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May Newsletter

Dear all, 

I had hoped to send out this May newsletter before Friday's full moon, but as I'm finding myself between 2 Closing the Bones trainings - one just finished 2 weeks ago in Staffordshire, one to which I'm travelling this week, on my beloved Isle of Portland - it's been manic here to say the least!

I've been not just bathing but swimming in Closing the Bones training- and post-training love and energy for the past 2 weeks -- it was just stunning, the time I got to spend with 6 women in Staffordshire on an amazing farm (check out Hermitage Farm in Froghall, near Stoke-on-Trent, especially if you have kids this will be such a great place to stay).

And my host made a few beautiful Reels about our time there, which not only provide a beautiful window into the trainings, but also into Closing the Bones work. I wanted to share this with all of you - if you have Instagram or Facebook, you can watch them by clicking the relevant links (2 Reels each, on both platforms).
This truly very special time I got to spend - and the many requests from the ladies at the training - have also inspired ideas to run some new (Yoga) Retreats - 4 years after I stopped doing so!! I have ideas for 1 gorgeous Closing the Bones & Yoga Retreat (not a training, and so this will be a program to come and be incredibly deeply nourished, not to become a practitioner), and for 1 7-day Yoga & Rebozo Work retreat which I don't want to share too much about yet, but it would involve a lot of work on the meridian-system, and the program is completely ready in my head!
And I've been pestered to no end by these ladies about doing podcasts! While I don't have any inclination to start setting up my own, I have promised them I will no longer say 'no' when asked to do one :D

You can probably imagine how excited I already am that I'm getting to travel to my next Closing the Bones training on Tuesday, and that on the magical Isle of Portland, where kitty Rosie is awaiting me, together with her human Arianna :) I can't wait for more of this magic -- and I have some very last spaces free for this 11-14 May training, which are offered at 20% discount on the training fee!!

But first I'm going to spend some time tomorrow and Monday with my husband, who is turning 40 on Sunday! I crossed that big birthday  a few years ago myself - we'll see how he handles it :)

Other things you can find in this newsletter are:

- the cut-off date for our decision on the July 7-day Closing the Bones training on the Isle of Portland (Dorset, UK) has been delayed until 12/5, as we currently don't have enough registrations to run it. We hope that will still change this coming week as it's my favourite training program to do it over 7 days and 40 teaching hours!! Early bird price has been prolonged until then too.
- the early bird discount for the 2 Closing the Bones trainings in Belgium is ending 15/5 !! 
- Monday's Bank Holiday yoga class will be on as normal
- Friday's Meditation Class has sadly been taken off the schedule
- Free women's yoga class every Wednesday 7-8pm - not this week though, as I'm in Dorset already.
- £10 off of ALL Pashminas
- £5 off of ALL deluxe Rebozos - and lots of new stock, also new Fajas
- Neal's Yard Offers 
- Full Moon info for the full moon just gone (Kidney meridian)
Yoga News

The weekly group class schedule has been updated - the Friday evening meditation class has unfortunately had to be taken off the schedule, as interest had severely waned and several times I was alone in class - as the days are lengthening and the weather is improving (well, that last one is not very consistent here...) people are making other plans.
This does mean that I can now offer 4-hour Closing the Bones ceremonies on Friday afternoons, for which there have been many requests.

Bank Holiday Mondays don't mean class cancellations - we gather anyway :)

This coming week I'll be teaching the Wednesday am class from the yoga room on the Isle of Portland, next week's Monday class will be taught from there too. And then I will be back home for the further classes.
My training trip to Portland also means that the Wednesday evening in-person class and the Thursday Zoom class this coming week will both be cancelled - I'll be in the midst of my training!

The new Women's only in-person class on Wednesdays 7-8pm at the Hari Singh Nalwa Combat Academy at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Sahib in Leicester (106 East Park Road, LE5 4QB) has seen a fantastic response, with numbers between 35 and 40 students each week - this class will stay on the schedule, will stay free of charge for another while, and will then become donation-based (£1 - £2 suggested donation) in the later part of the year. Nothing to break the bank! 

All info re: prices for all classes can be found on
In spite of a 2-figure inflation rate, I have kept the prices for the Zoom group classes the same for over 2 years now - and I will do so for as long as I can...

The Zoom classes are still ideal to join us on from anywhere around the world, from your holiday location, your home, ... and to be able to practice in your own pace. Never recorded, and always in small groups so you have my full attention and don't get lost somewhere in a big Zoom audience...

Closing the Bones Trainings UK + Up to 40% Discount if you're already a trained practitioner

We now have 3 more Closing the Bones trainings coming up in the UK this year - I AM talking to someone in London about a possible training there in the Winter too, but no certainty on that one yet.

Do note again that the date for the Autumn training on the Isle of Portland changed to Thursday 5 - Sunday 8 October! See schedule below.

So the upcoming 30-hour (4-day) trainings are:

- Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 May on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
4 spaces left - 20% OFF the training fee for late registrations

- Thursday 5 - Sunday 8 October, again on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
Early bird prolonged until 15/07 - 8 spaces left, incl. 2 bedrooms available in the venue.

** And I'm offering the 40-hour (7-day) training once this year 

THIS training includes the Rebozo Sifting / Massage Work for the Entire Body, Oil-Massage Work, Rebozo-Wrapping & Self-Massage Module from the 30-hour Training PLUS OFFERS Further Rebozo Techniques not Taught in Shorter Versions of the Training, Group Closing Ceremonies for Each Trainee, Yoga & Gong Bath and more

Saturday 1 - Friday 7 July on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, DT5 1JE.
Early bird until 12/05 - 7 spaces left, incl. 1 bedroom available in the venue.

IF by 12/5 we don't have enough registrations, we will take this training off the schedule though. We are fervently praying we can run it, as it's such a special format!!

Up to 40% OFF on Closing the Bones trainings if you're already a trained bone closer and want to do the more in-depth trainings of 4 or 7 days, or come for a refresh:

I'm offering big discounts for any of the 4-day trainings (UK ones only - this does not apply for the Belgian training) for people who have already done shorter versions of the training before (either with me, or with Sophie or Maddie) - these extend past the Easter offer!

- If you've done Closing the Bones + Deeper into CtB (so the 2-day training) I am offering you 40% off of the registration fee! (Discount doesn't apply to any meals or optional accommodation) (and if you've done any longer ones - 4- or 7-days - already with me, this of course also applies). 
- If you've done Closing the Bones only (1-day) I'm offering 20% off of the registration fee.
- If you've only done the Postnatal Massage training (table version with Sophie) I'm offering 15% off of the registration fee. 

So if you're in for a refresher, this will hopefully make that easier for you!!

I'm incredibly looking forward to being in these sacred spaces with you! 🙏 
All info can be found on

I also run a Whatsapp Broadcast List to let people know of :
- any new Closing the Bones trainings
- the online offerings of Rebozo self-massage workshops that I've been running since May 2020
- new rebozos coming in into the shop 
- offers and discounts 
Please let me know if you want to be included - this is not a Whatsapp group where you'll get other people's replies as well, Broadcasts just come as a normal message into your Whatsapp, as if I sent you a private message. 

Belgium Closing the Bones Training in DUTCH - Last 10 days of Early Bird Price

Registraties voor de 2 Belgische Closing the Bones trainings deze zomer in het prachtige Schopboshoeve in Putte zijn open, en deze weekends zullen in het Nederlands doorgaan!
De Vroegboekkorting voor beide weekends loopt op 15 mei af, dus als je graag meedoet en je wat geld wil besparen, wil je tegen die datum ingeschreven zijn en het voorschot betaald hebben!

We hebben nu nog slechts 5 plaatsen vrij voor de 4-daagse in augustus!

De listings voor beide trainingen op mijn website staan in het Engels, maar de pdf-folders (die je kan downloaden door op Alle Info te klikken) zijn in het Nederlands. 

De folders én FB-events bevatten ook heel wat foto's van deze prachtige locatie, met zwemvijver en paarden, mogelijkheid tot kamperen, etc.

* 4-daagse Closing the Bones / Sluitingsritueel / Cerrada Ceremonie Training (30 uur) vrijdag 25 - maandag 28 augustus 

Locatie: Schopboshoeve, Grensstraat 36, 2580 Putte, BELGIUM

5 plaatsen beschikbaar

* 'Verdiepingsweekend' voor mensen die in het verleden reeds bij mij of bij Sophie Messager getraind hebben -- Vrijdag 1 - zondag 3 september (met mogelijkheid om aparte modules te volgen

Location: Schopboshoeve, Grensstraat 36, 2580 Putte, BELGIUM

8 plaatsen beschikbaar

Het volledige programma voor dit Verdiepingsweekend, met info over elk van de modules, staat in de folder.

Folders staan hier op de website.

Full Moon 5 May: Scorpio Moon Affecting Kidney Meridian
A day late, but the info on the website might still be very helpful and relevant to have a read through - I didn't have time to send a newsletter earlier, but have been posting about the full moon on my SM last week (and teaching in classes of course!)

£10 off on all Kashmiri Pashminas left

For the Bank Holiday weekend I'm offering £10 OFF of all Pashminas that are left in the shop from my last India trip.


(Many more pictures on the webshop-listing and in the 2 previous newsletters).

New Deluxe Rebozos and Fajas in, and this weekend £5 Off on Deluxe ones

I've had some amazingly beautiful Deluxe Close weaves come in again, and this Bank Holiday weekend I'm offering £5 off of each of them! You can find them on the Rebozo webshop. 

I have ALSO had some beautiful new Faja (Womb/Back Belt) colours come in - a totally new Blue striped one, and a Chestnut & White one which I had once a little while ago in just 2 items.

And have also been speaking with some Mexican weavers I work with, as for a long time I have wanted to get some of these striped close weave Rebozos re-done:

They can make them for me if I order in min. 3 pieces of the same length and same pattern (with choices of 2m, 2.5m or 3m).
So either I'm going to be making my life really difficult now by getting all different preferences and different length requests (in which case I might not go ahead with it at all, or select just a few for choice) or maybe this could actually work out well - we'll see 🙈😜
These are super beautiful and soft rebozos, and my absolute preferred ones to work with myself.
This would be a longer process as they'd be made to order. And they have sent me the following important caveat:
"We want to be super transparent about the expectations on the design - the rebozos might not be 100% equal to the ones in the pictures. Please remember that the whole process of the rebozos is handmade and the color they put on the threads may have a slight variation. The same with the order and the preparation of the threads. That is the beauty of having a handmade system compared to an industrialized production system. Please be aware of this."
Prices would come to £60 for 2m, £70 for 2.5m and £80 for 3m long.
If you're interested, email or DM and tell me which exact one(s) and what length, so I can collate info...
(I might have just given myself a whole lot of extra work, but I do love these and I know several others did too - for years I've been asked about them!)

Remember that there are discounts for large packages5% discount for 5 rebozos or more, and 10% discount for 10 rebozos or moreUse coupon codes 5%on5 or 10%on10. Not applicable on sale items.

I also run a Whatsapp Broadcast List to let people know of :
- any new Closing the Bones trainings
- the plans of running a week-long CtB retreat/training (I'm still contemplating the format, but we've noticed there is quite some interest from people who have trained to spend more time together in such a way)
- the online offerings of Rebozo self-massage workshops that I've been running since May 2020
- new rebozos coming in into the shop 
- offers and discounts 
Please let me know if you want to be included - this is not a Whatsapp group where you'll get other people's replies as well, Broadcasts just come as a normal message into your Whatsapp, as if I sent you a private message. 

Neal's Yard Remedies Offers

I'm giving one of these Award-Winning Travel-Size Frankincense Hydrating Creams away for free with every order of just £25 and over this Bank Holiday weekend! They're worth £16, so you're getting a lovely gift - these are only for orders placed directly with me via email or message, I cannot include them on webshop orders as they get sent out centrally 🎁💙

Further current offers, which can all also be found here on the Offer page
(for all of these you can order directly through the webshop, or DM or email me your orders of course, especially if you like to get some free samples with your orders :) )

A BIG offer again right now, for the Coronation Weekend: £75 worth of products which you can add to any order of £60 or over by simply paying £25 extra.


If you want to stay better updated about offers as soon as they appear, I have a NYR Whatsapp Broadcast group for which you can sign up so you immediately get informed about any newest offers, launches, product info, ... Most people miss the social media posts and thus don't know about news. (A Broadcast list is different from a group - you won't get to see other people's replies in a group, you'll simply receive the message from me as if it was sent privately to you).

Neal's Yard Remedies turned 40 in December 2020, and has been passionate about putting our planet first since it first opened its doors in 1981. Back then, the ethical principles it is founded on were seen as alternative and niche but they couldn’t be more relevant or important in 2022. Those principles still run through everything today at Neal’s Yard Remedies – we use organic ingredients wherever possible, always sustainably and ethically sourced, and we aim to tread lightly on the earth in all we do.

In line with the constant striving to do better for our environment, all paper catalogues have been replaced by online catalogues - which already existed for several years and have always been accessible via the online shop - and now also by a shop app that you can just download onto your phone or tablet via the following QR code which you can just simply scan from the screen you're reading this newsletter on, and install onto your phone. There is a host of extra options for you this way, including saving products into your favourite list, accessing product info, placing orders, contacting me directly, making wish lists, etc. And any new product or range launches are automatically updated to the app.

Where to find us on Social Media?
* My Instagram account is the easiest place to always find all current offers (much easier to find things there than on Facebook). 

* I have a new Instagram account dedicated fully to Closing the Bones & Rebozo-work.

* Shuniya - Yoga, Closing the Bones, Holistic Services & Consultations Facebook page: for class & activity announcements, special discounts, seva opportunities for workshops or retreats, posts on (kundalini) yoga, pregnancy, health, nutrition, ...

* Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Facebook page, blogwebsite page: the places to be for caring for our environment and for all homemade products. On the Facebook page I share lots of posts and information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your use of plastic, use products that are healthy for you AND Mother Earth, how you can make your own products, ... and generally try and help raise awareness on taking care of our Mother Earth and walking lightly on Her.

* Japjeet Kaur NYR Organic Independent Consultant Facebook page, Instagram japjeetkaurnyr & webshop: for information posts & special offers on any Neal's Yard Remedies Organic products.
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