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July Newsletter

Dear all,

Having been able to finally offer an in-person Closing the Bones training again 2 weekends ago here in Leicester was absolutely precious -- and I'm so glad that immediately afterwards we've been able to set 2 more weekends for further Closing the Bones trainings in the UK for the coming months, one down south, one up north!!

For these next trainings we are adding a Friday evening workshop to the weekend program, during which I will teach the Rebozo Self-Massage & Self-Wrapping work that I've been offering in monthly online sessions for over a year. This will be a wonderful addition to ensure you can 'land' in yourself, in the group and in the training, and that you first get to do some of this wonderful work on yourself before you go on to learn how to use it on others.

You will be able to join us on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 August (and yes, that means we're close to the beach!), or in Pudsey, on the outskirts of Leeds, from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 September. For both trainings we can offer some overnight accommodation in the venue (for 2 people each time), and for both trainings we have 8 spaces in total, of which around half are already taken. So don't wait too long to secure your place if you wanted to train!

All info can be found on - click on "Read more" in the listing for the location of your choice. I also have FB-events for both trainings. 

I can't wait to share this uniquely nurturing work with more of you and see you take it back to your communities and serve through it!

And if you wanted to read what Leicester trainees said about this training 2 weeks ago:

"Amazing. This feels like every woman should have access to a bone closer. I feel blessed to find this work and for your beautiful deep, tender teaching Japjeet. [followed the next day by some more over email : ] What a beautiful deep and affirming weekend. I'm in such awe, gratitude and clarity of serving women with what we have been honoured to have learned from you. I have been practicing on my partner and wrapping my hips. He is also in awe of this magical rebozo. You teach in such a beautiful held and feminine way, with so much integrity and truth. I felt my relationship to God strengthen through being around you. I'm so grateful." (Ellie Manners, June 2021 Leicester)
"Wow, still very deeply moved and just wrapped my hips actually. Your beauty shines and gives such confidence and confirmation to this deep inner knowing that we are meant to share and be there for each other!! Gentleness is so powerful. Presence so works. Thank you for such a priceless and powerful experience!! Sisterhood in action. Such inspiration!! Just what I needed! Love you xx" (Devinder Kaur, June 2021 Leicester)
"Thank you Japjeet for a truly beautiful weekend and for sharing your wisdom and passion so we can take this remarkable ceremony into your communities. I really believe that every woman needs to experience Closing of the Bones. I wish I had found it sooner and I will be proud to become a Bone Closer... I hope you realise it's so appreciated and how many people's lives this will touch." (Jackie Searle, June 2021 Leicester)

* Our group yoga classes stay online this Summer - all information is again mentioned below in the section on online Zoom classes. And I'm available over the summer months for all 1-2-1 classes, in-person treatmentsClosing the Bones ceremonies as well as Restorative massages, liver packings, and pure Rebozo massages

* There is currently a big sale on NYR products on my webshop, with offers up to 50% off - see info below.

* Full moon info for 24 July is also already online for you - see below.

* You can still find all malas that are currently ready on the webshop - just search for "Ready to be sent" (put the actual phrase between quotation marks for best results) in the search box, and you will get to see right away what is ready. Any other malas listed would need to be made again first.
You can also always see what is currently available in my Etsy shop, but do note that you'll pay a few pounds more there (due to Etsy's fees):
* As a lot of rebozos were sold during the June Closing the Bones training in Leicester and as I have new Closing the Bones trainings coming up in the next months, I have also again restocked the webshop with new rebozos from Mexico (and there are some more close weaves to come in in different lengths in much brighter colours, lots of yellow and orange!) -- they're all available in the webshop . 

Daily Zoom Yoga Group Classes

Because of both personal reasons and in trying to accommodate existing students' wishes as much as possible, all group classes are going to stay online for the Summer months. That will make it easier also to join classes maybe from your own holiday location should you want to.

The first 3 days of the week we repeat the same kriya & meditation, so you can get to experience a practice much deeper should you want to by repeating it (of course you can just join only once or twice, you don't have to attend all 3 classes - but you can!).
* Monday 7-8.30pm
* Tuesday 7-8.30pm
* Wednesday 10.30am-12pm

And then we have the 2 shorter (45 minute) classes (open to pregnant women as well!):
* Thursdays 12-12.45pm: lunchtime yoga
* Fridays 5.15-6pm: weekly meditation class

--- these are the UK (GMT) times, add 1 hour for e.g. Belgium, the Netherlands, France, ...

You can always check this again on the Class Schedule page of my website.

If you like to join us and you're wondering about the payment structure: this can be found on the Prices page and is also explained here again:

For the 90 min. classes on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:

  • Single week: £10
  • Series of 4 consecutive weeks: £35
  • Series of 8 consecutive weeks: £65
  • Concessions: £28 for 4-week series; £55 for 8-week series; £7.50 single week.

For these class fees, you will get access to ALL 3 of these classes on Zoom every week.

Additionally, for the 2 shorter (45 min.) classes on Thursday & Friday, you pay 1 fee but again get to do both these classes if you want. Price is £5 per week for these 2 sessions (or £4.50 concession fee).

You will get all information to log in sent to your email after you've paid via BACS (bank details are in the green box on the Prices page - I can provide Belgian euro-account details for people in Europe or PayPal account details for people elsewhere).

1-2-1 Sessions - In-Person or Online
Big Neal's Yard Sale up to 50% off


There is currently a big sale on on my Neal's Yard webshop - and this link will take you directly to the sale. (You can also just put in a direct order via email of course).
And just for this weekend, the entire Wild Rose Range - including the newly launched products - is included with 20% off of all Wild Rose products (but that offer finishes on Sunday midnight - the rest of the sale will run into next week still).

You might not be aware of this, but I offer free Skincare consultations where we talk about your skin type and how best to take care of it, either through the Neal's Yard Organic Remedies I sell, or through my own homemade skincare products.
Such a chat can be super helpful in discovering what products would work best for you, and I always make several suggestions across the different price ranges, with several options for a cleanser, a toner, an eye product, a treatment product (serum or oil), a moisturiser, as well as exfoliator and mask options, so that you have optimal information to choose from. (And of course you integrate or leave out what you choose).
For Neal's Yard Products you'll get several samples specifically for your skin type to try out, and this way you can really see what works best for you. And many products I have in either smaller travel-size or of course straightaway in full sizes.
My own products also often come in several sizes, so that you can try things first if you like, and they're always made upon ordering, so they haven't been sitting here on the shelf
These consultations can be done in person or over Zoom (samples are then sent out to you), and products can be picked up here or sent out to you.

If you have been thinking of joining us at Neal's Yard Organic Remedies as a consultant, you can always contact me with any questions, or register on I have made a series of videos for new joiners to explain all the ins and outs.

Full Moon Affecting Gallbladder Meridian
The next full moon on Saturday 24 July 2021 will work on the gallbladder meridian.

The gallbladder is the organ where, according to yogic anatomy, our frustrations are stored – its twin organ is the liver, where anger gets stored. The gallbladder's functions include secreting and storing bile, and it affects the spleen and stomach functions. It assists digestion to keep it moving; it also controls the sinews body flexibility and tendon strength.

The Gallbladder rules sleep, as it is associated with deep sleep from 11pm to 1am - insomnia or waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall asleep again may indicate a deficient Gallbladder.

The gallbladder works closely with its twin organ the liver in taking plans and bringing them to realisation. It is also the meridian responsible for choosing between options, good judgment and decision making. What course is right for me to take? It helps us find our direction in life, especially if we find ourselves procrastinating or stuck in indecision. 

The Liver in Chinese Medicine is seen as the General in charge of planning, and the Gallbladder is the liver's right-hand: it uses the Liver's vision to make judgments and important decisions. It transforms Kidney vitality and Liver vision into action.

You can already find all info on this meridian and the effects of the end of July full moon on the blog - all classes in the week prior will focus on the Gallbladder & Gallbladder meridian.
Where to find us on Social Media?
* My Instagram account is the easiest place to always find all current offers (much easier to find things there than on Facebook). 

* Shuniya Kundalini Yoga Facebook page: for class & activity announcements, special discounts, seva opportunities for workshops or retreats, posts on (kundalini) yoga, pregnancy, health, nutrition, ...

* Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Facebook page, blogwebsite page: the places to be for caring for our environment and for all homemade products. On the Facebook page I share lots of posts and information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your use of plastic, use products that are healthy for you AND Mother Earth, how you can make your own products, ... and generally try and help raise awareness on taking care of our Mother Earth and walking lightly on Her.

* Japjeet Kaur NYR Organic Independent Consultant Facebook page, Instagram japjeetkaurnyr & webshop: for information posts & special offers on any Neal's Yard Remedies Organic products.
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