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Dear Peanut Researcher, 
This email is the first of our ~quarterly news updates about the resources available at PeanutBase, with tips and guides for using the site. The site is updated monthly and new data and features are added regularly.

PeanutBase, as the primary portal for information being collected as part of the Peanut Genomics Initiative, has many tools for working with the genome assemblies, genes and markers for the diploid ancestors of peanut, Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaensis - but we will save those features for a later newsletter.  

In this first email, we will highlight some germplasm features you may like.
Arachis Germplasm Image Collection:
Peanutbase currently has over 1,000 images within the germplasm image collection. The image above shows a small subset of seed images available, pod, flower and plant images are also available. Each image title contains the GRIN accession number and you can view germplasm evaluation data via our GRIN Connect feature.

Geographic Distribution of Arachis:
Explore the geographical distribtion of the Arachis germplasm via the Germplasm Map feature. You can search the distribution of germplasm accessions in a given geographic area, map multiple Arachis species or restrict to a single species, look at the accession details and evaluation data if available, and overlay trait evaluation data on the map. Click on the menu button on the top right of the screen to view the interactive tutorial.

Please explore these germplasm features and contact us if you have questions or want any additional features or want to submit your data to PeanutBase.
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