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We are testing out an early morning campaign. But the fun kind that makes you feel happy and informed as you wake up, unlike this Paypal approach:

 Late night "Resolution" messages....serious healdines....they weren't kidding about the PayPal Mafia.

OK, coffee is getting cold.

Three's Company

A new post is out on Yaguara's goal-setting structure, and how it can simplify the  team's strategy to go out there and win. Check out this quick read:

The 3 ways to hit a team goal

It's all about the results, this will help get you there.

Get Out Your Pop(up)corn

AT&T is popping up. This was a matter of time for traditional brick-and-mortar, as the industry has seen several of their brethren fall after being smacked around by the direct-to-consumer movement.

^ something feels off with this picture, perhaps its Lowe's

There are some exciting and terrifying implications to this initiative.
Exciting = Legacy brands aren't sitting on the sideline expecting the world to continue to fall into their lap. This means better service, prices, etc.
Terrifying = Legacy brands have deep pockets. This means they can try anything to earn new waves of trust. 

Perhaps we are moving towards a consumer's version of the Walking Dead, as older brands creepily follow the prime spenders of the economy by whatever they deem hip and cool. Someone call Orville Redenbacher and tell him to bring back the Popcorn Wagon!

We are keeping a close watch on the retail giants as they implement guerrilla marketing strategies. Because when an AT&T executive points at their cool pop-ups in South Florida, the consumers might only look at their finger.

The Hunt

A section dedicated to relevant news, blogs, tips, and tricks we believe you would enjoy

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