Introducing a new asset class: Crypto Cards
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Yes, we’ve had a little work done. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

Hello ionomy,

If you haven’t signed in recently, check out what’s new! Since the launch of Crypto Gravity, we’ve given the platform a facelift.

Poke around and you’ll find a few new additions. The menu has been reorganized to accommodate new and coming features — we’re especially excited to introduce a brand new asset class we’re calling “Cards.”

We chose the name “Cards” to hearken back to the collectable trading and game cards you know and love. But these ain’t your daddy’s baseball cards. We think they’re going to become a digital classic because they can do more stuff and cuz they’re going full crypto.

Cards replace and extend staker skins. Just like skins, cards boost staker returns. But the new cards available today interact with games by depositing performance enhancers directly into Crypto Gravity!

Full Crypto? Yup. Developers are at work integrating cards into the ION blockchain. Gamers and investors will be able to verify and transact cards as on-chain assets.

Upgrade your ION stakers while boosting your game. We’re kicking off this new asset class with two special cards that interact with ionomy’s first mobile game, Crypto Gravity. Enjoy the card debut and give yourself the best shot at the weekly competition with extra electrons and lives for 90 days!

Give it a Shot!
The Electrons Card provides a bonus staker rate of 10%, and 
generates one (1) in-game electron daily for an advantage in Crypto Gravity. Good for 90 days.
Have a heart! 
The Lives Card gives a bonus staker rate of 10%, and
generates one (1) life daily for an added edge in Crypto Gravity. Good for 90 days.

These cards offer great returns in fun and ION. But they're also a statement: that you were here from the start. Congratulations on getting in on the ground floor, and thanks for being part of the ionomy and the growing ION community.

You can get the Electrons Card and Lives Card now at the ionomy store. Stock up now so you’re ready for all the exciting updates and tournaments to come!

If you're enjoying Crypto Gravity, invite your friends to download it now at the App Store or Google Play. Don't forget to post a five-star rating and email us your feedback about bugs or feature requests.

Jump. Shoot. Earn.

So we’ve told you about the platform refresh and a new digital asset called cards — but what about the coming features?

Well, you might be interested in the beta release of masternode hosting. It's already getting rave reviews from alpha testers for ease of use, practicality, and intuitive controls. 

Stay tuned! We've got plenty more in the pipeline. 

The ionomy Team
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