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May-June Newsletter

Dear all,

It's been a few months since my last newsletter (which was sent out in March) -- the past 2 months have been spent teaching several (still mostly online) yoga classes daily and seeing people for beautiful Closing the Bones ceremonies, and a whole lot of health consultations. Last week I did a free talk on "Gut Health as Key to Physical, Mental & Emotional Health" and that's really been the topic on which so many of my consultations have been focussing: gut health, and more in particular auto-immune diseases. Thankfully, more and more people seem to be realising that auto-immune diseases are actually reversible, and are contacting practitioners like myself who focus on this work with clients.

Our group yoga classes are still all online, but The Space to Breathe in Leicester will be opening the doors to its new location in the next months, and it's likely that our Monday evening class would move back to a physical location then. For those of you who have been waiting for in-person classes again, could you get in touch and let me know if a Monday evening 7-8.30pm in-person class in Leicester's city centre (just off St Martin's Square, on Hotel Street) sounds good to you? The other 4 weekly group classes will definitely stay online at this point, as most of the current students prefer online work or don't live in Leicester.

In-person 1:1 classes have restarted, for anyone wanting to book those (although they of course can all be done online going forward as well. 

And of course I'm available for all in-person treatmentsClosing the Bones ceremonies as well as Restorative massages, liver packings, and pure Rebozo massages (I do a lot of massage work purely with rebozos, often for people with injuries, and it's been a fantastic way to help clients where physiotherapy, chiropractor treatment or osteopathy haven't been able to solve the issue. I'm currently working with some clients who had been struggling for years with e.g. hip or leg issues, and it's actually enabled some clients to walk again where previously they couldn't...). 

I am currently also looking for venues to FINALLY teach Closing the Bones trainings again - only in the UK for now, as I have no idea when I'll be able to travel again. If you want to organise a training at yours or near you, you can contact me to see if we can set something up. And if you want to be the first to know about dates and locations, you can of course contact me for that too!

New products, as well as new offers and discounts on skincare products, rebozos, malas, ... still appear constantly on my Instagram account and FB page. 

* Scroll further down to a separate section to see LOTS of NEW discounted OFFERS on NYR products.

* As I've been so busy with my other work, the mala making has slowed down a little, but I do still have some fabulous ones ready to be sent out -- the ones depicted below are currently all available to immediately be sent out.
I have also adapted my webshop, and if you now search for "Ready to be sent" (put the actual phrase between quotation marks for best results) in the search box on the webshop , you will get to see right away what is ready. The rest of the malas listed would all need to be made again first.
You can also always see what is currently available in my Etsy shop, but do note that you'll pay a few pounds more there (due to Etsy's fees):


* I have had new deliveries of beautiful rebozos from Mexico last week, and they're all available in the webshop . I ran a 10% discount on social media last week, but if you missed that, I will extend the offer for another 3 days (until Thursday 27 May) to any recipients of this newsletter. Please use the code 10%offrebozo on your checkout - if you live outside of the UK, please email me and we will arrange it over email as my webshop only takes UK orders. 


Daily Zoom Yoga Group Classes

So, a repeat of what I've been writing in previous newsletters.

I have been teaching daily group yoga classes on Zoom since March 2020.

The first 3 days of the week we repeat the same kriya & meditation, so you get to experience a kriya and meditation much deeper should you want to (of course you can just join only once or twice, you don't have to attend all 3 classes - but you can!).
* Monday 7-8.30pm
* Tuesday 7-8.30pm
* Wednesday mid-morning 10.30am-12pm

And then we have the 2 shorter (45 minute) classes:
* Thursdays 12-12.45pm: lunchtime yoga
* Fridays 5.15-6pm: weekly meditation class

--- these are the UK (GMT) times, add 1 hour for e.g. Belgium, the Netherlands, France, ...

You can always check this again on the Class Schedule page of my website.

So-called "hybrid teaching" (some of you in person in the room, others on Zoom) is something I won't do, as I would personally feel that I'm serving neither group to my best capacity if my attention has to be divided between people physically present, and people online. I feel that both media come with totally different needs for teaching, with different ways of holding space and being present to you all. 
England's awful rainy weather is not allowing any outdoor classes for now - sorry. 
(And for a return to in-person indoors group yoga, see at the top of this email).

If you like to join us and you're wondering about the payment structure: this can be found on the Prices page and is also explained here again:

For the 90 minute classes on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, these are the prices:

  • Single week: £10
  • Series of 4 consecutive weeks: £35
  • Series of 8 consecutive weeks: £65
  • Concessions: £28 for 4-week series; £55 for 8-week series; £7.50 single week.

For these prices, you will get access to ALL 3 of these classes on Zoom every week!

Additionally, for the 2 shorter (45 min.) Zoom classes on Thursday & Friday, you pay 1 fee but again get to do both these classes if you want. Price is £5 per week for these 2 sessions (or £4.50 concession fee).

You will get all information to log in sent to your email after you've paid via BACS (bank details are in the green box on the Prices page - I can provide Belgian euro-account details for people in Europe or PayPal account details for people elsewhere).

1-2-1 Sessions - In-Person or Online

All my 1-2-1 work -- yoga classeshealth consultationsconsultations around fertility, pregnancy, birthpre- and postnatal yogaMeditation & Pranayam sessions , and coaching -- is again available in-person, but can all be continued online too. 

Current Offers & New Product Launches Neal's Yard Remedies

You might not be aware of this, but I offer free Skincare consultations where we talk about your skin type and how best to take care of it, either through the Neal's Yard Organic Remedies I sell, or through my own homemade skincare products.
Such a chat can be super helpful in discovering what products would work best for you, and I always make several suggestions across the different price ranges, with several options for a cleanser, a toner, an eye product, a treatment product (serum or oil), a moisturiser, as well as exfoliator and mask options, so that you have optimal information to choose from. (And of course you integrate or leave out what you choose).
For Neal's Yard Products you'll get several samples specifically for your skin type to try out, and this way you can really see what works best for you. And many products I have in either smaller travel-size or of course straightaway in full sizes.
My own products also often come in several sizes, so that you can try things first if you like, and they're always made upon ordering, so they haven't been sitting here on the shelf
These consultations can be done in person or over Zoom (samples are then sent out to you), and products can be picked up here or sent out to you.

There are currently several OFFERS on on my Neal's Yard webshop:

For World Bee Day on 20 May, NYR is offering a free Bee Lovely hand cream (worth £10) with every order of £40 or over (not just on the Bee Lovely range, but on any products purchased).
And for any orders placed with me, I'm also adding some Wildflower Seeds for you to sow in your garden or local park to help the Bees 🏵️🌼🌻🌺🌹🌸🌷

These 3 Trios of Self-Care Wellness Collections are currently on offer at -30% on the individual product price. They now come to just £25 per bundle of: a 200ml shower gel or foaming bath + a 10ml aromatherapy blend + a box of 18 organic tea bags.
🌿Peaceful Nights - PLU A0754
Night Time Herbal Tea x18 Bags
Aromatherapy Blend Night Time 10ml
Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath 200ml
🌿Energising Trio - PLU A0755
Fired Up Herbal Tea x18 Bags
Aromatherapy Blend Meditation 10ml
Geranium & Orange Shower Gel 200ml
(For first orders I can substitute the Meditation blend for a Vitality blend of you like)
🌿Calm and Balance -PLU A0756
Quiet Time Herbal Tea X 18 Bags
Aromatherapy Blend Womens Balance 10ml
Aromatic Shower Gel 200ml
Whilst Stocks Last
Or PM your orders and I'll take care of ordering them.
(This offer can be used in conjunction with the Free Bee Lovely hand cream!)

Limited edition water bottle available for £5 with orders over £50.


We have a lasting and very serious price-drop on the NYRO haircare range (with the promise that the lower prices are not affecting the Trading Fairly suppliers arrangements!).
Our haircare collection has been extended AND they are now all available at the new, lower price of just £7.95 /€9.15 (this used to be £11.50, so that's a big price-drop!!)
0820 Rejuvenating Geranium Shampoo 200ml
0826 Revitalising Orange Flower Shampoo 200ml
0828 Nurturing Rose Shampoo 200ml
0830 Invigorating Seaweed Shampoo 200ml
0832 Nourishing Lavender Shampoo 200ml
0860 Rejuvenating Geranium Conditioner
0866 Revitalising Orange Conditioner 200ml
0868 Nurturing Rose Conditioner 200ml
0870 Invigorating Seaweed Conditioner 200ml
0872 Nourishing Lavender Conditioner 200ml
Furthermore, the Rose Shampoo (1084) and Rose Conditioner (1086) are now ALSO available as 950ml bottles, as are some shower gels, foaming baths, hand washes and baby bath/shampoo! !! (Pumps will be available to purchase in the future, but not currently available)
In the 950ml large-size bottles range we now also offer:
1081 Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath 950ml £51.50
1082 Geranium and Orange Shower Gel 950ml £46.50
1083 Citrus Hand Wash 950ml £40.00
1084 Rose Shampoo 950ml £38.00
1086 Rose Conditioner 950ml £40.00
1087 Baby Bath and Shampoo 950ml £29.00
1088 Aromatic Foaming Bath 950ml £51.50

EXTRA LIST OF CURRENT OFFERS I HAVE ON for customers (only via direct message or email, NOT available on the webshop)

La Vie en Rose 🌹
Wild Rose Body Lotion 100ml & Wild Rose Beauty Balm (aka WRBB) 15g.
Worth £10 and £12 respectively, but instead of £22 it's just 🌹£13.50🌹 for the bundle right now! That's -40% !
Only via DM. Limited number of sets available, so first come first serve.

Foaming Bath Trio of
🛀Geranium & Orange Foaming Bath (£8)
🛀Rose & Pomegranate Foaming Bath (£8)
🛀 Frankincense & Mandarin Foaming Bath (£8)
All in our beautiful blue glass bottles. Just £18.50 for this bundle instead of £24. 1 set available only.
These can come beautifully wrapped too.

A few weeks ago the NYR Sensitive Ranges got greatly reduced in price, perfectly in time for THE season of hay fever and allergies (these are the perfect ranges for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or sensitivities to environmental factors).
I'm offering 1 set at an even further reduced price!!
Only through direct orders - you can find the individual products of our 2 Sensitive ranges are their lowered prices on the webshop though: 
~ Sensitive Soothing Cleansing Milk
~ Sensitive Soothing Moisturiser
~ Sensitive Soothing Serum
With a soothing blend of organic borage (starflower) oil and aloe vera, deeply nourishing cocoa butter, delicate edelweiss flower and liquorice root extracts to hydrate sensitive skin comfortably.
Before price drops this bundle was £77, now on webshop at new full prices £54.50, but I'm offering 1 set of this bundle at a whopping discount, at just 💙£42.50💙 .
And you'll get an organza bag with other samples, including the White Tea Eye Gel to help with seasonal allergies, added on to this...

Spring is an excellent time to start exfoliating more regularly again (in Winter you don't want to do so more than once a week). And so I'm running an offer on the Neal's Yard Exfoliating range.
With the purchase of any Rose Facial Polish (£18), Orange & Honey Scrub (£18), Frankincense Body Polish (£17.50) or Wild Rose Body Polish (£22 -- they are normally same size as the Frankincense one next to it - I've got a gift-box size in this picture) you will get a FREE small Frankincense Facial Oil or a Beauty Sleep Concentrate (worth £9 -- excellent to use after exfoliating the face for deep nourishment) AND a free sample of the Rose Facial Polish or of the Orange & Honey Scrub (sample of one that you're not purchasing the bigger size of, so you can compare).
If you like a coarser, more gritty exfoliator, the Orange & Honey Scrub is definitely the one you'd want. (And I often use it for the entire body even). If you want a very gentle and much more creamy exfoliator, choose the Rose Facial Polish. But you'll get a sample of the other one to feel the difference.
Both Body Polishes are incredibly creamy and luxurious too - one customer recently messaged me saying about the Wild Rose Body Polish: "Thank you SO much for this gorgeous body polish. Every time I use it I feel so grateful towards you -- it's a true me-time moment."

2 Rejuvenating Frankincense Range offers.
1. With purchase of the full-size Hydrating Cream (50g - £30) + Facial Oil (30ml -£32) totalling £62, you get FREE: a mini toner, a mini cleanser and a mini facial mist (worth £10!)
2. 30% off on the set of travel-size products which serves as a fabulous introduction to this range, consisting of: 25g Refining Cream Cleanser (£5.50), 8ml Facial Oil (£8), 25ml Toner (£3), 8ml Facial Mist (£2.50), 25ml Face Mask (£15.50) and 15g Hydrating Cream (£10). Normally totalling £44.50, now just £31.50!

The above offers have to be ordered through email or direct message - they are not as such available on my webshop.

If you have been thinking of joining us at Neal's Yard Organic Remedies as a consultant, you can always contact me with any questions, or register on I have made a series of videos for new joiners to explain all the ins and outs.
We currently have a special "40 Years NYR" joining kit available for just £60, alongside the normal £95 joining kit. Just the products in both these kits alone totals a few hundred pounds worth... Feel free to get in touch, or sign up before the end of the month if you wanted the £60 joining kit.

Full Moon Affecting Pericardium Meridian
Wednesday 26 May will bring us a full moon in Sagittarius which will affect the Pericardium meridian, also known as the meridian of the 'Heart Protector' , 'Heart Helper', 'Spirit Protector' or - very poetically - 'the King's Bodyguard'. 
The pericardium is the protective sheath or sac that surrounds the heart organ. Together with the heart and the blood vessels, the pericardium runs the circulatory system. Energetically its function is to protect the heart from damage and disruption caused by excessive emotions from other organs and/or external sources (think how in English we’d say that our heart is “bursting with joy” or how we experience “heartbreak”). In the Chinese 5 element system, as in the Ayurvedic system, extreme emotional outbursts (both positive and negative) are seen as powerful disruptors of balance and a major cause of disease. Without the pericardium to protect it, the Heart could be gravely injured by every-day emotional commotion. 
A balanced Pericardium meridian allows us to be generous, warm, kind-hearted, loving and compassionate to those around us, and allows us to be able to receive both criticism and love from others.
An imbalanced Pericardium meridian makes us feel unprotected in the heart centre and will cause us to look for other ways to protect the heart (e.g. by rounding off the shoulders, keeping our distance from others, building protective walls around us which are meant to keep others out but only end up making us feel separated and isolated within that fortress we have built).

You can find all info on this meridian and the effects of the upcoming full moon on the blog - and all classes this week will focus on this meridian.
Where to find us on Social Media?
* My Instagram account is the easiest place to always find all current offers (much easier to find things there than on Facebook). 

* Shuniya Kundalini Yoga Facebook page: for class & activity announcements, special discounts, seva opportunities for workshops or retreats, posts on (kundalini) yoga, pregnancy, health, nutrition, ...

* Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Facebook page, blogwebsite page: the places to be for caring for our environment and for all homemade products. On the Facebook page I share lots of posts and information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your use of plastic, use products that are healthy for you AND Mother Earth, how you can make your own products, ... and generally try and help raise awareness on taking care of our Mother Earth and walking lightly on Her.

* Japjeet Kaur NYR Organic Independent Consultant Facebook page, Instagram japjeetkaurnyr & webshop: for information posts & special offers on any Neal's Yard Remedies Organic products.
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