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^ Updated header with topography, welcome to the Q4 wardrobe. 

Another great welcome is Colorado Inno's recent breakdown of Yaguara: 
Yaguara Wants to Be a Fitness Tracker for Business Growth

Integration Nation

We have a couple integration updates, one old and one new. As a tool best utilized when analyzing data a sources its important for us to 1) integrate the best tools on earth and 2) strengthen them over time. We wrote about each of them in greater detail here:

Shopify 2.0

Talkin about the China Grove

Today is a stats day. So we are going to talk about stats, mostly centered around China. 

China's eCommerce Growth
(for reference current exchange is roughly 1 CNY = .15 USD)
H1 2017 Online Transactions
3,107 billion yuan 

H1 2017 Online Rural Transactions
440 billion yuan
H1 2017 Online Shoppers
533 million 

H1 2017 Mobile Shoppers
505 million 
H1 2018 Online Transactions
4,081 billion yuan 

H1 2018 Online Rural Transactions
632 billion yuan

H1 2018 Online Shoppers
568 million 

H1 2018 Mobile Shoppers
557 million 
Amazon's H1 eCommerce Market Share
So why did we have to bring Amazon into this, we were having fun?
Because these two powers are going to clash, like really clash. China's online shoppers and Amazon's expansion will not be slowing down anytime soon, so even though Tmall (55%) and (25%) currently own the majority of the market, let's all be prepared for this in the coming years:


The Hunt

A section dedicated to relevant news, blogs, tips, and tricks we believe you would enjoy

eBay accuses Amazon of illegally poaching sellers via Wall Street Journal

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Walmart aquires Eloquii, adds another brand via Multichannel Merchant
^ Yaguara sighting

Re:Store, WeWork for Retail will bring Instagram brands to storefronts via Fortune

Parents are embracing subscription-based delivery of baby food via Forbes

One Fun Question

Can you find a stranger item sold on Amazon than this? Reply with your submission, winner receives the item submitted.

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