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Goodbye Q3

And say hello to Q4. This is the last newsletter of the current quarter. We have exciting material and products for the mayhem that takes place in Q4 so stay tuned. Let's begin.

Growth Poet's Society

A dear friend of Yaguara wrote about the mission we are on, and why the market needs this type of tool. If you have a minute, please read Stephen Bradley's thoughtful piece:

Growth Matters

And the crowd goes wild.

Just Personalize It

Last week we covered AT&T and traditional retailers getting into the pop-up game. This week we are diving one level deeper into mega-retailers trying to pop smaller shops out of their communities. 
Nike Just Did It with a curated store in west Los Angeles

^ we imagine the Anchorage, Alaska storefront will be rolling out a different theme

Here's the skinny: The store blends digital and in-store experiences based off the individual and community profiles built over time. Locals will have in-store lockers from their online purchases, the ability to request consulting meeting from their favorite employee, and much more. Now wrap all this together with specific branding for this part of California and we have ourselves an enticing approach. 

Nike isn't necessarily leading this race either, others are planting their grassroots. Nordstrom went local this week. And look at Target's small-format stores for college campuses. This is just the beginning, but it is important to note how each giant will attempt to "personalize". Target threw $75 million dollars into Casper and now look what we have:

In the commerce world, personalization was brought to the limelight by the savvy direct-to-consumers online brands of the 21st century. And many have reaped the rewards (e.g. Warby Parker) so no one should feel bad for them. They are simply having to deal with cold hard competition.

But you can feel the shift. The major question, a question determining millions of transactions and market share, is how consumers react to widespread personalization. 
Will they look at these legacy retailers in the eye and ask where was all this five years ago when we yearned for intimacy? Or will they stick with their eCommerce brands who listened to their hearts from the start?

The Hunt

A section dedicated to relevant news, blogs, tips, and tricks we believe you would enjoy

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^ Yaguara sighting

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One Fun Question

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the continuous feedback. Have a fantastic rest of the week. 

- The Yaguara Team

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