48 hours after sending this newsletter! 
- all yoga classes will restart from 20/3 onwards, with a new free yoga class at Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji starting on 29/3 too.
- the webshop will already reopen on 17/3, so that I can send orders out from 20/3 again.
- I have sourced some beautiful Cashmere pashminas here in India which are available at the moment only via IG and FB enquiries, but any remaining ones will go on the webshop once I'm back home.
- there are some Neal's Yard Offers currently on.
Weekly Yoga Class Schedule

From 20 March onwards I will restart the 4 weekly Zoom yoga & meditation classes -- 2 90min classes (Monday 7-8.30pm and Wednesday 10.30am-12pm - UK time) & 2 45min classes (Thursday 12-12.45pm & meditation class Fridays 5.15-6pm) - alongside our Friday in-person 10.30-12pm class. 

There are currently 3 spaces left for the next 4 classes of the Friday in-person class (we work per series of 4).

I will be starting a NEW in-person class at the Hari Singh Nalwa Academy at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Sahib in Leicester
(106 East Park Road, LE5 4QB) starting 29 March, every Wednesday 7-8pm. This class is provided FREE of charge by virtue of Sport England / Active Together programme funding, and is open to any females, irrespective their cultural or faith background (for any non-Sikhs, you can just contact me to learn a bit more about the - not very onerous - Gurdwara Sahib protocols re: covering the head, taking off shoes, etc.) . 

All info re: prices for all classes can be found on
In spite of a 2-figure inflation rate, I have kept the prices for the Zoom group classes the same for over 2 years now - and I will do so for as long as I can...

The Zoom classes are still ideal to join us on from anywhere around the world, from your holiday location, your home, ... and to be able to practice in your own pace. Never recorded, and always in small groups so you have my full attention and don't get lost somewhere in a big Zoom audience...

Closing the Bones Trainings UK + 20% OFF training fee for next 48 hours on the Isle of Portland trainings!!

We have 4 Closing the Bones trainings coming up in the UK -- and the Early Bird Discount for the 11-14 May one on the Isle of Portland is ending in just 3 days on 15 March!! 

The Early Bird for the 1-7 July training on the Isle of Portland (off of Weymouth) in Dorset will end just a month later on 15 April... 

For International Women's Day I ran a 48-hour offer of a full 20% off on the training fees for ALL Portland-based trainings, which I'll offer to you all in this newsletter too for 48 hours. So that even increases the early bird discount on the May training!

As the registration price also includes lunch (not-discounted) each day - on some days of the 7-day training this can be dinner instead - the fees now come to:

- just £520 instead of £625 for the two 30-hour trainings of 11-14 May and 21-24 September.

- just £700 instead of £840 for the 1-7 July 40-hour training / retreat-week (this week includes 10 hours of extra teachings and ceremonial time, plus several half days off to allow you to go into your own deeper processes while hiking this stunning island, swimming in its coves, ...

The 50% deposit needs to be paid within the 48-hour time frame to enjoy this discount!

* I'm offering the 30-hour (4-day) training 3 times this year:

- Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 April in Hermitage Farm, Ipstones Bank, Froghall Road, Staffordshire, ST10 2HQ (this is near Stoke-on-Trent, on a farm, with accommodation available in self-catering cottages).
6 of the 10 available spaces left.

- Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 May on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
Early bird until 15/03 - 7 spaces left, incl. 2 bedrooms available in the venue.

- Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 September, again on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
Early bird until 15/06 - 8 spaces left, incl. 2 bedrooms available in the venue.

** And I'm offering the 40-hour (7-day) training once this year 

THIS training includes the Rebozo Sifting / Massage Work for the Entire Body, Oil-Massage Work, Rebozo-Wrapping & Self-Massage Module from the 30-hour Training PLUS OFFERS Further Rebozo Techniques not Taught in Shorter Versions of the Training, Group Closing Ceremonies for Each Trainee, Yoga & Gong Bath and more

Saturday 1 - Friday 7 July on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
Early bird until 15/04 - 8 spaces left, incl. 2 bedrooms available in the venue.

I'm incredibly looking forward to being in these sacred spaces with you! 🙏 
All info can be found on

I also run a Whatsapp Broadcast List to let people know of :
- any new Closing the Bones trainings
- the online offerings of Rebozo self-massage workshops that I've been running since May 2020
- new rebozos coming in into the shop 
- offers and discounts 
Please let me know if you want to be included - this is not a Whatsapp group where you'll get other people's replies as well, Broadcasts just come as a normal message into your Whatsapp, as if I sent you a private message. 

Belgium Closing the Bones Trainings - in DUTCH

Registraties voor de 2 Belgische Closing the Bones trainings deze zomer in het prachtige Schopboshoeve in Putte zijn open, en deze weekends zullen in het Nederlands doorgaan!

De listings voor beide trainingen op mijn website staan in het Engels, maar de pdf-folders (die je kan downloaden door op Alle Info te klikken) zijn in het Nederlands. 

De folders én FB-events bevatten ook heel wat foto's van deze prachtige locatie, met zwemvijver en paarden, mogelijkheid tot kamperen, etc.

* 4-daagse Closing the Bones / Sluitingsritueel / Cerrada Ceremonie Training (30 uur) vrijdag 25 - maandag 28 augustus 

Locatie: Schopboshoeve, Grensstraat 36, 2580 Putte, BELGIUM

Beperkt tot 10 deelnemers! 

* 'Verdiepingsweekend' voor mensen die in het verleden reeds bij mij of bij Sophie Messager getraind hebben -- Vrijdag 1 - zondag 3 september (met mogelijkheid om aparte modules te volgen

Location: Schopboshoeve, Grensstraat 36, 2580 Putte, BELGIUM

Beperkt tot 10 deelnemers op zaterdagvoormiddag en de hele zondag - 12-14 op vrijdag en een 20-tal op zaterdagnammidag

Het volledige programma voor dit Verdiepingsweekend, met info over elk van de modules, staat in de folder.

Folders staan hier op de website.

Pashminas from Kashmir for Sale

At the start of my last week in Punjab I've finally been able to source some beautiful, incredibly soft, handwoven & hand-embroidered pure pashmina shawls - all from the finest Cashmere from the Kashmir Valley - , as I had promised I would bring some to the UK again.
Gorgeous designs and colours, super soft. Extremely high quality, nothing like you find in shops in the West (which are usually mixed)... They are all around 214 x 104 cm.
You actually need to see and touch them to fully appreciate them - which you can come and do at mine in Leicester once I'm back home, if any of them remain - half of the ones I bought in got sold yesterday already after I posted them on IG and FB. 

These can be used as shawls but also as meditation shawls / light blankets for your yoga practice (shavasana) !

All shawls have been folder in half for the pictures - I have many more pictures of each one on my IG and FB accounts.

The prices for these have more-than-doubled here since I last purchased from my same sources in 2017-2018, but I'm heavily cutting my own profit on them to be able to offer them at affordable prices.
Email me for price details.
I can take 1 more trip this week to my seller, if any more are needed... 


Webshop for Malas & Rebozos Reopens 17/3

From Friday 17/3 onwards, you'll be able to order Rebozos, Fajas and Malas again via the webshop - I will be able to post out from Monday 20/3 onwards.

Do please note that the price of my open weave rebozos and several of my close weave rebozos will have increased at reopening of the webshop - due to the risen exchange rate between Mexican pesos and dollars, the Mexican weavers and cooperatives I work with have had to increase their prices with 15% 6 weeks ago, and all of my new stock has been bought in at those new prices (plus my higher custom taxes on those new prices).

Remember that there are discounts for large packages5% discount for 5 rebozos or more, and 10% discount for 10 rebozos or moreUse coupon codes 5%on5 or 10%on10. Not applicable on sale items.

I also run a Whatsapp Broadcast List to let people know of :
- any new Closing the Bones trainings
- the plans of running a week-long CtB retreat/training (I'm still contemplating the format, but we've noticed there is quite some interest from people who have trained to spend more time together in such a way)
- the online offerings of Rebozo self-massage workshops that I've been running since May 2020
- new rebozos coming in into the shop 
- offers and discounts 
Please let me know if you want to be included - this is not a Whatsapp group where you'll get other people's replies as well, Broadcasts just come as a normal message into your Whatsapp, as if I sent you a private message. 

Neal's Yard Remedies Offers - Webshop Stays OPEN

My Neal's Yard webshop has stayed open while I'm in Punjab, as orders made directly via this webshop are fulfilled on the NYR premises directly rather than from my home shop.

From 20/2 I can still send out any orders myself too.

There has been a new product launch 2 days ago, with some offers linked to it.

New Skincare Category.... 
Skincare Boosters

A collection of multi-purpose, certified-organic boosters crafted to meet your ever-evolving skincare needs and deliver proven, naturally beautiful results.
Each skincare booster is a potent formula of active ingredients that work hard to gently target specific skincare concerns in just a few drops.
Explore the skin-boosting powers of ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C and restorative rosehip oil, each one paired with an additional, benefit-enhancing secondary ingredient.

Which Skincare Booster is right for me?

Concern: Dry or dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles
Solution: Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Booster
The hydrating one. Expertly formulated to target dehydrated skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles, this booster features a bespoke hydration complex with hibiscus extract and hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate, smooth and plump the skin for dewy,
supple skin in a flash. Each bottle contains up to 125 uses.
Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Booster 5491 / £18 / €20.70 / 25ml

Concern: Dullness, uneven skin tone Solution: Vitamin C Brightening Booster
The brightening one. Brighten and restore the appearance of dull skin with this powerful antioxidant Vitamin C Brightening Booster. Featuring a bespoke radiance complex made with the world’s most potent source of vitamin C, Kakadu plum, this powerful Skincare Booster brightens and evens skin tone while the addition of hyaluronic acid improves the penetration of vitamin C and boosts hydration. Each bottle contains up to 125 uses.
Vitamin C Brightening Booster 5490 / £20 / €23 / 25ml

Concern: Dullness, hyperpigmentation Solution: Organic Rosehip Oil
The restoring one. This deeply moisturising and nourishing organic booster enhances radiance and helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation over time. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E to support the skin barrier, and with high concentrations of provitamin A to brighten and nourish, this
all-natural Skincare Booster is highly regenerative, delivering proven results for dull and pigmented skin. Each bottle contains up to 250 uses.
Organic Rosehip Oil 1161 / £20 / €23 / 25ml

You get £5 off when you buy all 3 of them:

Or you can get 10% off a full-size moisturiser, serum or supplement if you buy 1 of the new Skincare boosters (which you can of course multiply if you needed, say, a moisturiser AND supplement, and 2 boosters):


And for World Sleep Day on 17 March, there are 2 bundles with heavy discounts on products to help with sleep:

- Beauty Sleep Collection

- Peaceful Sleep Trio

If you want to stay better updated about offers as soon as they appear, I have a NYR Whatsapp Broadcast group for which you can sign up so you immediately get informed about any newest offers, launches, product info, ... Most people miss the social media posts and thus don't know about news. (A Broadcast list is different from a group - you won't get to see other people's replies in a group, you'll simply receive the message from me as if it was sent privately to you).

Neal's Yard Remedies turned 40 in December 2020, and has been passionate about putting our planet first since it first opened its doors in 1981. Back then, the ethical principles it is founded on were seen as alternative and niche but they couldn’t be more relevant or important in 2022. Those principles still run through everything today at Neal’s Yard Remedies – we use organic ingredients wherever possible, always sustainably and ethically sourced, and we aim to tread lightly on the earth in all we do.

In line with the constant striving to do better for our environment, all paper catalogues have been replaced by online catalogues - which already existed for several years and have always been accessible via the online shop - and now also by a shop app that you can just download onto your phone or tablet via the following QR code which you can just simply scan from the screen you're reading this newsletter on, and install onto your phone. There is a host of extra options for you this way, including saving products into your favourite list, accessing product info, placing orders, contacting me directly, making wish lists, etc. And any new product or range launches are automatically updated to the app.

Where to find us on Social Media?
* My Instagram account is the easiest place to always find all current offers (much easier to find things there than on Facebook). 

* I have a new Instagram account dedicated fully to Closing the Bones & Rebozo-work.

* Shuniya - Yoga, Closing the Bones, Holistic Services & Consultations Facebook page: for class & activity announcements, special discounts, seva opportunities for workshops or retreats, posts on (kundalini) yoga, pregnancy, health, nutrition, ...

* Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Facebook page, blogwebsite page: the places to be for caring for our environment and for all homemade products. On the Facebook page I share lots of posts and information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your use of plastic, use products that are healthy for you AND Mother Earth, how you can make your own products, ... and generally try and help raise awareness on taking care of our Mother Earth and walking lightly on Her.

* Japjeet Kaur NYR Organic Independent Consultant Facebook page, Instagram japjeetkaurnyr & webshop: for information posts & special offers on any Neal's Yard Remedies Organic products.
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