1 September 2022

Welcome to this edition of the GCCN Newsletter. Below we have information on:

GCCN Updates

Have Your Say!
  • Community Gardens Ireland Campaign - read here
  • Climate Conversations 2022 Reminder - read here
  • Pobal National Survey of Volunteer Managers - read here

Funding, Bursaries and Open Calls
  • Champion Changemakers Weekends: Hackathon Open Call - read here
  • Volunteer Ireland Awards - read here
  • Healthy Eating Projects  - Funding Reminder - read here

Events and Initiatives
  • Galway Samaritans Open Meeting - read here
  • An Older People's Council for Galway City - Open Event - read here
  • NCBI's Advocacy Open Day Roadshow: 7 Sep - read here
  • Cycle Against Suicide: Events for World Suicide Prevention Day on Sep 10 - read here
  • AGE PROOF - The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life - read here

Supports, Training and Resources
  • Health & Wellbeing Programmes & Resources - September 2022 - read here
  • Free Galway Autumn Academy Workshops for the Community - read here
  • Free Age Friendly Ireland Business Recognition Training Online - read here
  • Age Friendly Ireland | Business Recognition Programme - read here

Community Updates
  • Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection from Ukraine: Transfers from student residences - read here

  • Ukrainian Donation Centre/Coffee Mornings - read here
  • Galway City Ukrainian Community Response Forum - read here
  • COVID-19 Community Call Helpline - here
  • Keep Well Campaign - here
  • Support for the Older People - here
  • Community Response Map - here

There are a number of vacancies on the GCCN Secretariat.
All interested members are invited to get in touch at for details and to express an interest.
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GCCN Network News
GCCN Updates

GCCN Plenary
September 28th

All GCCN members are invited to attend the second Plenary meeting of 2022 on September 28th, from 6.30pm to 9pm in the Menlo Park Hotel.

Register Here

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GCCN Vacancies

A number of GCCN vacancies are currently open for members interested in becoming GCCN Representatives on the following local structures:

  • Local Community Development Committee - environment vacancy
  • Local Community Development Committee - community/voluntary vacancy
  • Planning SPC - environment vacancy
  • Comhairle na nÓg Steering Group
  • GCCN Secretariat
If you wish to submit a nomination, please contact for further details.
The cut-off date for nominations is 5pm on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. 

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Upcoming SPC/JPC/LCDC Meetings
September - October 2022

The following local structures will be holding meetings as follows:

Meeting Date Details

Planning SPC
7 September HERE
Transportation SPC
13 September HERE
Local Community Development Committee
14 September HERE
Economic, Community and Cultural Development SPC
23 September to follow 
Climate Action, Environment, Recreation and Amenity SPC
28 September to follow  
Housing and Social Inclusion SPC
30 September to follow  
Joint Policing Committee 17 October to follow 

If you wish to highlight any issues or make comments relevant to any of the structures above please contact and your suggestions will be communicated to the GCCN representatives.

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Material Alterations to the Galway City Draft Development Plan 2023-2029

Galway City Council passed a resolution on Friday 22nd July 2022 that the Draft Development Plan be amended. The proposed amendments constitute proposed Material Alterations to the Galway City Draft Development Plan 2023-2029.

It has been determined that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and an Appropriate Assessment (AA) is required to be carried out of one or more of the proposed Material Alterations to the Draft Development Plan.

The Chief Executive considers that the period to facilitate the SEA/AA of one or more of the proposed Material Alterations shall be 8 weeks from the date of passing the resolution to amend the Draft Development Plan, that is by Friday 16th September 2022.

Following the carrying out of the assessments referred to above, a copy of the proposed Material Alterations to the Draft Development Plan and the associated assessments will be placed on public display for a minimum 4 weeks and written submissions or observations will be invited within the stated public display period and shall be taken into account by the planning authority before the development plan is made. 

Further public notice in accordance with the Section 12 (7) (b) of Planning & Development Act 2000 as amended, will be published on or before the 16th September 2022. This notice will give details of the public consultation on the proposed Material Alterations of the Galway City Draft Development Plan 2023-2029 and the SEA /AA, it will also include for an invitation for submissions or observations.

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Have Your Say!

Community Gardens Ireland Campaign
Email your TD for action

Community Gardens Ireland have launched a campaign calling for anyone who supports more allotments & community gardens in Ireland to send an email to TDs.
Details are below: 

In recent months Community Gardens Ireland presented to an Oireachtas Committee on the huge benefits that come from community growing spaces in Ireland, and how changes are needed to help more communities in Ireland grow their own produce. 

In September we will be meeting with Minister Peter Burke and Minister Malcolm Noonan about this. We will be asking for changes so that community growing spaces must be provided by local authorities where there is sufficient demand and for the doubling of the numbers of allotments & community gardens by 2025. Our full list of recommendations are here


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Climate Conversations 2022 Reminder
Cut-off date: 9 September

The Climate Conversation 2022 Public Consultation is now live. 
  • Give your views HERE               
The closing date for submissions is 5.30pm 9 September 2022.
You might find the Climate Jargon Buster useful as you read through the content and questions.
If you have any difficulty using the online platform, please get in touch with
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Pobal National Survey of Volunteer Managers
Complete Survey Here

As part of the National Volunteering Strategy, Pobal, on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development, is carrying out an assessment of training that may be required by those who manage volunteers.
If you are a person who manages volunteers, whether you are paid or unpaid, we would like to hear from you and learn what training or supports you may need in this role.

You can complete the survey here: Training needs assessment of those who manage, organise or coordinate volunteers 
The survey will take max. 15 mins to complete and is open until 9th September.
If you have any questions about the survey or are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact Pobal team at:

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Funding, Bursaries and Open Calls

Champion Changemakers Weekends
Hackathon Open Call

The Community Enterprise Association Ireland (CEAI) will support bringing local communities together to solve real-world, everyday societal or economic challenges in ways that will positively impact our ever-changing world.

The CEAI funding has now been allocated across five locations in Ireland and will support the hosting of regional hackathons - the Champion Changemakers Weekends - by CEAI members from September 23rd next.

These weekends will take a ‘Dragons Den’ type approach to community-driven social innovation solutions building - solving community challenges by engaging community groups to create solutions with the support and guidance of mentors and facilitators over that weekend.

Winning teams will be selected under three different categories - ● Economic Inequality ● Environment and Climate Action ● Human Wellbeing - and will go on to participate in a national final hosted by Innovate Communities in Dublin on October 20th

The successful finalist will secure a bursary of support and services to develop the chosen concept into a sustainable business model - creating real impact in communities through social impact and even job creation.

For further details please contact:
Siobhán Finn
National Hub Network Manager - Community Enterprise Association Ireland (CEAI)
Mobile: +353 86 287 2286 | Email: 
Twitter: @SiobhanMFinn | @CEAIreland

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Volunteer Ireland Awards
This year more than ever, you are invited to consider nominating a Galway volunteer or volunteers for a Volunteer Ireland Award - the deadline is the 9th of October.
Click here for more info and to nominate
The Volunteer Ireland Awards are the major annual initiative to celebrate volunteers in Ireland. The awards shine a light on the remarkable achievements of volunteers around the country by honouring them at a national level.
Anyone can nominate a volunteer, and the 11 categories are:  
  • Arts, Culture & Festivals 
  • Campaigning & Activism  
  • Children & Youth  
  • Environmental & Animal Care 
  • Health & Wellbeing  
  • Safety & Emergency Services  
  • Social Inclusion & Community Support  
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Small group
  • Large group
  • Volunteer Manager

Healthy Eating Projects  - Funding Reminder
Deadline: 9 September

safefood is inviting organisations who are not currently involved in the CFI to apply for funding to deliver an online project, in their own local area, that meets the criteria of the CFI at Home Programme.

The resources needed to plan and deliver a CFI at Home project can be found on the safefood website at 

Read more here.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis up to and including Friday, 9th September 2022. As funding is limited, interested organisations are advised to apply as soon as possible. All activities must be completed by Sunday, 6th November.

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Events and Initiatives

Galway Samaritans Open Meeting

Galway Samaritans are holding an Open Meeting to look for new listening volunteers on Monday Sept 5th at 8pm in the Harbour Hotel The Docks, H91 E9PR. 

As a listening volunteer you’ll be there for people who need someone to talk to.
You won’t need to have previous experience or qualifications, but you will need to be non-judgemental and accepting of others.

If you are not available on that evening you can email or check out or contact

  • Read more HERE
  • See the flyer in PDF HERE

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An Older People's Council for Galway City - Open Event,
Monday 5th September 2022, Menlo Park Hotel, Galway City

Michael Harding will attend "An Older People's Council for Galway City - Open Event" as guest speaker and is inviting all older adults in Galway city to come along for this inspiring and lively event on Monday 5th of September from 10.30am-2.00pm in the Menlo Park Hotel.

This will be a chance for older people in the city to find out about Older People’s Councils (also known as OPCs) and how to get involved in a new OPC for Galway city. OPCs provide a means by which older adults can take a more active role in their communities and have their voices heard. While the Galway County OPC is now well established, Galway City looks forward to establishing its own OPC this September. The Open Event on Monday the 5th of September in the Menlo Park Hotel will be a chance for people to express interest in the new OPC and to encourage a wide variety of representatives to join.

An AGM to elect the new Galway City OPC will take place the following week on Thursday 15th September at 11.00am in the Westside Resource Centre.
To register for the OPC Open Event, please contact Ciara Coy on 083 0234390 or email

  • Read the Press Release HERE
  • See the event PDF HERE

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NCBI's Advocacy Open Day Roadshow
Galway, 7th September

NCBI’s advocacy staff will be travelling around the country in September to hold open day events in public libraries. During these events, NCBI will be showcasing the work of their local advocacy networks. These networks were set up during the recent pandemic bringing people together to advocate for greater inclusion and accessibility in their local communities. NCBI also want to connect with staff in local organisations to encourage our working together. NCBI will be sending out invitations to a range of local organisations to extend to their networks.  

The Galway meeting will be held at the Galway Westside Library on Seamus Quirke Road on 7 September 2022 from 11am to 3pm.

One of the topics NCBI will be discussing during this event is how the Public Participation Network and Public Sector Duty can be used to create more inclusive and accessible public services. NCBI encourage members of the local advocacy networks to represent NCBI on PPNs. 

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Cycle Against Suicide
Events for World Suicide Prevention Day on Sep 10

Cycle Against Suicide aims to raise awareness of the issue of suicide among men this September. With 3 out of 4 suicides each year being male, there is a particularly pressing need now for a targeted approach to mental health awareness, education and suicide prevention among young and middle-aged men in Ireland. 

Between World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th and World Mental Health Day, October 10th, the Cycle Against Suicide events aim to mobilize people across Ireland to come out in support of men's mental health as we call for: 

  • mental health awareness campaigns to increase men's mental health literacy.  Access to information on mental health awareness is key to helping men recognise the signs of mental illness, show concern, and determine the right time to seek help. 
  • Awareness campaigns reframing masculinity. Men's conformity and adherence to so call traditional masculine norms impacts their experience an expression of mental health difficulties leading to a range of negative outcomes, including social isolation and reduced help seeking behaviour.  
  • Mental health support services and suicide intervention campaign. To raise awareness of the mental health support services available to men would help normalise mental health and give men the tools to address their mental health without stigma. 

Cycle Against Suicide are asking people across Ireland to mobilize in support of our campaign: mothers, wives, fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues, to join our events promoting our anti-stigma message to men 'Its OK not to feel OK; and its Absolutely Ok to ask for Help'

Each year 3 out of 4 suicides are male
           For World Suicide Prevention Day 2022, Cycle Against Suicide calling on all to help make a change  

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AGE PROOF - The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life

Did you know that there are simple changes we can make, right now, to ensure that we live longer, happier and healthier lives?

Professor Rose Anne Kenny has 35 years of experience at the forefront of ageing medicine. In January 2022 she published “Age Proof – The Science of living a Longer and Healthier Life” which brings together her own pioneering research and the latest evidence to demystify why we age and shows us how we can control it.

On September 26 join the "AGE PROOF - The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life" to find out more about the simple changes to make now in order to live longer, healthier lives.


During this speaking event, Professor Kenny will show you the steps you can take to stay younger for longer – and will prove that you really are just as young as you feel.

DATE. 6.45pm on 26 September 2022.

VENUE. ILAS Building, NUI Galway (Free parking after 6pm).

TICKETS. FREE. (Optional donation to COPE Galway Senior Support Services).

A Positive Ageing Week 2022 event jointly hosted by COPE Galway and the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology in association with Age Friendly Galway in Support of Positive Ageing Week 2022.

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Supports, Training and Resources

Health & Wellbeing Programmes & Resources
August 2022

Information on some current health and wellbeing programmes and resources is outlined in the PDF file here.

The Programmes and Resources included are:

  • Free online Stress Control Programme (Starting Sept 12th)
  • Free online Minding Your Wellbeing Programme
  • Free online course Managing Stress and Anxiety (40 mins)
  • HSE Self-management Support webpages for people with a long term health condition
  • Living Well – Upcoming programmes
  • New HSE Exercise videos for people living with chronic conditions
  • Exercises for Wellbeing Videos (Yoga, Pilates, Chair Yoga, Strength and Conditioning)
  • Healthy Eating – New Online Health Food Made Easy Programmes
  • Weaning (Online talk) – next session Tuesday Sept 20th
  • Make a START - Healthy habits for kids
  • Reducing cancer risk in Ireland - Webinar Sept 6th
  • QUIT Smoking - Free Stop Smoking Medication available
  • Alcohol – Let’s Talk About Alcohol & Pregnancy Webinar (Sept 9th)
  • Alcohol – Take our alcohol test
  • Health Promotion Publications -
  • Sexual Wellbeing – Free Home STI tests
  • My Health, My Language - a healthcare video series in 17 languages
  • Health A to Z
  • Galway City Older People’s Council – Open Event (Monday Sept 5th)

The information was collated by Health Promotion & Improvement, HSE Health and Wellbeing Division, Community Healthcare West.

Free Galway Autumn Academy Workshops for the Community
Volunteer Galway are running free online workshops that may be of interest to you or others in your organsation/'group. 
All the workshops last 1.5 - 2 hours, so your time will be well spent!
You can see each workshop below and click through for more info and to register.

View all Volunteer Galway courses and workshops HERE
Workshops Date Time
Financial Oversight for Board Members Weds September 21st 10am to 12pm
Creating a Social Media Strategy  Tues September 27th
7pm to 9pm
Cyber Security for Community Groups Weds October 5th 10am to 12pm
Boards, Chairs and CEOs: Roles,
Relationships & Boundaries
Weds October 12th 7pm to 9pm
Facilitation Skills  Weds October 19th 10am to 12pm
Managing Change  Tues October 25th 7pm to 9pm
Project Time Management Weds November 2nd 10am to 12pm
Running Effective Meetings Weds November 9th 7pm to 9pm
Design Thinking  Weds November 16th 10am to 12pm
Committee Skills Weds November 16th 7pm to 9pm
Managing Diversity  Weds November 30th 10am to 12pm
Critical Thinking Weds December 7th 7pm to 9pm

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Free Age Friendly Ireland Business Recognition Training Online

Did You Know . . . There are three-quarters of a million older people (65+), living and shopping in Ireland and this is anticipated to grow to 1.5 million by 2051. Older people account for up to 50% of all consumer spending in the EU. They have the time to shop, they like to shop, and they are loyal customers. They will come back to you again and again if you make the consumer experience comfortable and pleasant for them. Are you doing everything you can to capture and retain this powerful customer base? Age Friendly Ireland Business Recognition online training are now offering a number of open training dates – not specific to a town or company – which everyone is welcome to attend. Please do tell your colleagues and fellow business owners about the opportunity, we would love to have them on board. 

Tuesday 13th September from 10am to 12pm 
To Register Click on the Zoom link 
Tuesday 11th October from 10am to 12pm 
To Register Click on the Zoom link 

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Age Friendly Ireland | Business Recognition Prog

Join the Age Friendly Ireland online Business Recognition Training for Galway on Monday 26th September 2022 from 11am to 12.30pm

Age Friendly business practices are low cost or no cost and can make a big difference to your bottom line. Become and Age Friendly business, welcoming and supporting older customers, so that they come back to your business again and again.

As part of Positive Ageing week you have the opportunity to become a recognised Age Friendly business, and to achieve an Age Friendly Charter which you can display in your premises.
The process is really easy, its free, and it takes only four simple steps.

  1. Appoint an Age Friendly Champion for your shop, business or branch. This does not have to be a manager, it can be any member of staff who is interested
  2. The Champion comes on the free training we are offering, which is lively and interactive, is delivered online, and only takes about an hour and a half.
  3. The Champion comes back to the business with lots of ideas to discuss with colleagues and customers. You decide on three low cost or no cost changes you will make to demonstrate age friendliness
  4. You implement the changes, notify them to Age Friendly Ireland, and receive your Charter, to display in your business, decals for your door, use of the Age Friendly Logo, and a listing on the Age Friendly Directory.

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Community Updates

Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection from Ukraine: Transfers from student residences
Informational video launched - HERE

With the opening of universities/colleges over August and September, the Ukrainian refugees hosted temporarily in these accommodation settings will need to be transferred to new locations. Information regarding this transfers is available at the links below:

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Ukrainian Donation Centre/Coffee Mornings

A new community group ‘Ukrainians Helping Ukrainians Galway’ (UHUG) has been formed and they have been successful in getting two projects up and running:
Ukrainian Coffee Morning
Every Saturday
11.00am – 1.00pm
Aras na nGael


 Ukrainian Hub/Donation Centre
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sat
10.00am – 4.00pm
Westside Community Centre
All good quality donations accepted
Both events have launched very successfully with hundreds attending the opening days.


Galway City Ukrainian Community Response Forum

A Ukrainian Community Response Forum has been established in Galway City to enable the various organisations and agencies at local level, to work together in the delivery of services for Ukrainian refugees relocating to Galway City. The role of the Forum is to coordinate the community-led response in the provision of local assistance and support to Ukrainian refugees as they are accommodated in Galway City. Supplementing the supports and services being provided by government agencies at a local level, the purpose will be to ensure effective communication and information sharing in the coordination of local community and voluntary actions in providing community supports to the new Ukrainian communities.

It is intended that the information contained on this page will be a useful resource for Ukrainian people, agencies and members of the public who are seeking information on services and help available in Galway City. As we get more relevant, useful information we will continue to update this page.

For general queries in relation to the above please contact Galway City Council by email to
ind the dedicated page on the Galway City Council website here.

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The Galway City Community Call Helpline
New Flyer Graphics
The helpline is open to anyone who needs it, seven days a week.
If you need support or help to get access to shopping, food, medication or if you feel isolated or lonely and need someone to talk to, please get in touch at:
☎️ 1800 400 150

Keep Well Campaign
The Keep Well campaign provides guidelines, information, and tips on how we can add healthy and helpful habits to our daily and weekly routines around five simple actions: keeping active, keeping in contact, switching off and getting creative, eating well and minding your mood
Galway City Community Response Map

As part of the ongoing work of the Galway City Community Response Forum, Galway City Community Network and Galway City Council have developed a map of the COVID-19 related responses, activities and services available to people in Galway City.

The map is publicly available and can be used as a useful information resource both for individuals made vulnerable by COVID-19 and by organisations or agencies that need to know where they may refer their clients to for support.

The map is online at the following links:
Further details are available on the GCCN Website.

Support for Older People
We would like to share once again some of the main helplines for older people to access, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 alert.
  • Galway City COVID-19 Community Call Helpline: 1800 400 150
  • COPE Galway Helpline: 085  87 67 785
  • Alone Helpline: 0818 222 024
  • Senior Line: 1800 804 591
We highly encourage you to share these numbers with any older person you know.

We want to hear from you!
Submit your event or send us feedback at the links below.

Submit Your Event
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