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March Newsletter

Dear all,

Today and tomorrow are the last chances to register for this coming Saturday's Rebozo Women's Circle: 13 March, 10.30am-1pm GMT (UK time): Rebozo Self-Massage & Self-Wrapping Women's Circle : for all info. You can still register and take part!
(I have not set any next dates at this point.) More information below as well...

A Circle of Women.
Woven together as a Rebozo, all of us exploring different stages of this journey from Maiden to Crone.
Holding space for one another as we massage, wrap and hold ourselves, unraveling what needs unraveling without becoming unraveled ourselves...
Creating the safe space of sisterhood so essential for our well-being, and for the exploration of what we are holding onto and what can be let go.
Women who join together to take of layer after layer of their pain, of their stories, of their shame and guilt, their fears, their expectations about themselves and their loved ones.
Women trying to conceive.
Pregnant women.
Women having recently (or longer ago) given birth to their baby and the mother inside them.
Women having miscarried.
Women who have had a hysterectomy and believe they have lost the essence of their womanhood, while in fact 80% of that womb space energy is still present in them.
Women who have experienced loss.
Who have experienced abuse.
Women grieving.
Women finding their feet in a new family.
Women crossing the perimenopause and entering the stage of the Wise Crone that is so undervalued by our society, where women in this stage often feel themselves becoming invisible...
Women yearning to enjoy pain-free periods that can become moments of gorgeous rest in our busy lives.
Women learning tools to help with their IBS.
Women feeling alone and lost and in need of sisters.
Women finding themselves again. Women falling in love with themselves again. Women honoring themselves again.
Women rising up and holding the space for other women to rise up... Women diving deep into their pain, and coming back out on the other side, transformed, empowered, having realized their depth. Women being vulnerable and real among other women.

Did you know that new research is showing that it is likely not adrenaline, but osteocalcin (which is released by the bones of our skeleton) that drives the stress response -- and that it thus makes absolute sense to work on the bones during or after situations that have caused us stress, such as childbirth, a miscarriage, any trauma, a huge change in our circumstances, the current pandemic, loss, ... 

Updates to any expected changes to online vs. in-person classes:

We are now a full year into running all our group classes on Zoom (thanks to Leicester's endless lockdown), and that will definitely still stay this way until at least June, and depending on distancing regulations kept in place, possibly longer than that (I'm also planning to keep some classes online in the longer run for the students who have joined us from outside Leicester).
As I wrote in the last newsletter, it's been more wonderful than I could have imagined to create this online community - with all the restraints that come with it and all the things missed from in-person classes, it's been something I've been intensely grateful for this whole past year, and it's allowed me to come into different ways of teaching (and very different topics to teach about and gear our practice towards) while undoubtedly allowing you as students to come into different ways of practicing. 

All going well, in-person 1:1 classes would however be able to resume from 12 April onwards (if the government doesn't decide otherwise) - those of you who I've been working with online for private classes can then choose to come back to the house-studio if you'd want.

And in-person treatments are still possible this whole time where one's physical or mental health & well-being would require it. This includes Closing the Bones ceremonies as well as Restorative massages, liver packings, and pure Rebozo massages (I do a lot of massage work purely with rebozos, often for people with injuries, and it's been a fantastic way to help clients where physiotherapy, chiropractor treatment or osteopathy haven't been able to solve the issue. I'm currently working with some clients who had been struggling for years with e.g. hip or leg issues, and it's actually enabled several of them to walk again where previously they couldn't...), . These have been absolutely wonderful opportunities. Last Thursday for example I got to a full 4 (!) uninterrupted hours of profound connection in ceremony and service with a client who I had so far only seen on Zoom for 1:1 yoga classes -- and in these times of such limited opportunity for deep in-person connection it was a pure gift. She wrote to me afterwards: "Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful experience. I can't explain how beautiful it was for me and how safe and protected I felt and still feel. And I'm so glad I finally got to see you in person, it made me feel much more connected to you on a deeper layer. I can't believe how much in common we have! [she is a muslim woman from Kuweit] We come from different parts of the world but are so very connected!" These prolonged moments of deep connection are something that all of us really need right now. (And I do love how our Rebozo women circles have managed to create that kind of connection to a great extent as well).
The weekly Sunday afternoon (4.30-5.30pm, GMT) free yoga class especially for Punjabi Sikh sangat (& any non-Punjabi partners/children/family members of course) is still running. This class is specifically for those who feel affected by the Farmers' Protests in India and are looking for ways to support themselves through these highly intense times - contact me for the Zoom logins, and feel free to tell your family and sangat about these sessions. We start and finish each class with Chaupai Sahib da paath and in between we focus on yoga geared towards releasing trauma, anxiety & stress from the kidneys, building the nervous system and regulating the adrenal glands, as well as releasing worry from the spleen, anger from the liver, frustration from the gallbladder -- our organs store emotions, and currently many of us are going through all of them, all day long. These classes are completely suitable for total beginners and all ages, The sessions will be free of charge, but maybe you could donate something towards on-the-ground support for the Kisaans via any of the charities or organisations that are active there. 

New products, as well as new offers and discounts on skincare products, rebozos, malas, ... still appear constantly on my Instagram account and FB page. 

* Scroll down to see several NEW PRODUCT launches & LOTS of NEW discounted OFFERS on NYR sets for Mother's Day (which is this Sunday in the UK) - many of these offers are 1 set only and they are only available through direct messaging me / emailing me, not on the webshop.

* I have stayed pretty busy making lots of new malas over the past month, and the ones depicted are currently available to immediately be sent out (apart from the Rudraksha & Rhodonite mala, that one got sold as a Mother's Day gift). 
I have also been adapting my webshop, and if you now search for "Ready to be sent" (put the actual phrase between quotation marks for best results) in the search box on the webshop , you will get to see right away what is ready. The rest of the malas listed would all need to be made again first.
You can also always see what is currently available in my Etsy shop, but do note that you'll pay a few pounds more there (due to Etsy's fees):

Several other creations were made in the past weeks as well but got sold straightaway - Mother's Day in the UK is going to see several mums receiving a meditation mala! :) 


* I still have some really beautiful rebozos in the webshop . Here are just some of them:

March's Rebozo Self-Massage & Self-Wrapping Workshop
* Saturday 13 March, 10.30am-1pm GMT we have a daytime edition of this workshop to allow people who can't do evenings to take part. You can still register and take part! for more info.

We come together in a nurturing circle -- women trying to conceive, pregnant women, women having recently given birth, women recently having miscarried. Women learning how to wrap and massage themselves when they are menstruating to help eliminate period pains. Women learning tools to help with their IBS. Women finding themselves again. Women falling in love with themselves again. Women honouring themselves again. Women rising up and holding the space for other women to rise up... Women diving deep into their pain, and coming back out on the other side. Women being vulnerable and real among other women.

Videos can be on or off, so you will be sharing as much as you are comfortable with.

I will be introducing you to the Rebozo or Manta, a shawl traditionally used in Closing the Bones or Cerrada-ceremonies. Traditionally offered during the postpartum (or to heal a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, loss), Rebozo work as offered in Closing the Bones is also used to support us when menstruating, to mark major transitions in a woman’s life, such as the menarche, marriage, divorce, job or home changes, (peri)menopause, hysterectomy, … , to help with fertility problems, as well as for treatment of anxiety, shock, trauma, PTSD, ADD, autism, or sensory over-stimulation. There is nearly no end to its applications.

If you ask me to name what has changed my life most profoundly in the last 4 years, it's these Rebozos and what they allow me to do for myself and others. The work they allow me to do. The feedback this cloth can give me as soon as I wrap it around myself or someone else...

For me, the humble Rebozo or Manta symbolizes both the fabric and the tight weave of Sisterhood: it provides support, comfort, softness, the feeling of being held, and a chrysalis-like space for the many transformations we as women go through. While being rocked and wrapped in a Rebozo helps a woman to find her own self and center again and seals up any energy leakages, being in a circle of women can do the same thing for us. Now imagine the strength of those 2 combined…

So we will gather online, share (if wished) in a Women's Circle, and nourish ourselves with beautiful Rebozo massage techniques for the entire body from head to feet, with a tender womb-space massage and with Rebozo wrapping on ourselves, holding space for stagnated energy and stuck emotions to be released gently but powerfully.

I’ll show you several ways in which you can massage your entire body with a Rebozo (and even use it for stretches in your yoga practice), teach you to wrap your own head, torso, abdomen and hips, and show you some hands-on massage techniques for the abdomen and hips, helping to release tension from the abdominal fascia as well as adrenaline deposits on the hip bones.

Bring a Rebozo to the session, and some massage oil and a small towel. The cloth you work with should be around 2-2.5m long, and 50-60cm wide. If you would like to work with a Mexican Rebozo but you don't have one, you can purchase them from my webshop and I can parcel them out in time for the workshop. - click further to Rebozos/Mantas. I also have some very last beautiful discounted combos of open and close weaves that are perfect for the work we do in these workshops (and what you can then keep doing at home).
Daily Zoom Yoga classes during this lockdown

So, a repeat of what I've been writing in previous newsletters (we're now a full year into daily online classes...)

The first 3 days of the week we repeat the same kriya & meditation, so you get to experience a kriya and meditation much deeper should you want to (of course you can just join only once!).
* Monday 7-8.30pm
* Tuesday 7-8.30pm
* Wednesday mid-morning 10.30am-12pm

And then we have the 2 shorter (45 minute) classes:
* Thursdays 12-12.45pm: lunchtime class
* Fridays 4.30-5.15pm: weekly meditation class

--- these are the UK (GMT) times, add 1 hour for e.g. Belgium, the Netherlands, France, ...

You can always check this again on the Class Schedule page of my website.

I will be continuing with this schedule at least until June, possibly longer (see above in this newsletter). So-called "hybrid teaching" (some of you in person in the room, others on Zoom) is something I won't do, as I would personally feel that I'm serving neither group to my best capacity if my attention has to be divided between people physically present, and people online. I feel that both media come with totally different needs for teaching, with different ways of holding space and being present to you all. 
I very much appreciate that Zoom classes are not the ideal scenario for everyone, and are making it impossible for some people to join us - I'm so sorry about that, and I would love to see and teach you in an in-person setting again, bu that won't be possible until the Summer at least.
I also realize that for others, these online classes are actually working better than in-person classes (no travelling to class and back, being able to practice without feeling self-conscious in a group, ...) and that some of you wouldn't even be able to be with us as you live far away. So there is a blessing in all this, and I have personally found and heard from many of you that our online classes are allowing very powerful work to take place, and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to continue to teach.

If you like to join us and you're wondering about the payment structure: this can be found on the Prices page and is also explained here again:

We are carrying on with the same prices as for our normal 90 min. Zoom group classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but instead of access to 1 class a week you will get access to ALL 3 of these classes on Zoom every week!

  • Single week: £10
  • Series of 4 consecutive weeks: £35
  • Series of 8 consecutive weeks: £65
  • Concessions: £28 for 4-week series; £55 for 8-week series; £7.50 single week.

Additionally, for the 2 shorter (45 min.) Zoom classes on Thursday and Friday, you pay 1 fee but get to do both these classes if you want. Price is £5 per week for these 2 sessions (or £4.50 concession fee).

You will get all information to log in sent to your email after you've paid via BACS (bank details are in the green box on the Prices page - I can provide Belgian euro-account details for people in Europe or PayPal account details for people elsewhere).

1-2-1 Sessions

You can of course still also book private Skype or Zoom sessions which can include: yoga classeshealth consultationsconsultations around fertility, pregnancy, birthpre- and postnatal yogaMeditation & Pranayam sessions , and coaching . 

In-person private classes will (hopefully, unless things change again) become possible from 12 April onwards. 

As for private yoga sessions, this is still a great time to start a 5- or 10-session series (these are always discounted compared to individual sessions) on a specific topic to explore further, or something that will specifically serve you right now. A full list of topics you can choose from for these 5 or 10 session series is listed here.

Current Offers & New Product Launches Neal's Yard Remedies

NEW PRODUCT launches & lots of NEW OFFERS for Mother's Day (which is this Sunday in the UK) - many of these offers are 1 set only and they are only available through direct messaging me / emailing me, not on the webshop.

The NEW Frankincense Intense Hydrating Essence is probably the most fabulous addition I've tried for my skincare regime ever since I started using Neal's Yard Remedies. I have lots of favourites & I rotate between them, but this one has made the biggest possible difference to how my skin feels and looks.
I was quite skeptical when the product was launched, wondering what would be the use of introducing a 6th daily product next to a cleanser, toner, serum/oil, separate eye product and moisturiser. (Yes, I do all of that, twice daily + weekly exfoliating and weekly facial mask -- and the result is that my skin is deeply nourished and healthy, thus works perfectly like the second set of lungs it really is, and on top of that looks as if in my twenties, while I'm in my 5th decade here already...).
Well - all I needed was to use 1 sample once to understand the difference it made.
It's specifically recommended to be used alongside the Frankincense Intense and Intense Lift ranges, but I use it along the normal Frankincense and the Orange Flower ranges (I combine products of both daily, plus the Frankincense Intense eye cream).
The texture of the product is that of a very moist gel - that's the Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid.
The moisture-boosting blend of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, purified pomegranate extract and organic argan oil is combined with essential oils of Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra), bergamot, mandarin and bitter orange, giving it a deeply relaxing aroma.
I've had 2 customers so far try a sample in the past weeks, and both have purchased the Essence after trying it just one day. Their words were: "Absolutely divine" and "OMG it's amazing!".
And really, it is both those things. I've not skipped a day using it morning and evening, and don't think I will anymore going forward.
Here you can find a full description of the product (and you can order straight from there, or via PM or course. Your next purchase from me will undoubtedly have a sample of this product in it, but you can always ask for one beforehand too.


Second New Product Launch - launched only yesterday as a full product, although some of you have already been able to purchase some half-size bottles from me in the past months. The Beauty Sleep Shower Oil - 200ml @ £19.50. Blended with relaxing ylang-ylang, patchouli, clary sage, sweet orange and cypress essential oils with vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s the perfect bedtime treat - and ideal to use alongside our other night time products to induce a good nights sleep. Luxuriously cleanses & calms, intensely nourishes with organic sweet almond oil for satin soft skin, and provides 24 hour moisturisation.
Plus there is a beautiful collection available along with this new product launch: the Beauty Sleep Ritual Collection £35 (Contents: Beauty Sleep Shower Oil 200ml, Beauty Sleep Body Lotion 100ml, Goodnight Pillow Mist 45ml).

LIST OF CURRENT OFFERS I HAVE ON for customers (only via DM, not on the webshop)

Wild Rose Beauty offer. Trio of
🌹Wild Rose Body Polish (£22)
🌹Wild Rose Shower Oil (£25)
🌹Wild Rose Body Lotion (£10)
Offered discounted at just £55 PLUS you also get a FREE small-size Wild Rose Beauty Balm (worth £12). Just £55 for this bundle instead of £69. 1 set available only.
A wonderful gift for mums or mother-in-law's - or just for yourself of course. These can come beautifully wrapped too.

Looking for a small Mother's Day gift for a new mum (or mum-to-be)? This multiple-award-winning duo of Mother's Balm (50g) & Mother's Massage Oil (50ml) now for just £17! Can be gift-wrapped for no extra cost and posted out. (1 set available only at this price - PM me) And of course we also have our full Mother's Gift Set and Mother & Baby Gift Sets available also: 

Foaming Bath Trio of
🛀Geranium & Orange Foaming Bath (£8)
🛀Aromatic Foaming Bath (£8)
🛀 Frankincense & Mandarin Foaming Bath (£8)
All in our beautiful blue glass bottles. Just £18.50 for this bundle instead of £24. 1 set available only.
A wonderful gift for mums or mother-in-law's - or just for yourself of course. These can come beautifully wrapped too.

I'm offering 2 separate offers on the Aromatic Duo:
Either you get the Aromatic Body Lotion & Aromatic Shower Gel at £30 instead of £35.50
OR you get a FREE mini Wild Rose Beauty Balm (worth £12) with your Aromatic Duo.
A wonderful gift for mums or mother-in-law's - or just for yourself of course. These can come beautifully wrapped too. The Aromatic Body Lotion combines balancing organic geranium, relaxing lavender, and energising and immune-boosting Spanish marjoram with nourishing pumpkin seed oil. The Aromatic Shower Gel combines skin-conditioning aloe vera with the same beautiful essential oil combination.

Spring is an excellent time to start exfoliating more regularly again (in Winter you don't want to do so more than once a week). And so I'm running an offer on the Neal's Yard Exfoliating range.
With the purchase of any Rose Facial Polish (£18), Orange & Honey Scrub (£18), Frankincense Body Polish (£17.50) or Wild Rose Body Polish (£22 -- they are normally same size as the Frankincense one next to it - I've got a gift-box size in this picture) you will get a FREE small Frankincense Facial Oil or a Beauty Sleep Concentrate (worth £9 -- excellent to use after exfoliating the face for deep nourishment) AND a free sample of the Rose Facial Polish or of the Orange & Honey Scrub (sample of one that you're not purchasing the bigger size of, so you can compare).
If you like a coarser, more gritty exfoliator, the Orange & Honey Scrub is definitely the one you'd want. (And I often use it for the entire body even). If you want a very gentle and much more creamy exfoliator, choose the Rose Facial Polish. But you'll get a sample of the other one to feel the difference.
Both Body Polishes are incredibly creamy and luxurious too - one customer recently messaged me saying about the Wild Rose Body Polish: "Thank you SO much for this gorgeous body polish. Every time I use it I feel so grateful towards you -- it's a true me-time moment."

2 Rejuvenating Frankincense Range offers.
1. With purchase of the full-size Hydrating Cream (50g - £30) + Facial Oil (30ml -£32) totalling £62, you get FREE: a mini toner, a mini cleanser and a mini facial mist (worth £10!)
2. 30% off on the set of travel-size products which serves as a fabulous introduction to this range, consisting of: 25g Refining Cream Cleanser (£5.50), 8ml Facial Oil (£8), 25ml Toner (£3), 8ml Facial Mist (£2.50), 25ml Face Mask (£15.50) and 15g Hydrating Cream (£10). Normally totalling £44.50, now just £31.50!

Rose Range Offer: 
- a Rose Facial Polish, £18
- a Rose Facial Wash, £17
- a FREE small Rose Toner, normally £2.50
- a FREE luxurious Wild Rose Body Lotion, normally £10.
So just £35 for £47.50 worth of products! 🌹❤️

Sensitive Skin Duo offer - £30 instead of £39 + FREE jade roller
* Sensitive Soothing Moisturiser. With a soothing blend of organic borage (starflower) oil and aloe vera, deeply nourishing cocoa butter, delicate edelweiss flower and liquorice root extracts to hydrate sensitive skin comfortably. £25 on its own.
* Comfort & Hydrate Micellar Cleanser. As light as water, with hyaluronic acid for a deeply hydrating cleanse and to restore balance and make your skin look and feel its absolute best. Dermatologically tested and approved, the products in this range are fragrance-free, alcohol-free and certified organic. Normally £14.
I'm offering 1 combo only of these 2 products for just £30 instead of £39!
You will also get a FREE sample of the Replenish & Balance Moisturiser from the sensitive skin range, AND you will get a jade roller (worth £15) with it for FREE too!

For that dry coming-out-of-winter-skin!
Aromatic Duo
: 200ml Body Lotion (normally £21.50) + 200g Body Butter (normally £23), now just £38.75 (that's 25% off).
150g Frankincense Toning Body Cream (normally £30) + 200ml Geranium & Orange Body Lotion (normally £21.50), now just £46.50 (that's also 25% off).

Organic Beauty Oil (Omega 3-6-9 balance) & Super Antioxidant Boost.
A truly fabulous supplement and oil, these are part of my husband and mine's own daily regime. Normally £32 together, now just £29.50. The Antioxidant Boost is a powerful Immune-Boosting supplement, but is also the one supplement I would recommend for couples trying to fall pregnant (for both man and woman to take).

All of these offers have to be ordered through email or direct message - they are not as such available on my webshop.

If you have been thinking of joining us at Neal's Yard Organic Remedies as a consultant, you can always contact me with any questions, or register on I have made a series of videos for new joiners to explain all the ins and outs.

Monthly Full Moon Information
The full moon information continues to be posted a few days before the full moon occurs on my blog, so do check there monthly for all the information provided for you!
Where to find us on Social Media?
* My Instagram account is the easiest place to always find all current offers (much easier to find things there than on Facebook). 

* Shuniya Kundalini Yoga Facebook page: for class & activity announcements, special discounts, seva opportunities for workshops or retreats, posts on (kundalini) yoga, pregnancy, health, nutrition, ...

* Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Facebook page, blogwebsite page: the places to be for caring for our environment and for all homemade products. On the Facebook page I share lots of posts and information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your use of plastic, use products that are healthy for you AND Mother Earth, how you can make your own products, ... and generally try and help raise awareness on taking care of our Mother Earth and walking lightly on Her.

* Japjeet Kaur NYR Organic Independent Consultant Facebook page, Instagram japjeetkaurnyr & webshop: for information posts & special offers on any Neal's Yard Remedies Organic products.
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