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Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America

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The 4th of July and The End of Adolescent Patriotism

surpass us in greatness at that point? Other countries have ranked choice voting, universal health care, and a more representative...
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Supreme Court rules 'faithless electors' can't go rogue at Electoral College

comes later. Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig, who advocates Electoral College reform, told the court that nothing in the ...
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Should Election Day be a holiday? Lehigh University students push to make it one.

in the U.S. In 2001, the National Commission on Federal Election Reform recommended making Election Day a federal holiday, and the...
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Meet Pa. House Speaker Bryan Cutler: A farmer, a triathlete, a leader who never forgets his mistakes

sitting on the back burner for years, if not decades, including election reform, police reform, criminal justice reform and even a...
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STAR voting is simpler than IRV

advocates have taken to calling it by the more generic and marketable moniker “Ranked Choice Voting”, or just RCV. IRV has has ...
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Letters to the editor: Presidential elections

District of Columbia) that have chosen to sign on to the National Popular Vote Compact. The compact won’t become the law of the ...
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Joe Biden Has Army Of Lawyers Ready To Fight Off Election Malarky

, as Lawrence Norden, who directs the Brennan Center for Justice's Election Reform Program, explained shortly after Trump and Barr...
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Free Market Politics Part 2: Can We Fix America’s Political System?

two-part discussion, business leader Katherine Gehl and Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter discuss ...
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'If it's close – watch out': Biden says he has 600 lawyers ready to fight election 'chicanery' by Trump

" of ballots and mail them in. Lawrence Norden, director of the Election Reform Program at the Brennan Center, called that claim "...
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Nursing home ballot question derails amidst…

Cambridge here in Massachusetts. “We are confident that Ranked Choice Voting will be included on the Massachusetts ballot in ...
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