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🎨 Studio Yaguara received major updates this morning. Some would call it modernization. Some would call it finally having an artistic touch. We are just excited about rolling out more 'Forest Green'. Here's what else received a makeover:
Blog, Product Overview, Integrations, Growth MachineNewsletter, Webinar, Pricing, Help Center

Dashboard Confessional

But aesthetic touches and slicker design went on under the hood as well. The 'Home Page' now emphasizes and shows a clearer picture of your most critical information, Objectives and Key Results. And our filtering option allows you to flip between 'You', 'Groups', and 'Company' overviews for quick easy consumption of details.

We live for feedback so please reply to this email with your thoughts and feelings on this big update.

Check out the new Home Page

Bird is the word

The wooly mammoth of trendy sneakers, Allbirds, just raised a $50 million Series C which is valuing the company somewhere around $1.4 billion. Allbirds is the latest direct-to-consumer with a cult following to expand to brick-and-mortar operations (think Warby Parker, Casper, etc.). They have intentions to aggressively expand into Europe and Asia, but this made us ponder, is there truly enough room in the market shoe closet? Now we are not saying they won't be a "Success", they are doing very well. We are just curious if they will enter the Valhalla of shoes and sit among the the Nike and Adidas of the world. So we want your thoughts.

VOTE: What will be the highest valuation Allbirds ever receives?

The Hunt

A section dedicated to relevant news, blogs, tips, and tricks we believe you would enjoy

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^ Yaguara Sighting

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One Fun Question

Will you buy this for your upcoming Halloween bash? 

p.s. a stranger item than the John Steinbeck candle was submitted last week, it was an Edgar Allen Poe candle

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