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Like Reef & Mako Shark Tagging/Tracking and Upcoming Conferences on Facebook Hello Argos User Community, 

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We are highlighting: 
  • A segment from Shark Week called Nuclear Sharks. We had an opportunity to talk with Patric Douglas, Executive Producer of Nuclear Sharks (SharkWeek2016) about his work and share that with you.
  • Harvey the Mako shark who was tagged by the team at the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation and has done something none of their other tagged sharks have.
  • Internal updates: Argos Goniometer news, more shirt giveaways, and a list of upcoming conferences.

Best Regards,
Thomas Gray
Environmental Monitoring team

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Nuclear Sharks
The Marshall Islands are a very challenging area to work within. They are large (combined, they are about the size of California) and remote (the middle of the Ocean). The study species was the reef shark which also makes matters complicated. They are a non-pelagic species.
One might choose to use an acoustic tagging system; however, servicing the equipment would be too costly. In addition the satellite data showed something unexpected...something an acoustic tag would not have noticed.
The team noted that more than half of their tagged sharks had been illegally fished.

If you want to read the full story please visit the CLS America link here.

Below is a glimpse at
the upcoming work Patric Douglas and his team are conducting. Unfortunately we cannot provide much detail other than noting Patric saying, "your team (CLS America) will be a big part of this". We are excited to see what news the project brings in 2017.
Harvey the Mako Shark
Harvey the Mako shark, seen being tagged here, has done something that no other Mako shark tagged by the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation (CSSC) has. 
Director, Dr. Greg Stunz, notes, "Sharks don’t respect territorial boundaries and this behavior may have implications for the future of shark populations in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. This also represents the
power of Argos satellite tracking and understanding movement patterns at the fine-scale." "He is our first to cross the Gulf!," added Kesley Gibson of CSSC. 

For about the first three months he stayed North in relatively shallow waters, and then over the course of the last two weeks he's made a fast track south.

You can read more about CSSC's work here as well as see a larger version of the map/track.
Goniometer News
We wanted to share a bit of useful information for those that did not know.

The Argos Goniometer can receive messages from tags that do not have enough power or signal strength to reach Argos satellites. We were reminded of this when working with a researcher to recover a tag from a caspian tern in Southern California and managed to pick up one of his other tags that hadn't got a message through in over a month.

More on this story next month.
Upcoming Conferences
Here is a list of the conferences we will be attending this fall. Stop by our booth to say hello and introduce yourself. 

August 16-20, 2016
North American Ornithological Conference
Washington, DC
     We will have a booth here and most of the gang (Debbie Stakem, Jennifer Sparks, Howard Waller, and Thomas Gray) will be in and out throughout the week. 

August 21-25, 2016
American Fisheries Society
Kansas City, MO
     Thomas Gray and Remy Lopez (CLS France/HQ) will have a booth and both will be giving oral presentations during the satellite tag workshop.

September 19-23, 2016
Oceans '16
Monterey, CA
     Thomas Gray will be attending along with Brice Robert (CLS France/HQ). Thomas is currently based in Monterey Bay so if you have any questions on where to go or what to see feel free to ask him.

October 15-19, 2016
The Wildlife Society
Raleigh, NC
     Thomas Gray and Howard Waller will have a booth here. Feel free to stop by and learn about new services we have added for land animals.
Referencing the Argos Satellite System

We wanted to take a brief moment to urge Argos users to use the word Argos when mentioning the tags and/or satellite system in their stories, blogs, articles, and of course peer-reviewed publications. While there are not many alternatives to the Argos satellite system it is possible that the general public would easily confuse this with something else (even confusing it with GPS).

Those familiar with satellite tags will know that you are referencing the Argos system; however, our attempts to increase pressure on decision makers and Congress to support ongoing investment in Argos will require that we point to various forms of press that explicitly state "Argos satellite system".

Thank you for taking the time to edit existing press releases, articles, blogs, and stories (if you have the time), and in the future remembering to use Argos when mentioning the system or tags the system operates on.

We have also included below, two statements that you can copy and paste into your articles if that helps.

Option 1: Argos is a Low Earth Orbit global satellite-based location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting our planet's environment.

CLS is the unique operator of the Argos system on behalf of the four space agencies involved: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Option 2: The Argos Data Collection and Location System was used for this project ( The system is operated by CLS. Argos is an international program that relies on instruments provided by the French Space Agency (CNES) flown on polar-orbiting satellites operated by NOAA, EUMETSAT, and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). 

More FREE Shirts!
To promote our new Facebook page, a few months ago we ran a contest giving away a free polo shirt. Now we are giving away free shirts each month just for reading the newsletter.

If you are reading this you have been entered!

The winner will receive a Small/Medium polo like the one pictured above with the Argos logo from our Argos Users Conference. Note: the shirt is labeled Small but will fit either a small or medium sized adult.

If you win, we will contact you via a separate email.
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