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On this day in 1944 - Anne Frank captured

On August 1, 1944, Anne made her last entry in her diary. Three days later, 25 months of seclusion ended with the arrival of the Nazi Gestapo. Anne and the others had been given away by an unknown informer, and they were arrested along with two of the Christians who had helped shelter them. 
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It's Tuesday Aug 4, 2022.
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Genocide Then and Now

Vera Share, Holocaust survivor and Scott Schara, victim of Covid Genocide warn others

Guest Avail Scott Schara


Scott Schara (Grace’s dad), and his daughter Jessica (Grace’s sister), were given a rare opportunity to witness what really happens inside the doors of a COVID hospital. The fear of COVID, being spread by the media, has the population convinced to be afraid of this virus. This fear causes people to not challenge the hospital policies preventing advocates, family members, and caregivers in the room with COVID patients. As this family studied what happened with Grace, they have become aware of thousands of similar cases where advocates attempted to push back, but the hospitals proceeded with their agendas instead. It is hard to believe this is really happening here, in America.

This family’s conclusions are this: Once the hospital realized they would not convince the family to give the hospital authority to put Grace on an unnecessary ventilator at the doctor’s discretion, it’s probable that Grace was worth more dead than alive; perhaps there were patients, who would better facilitate their goal of profitability, waiting in ER for a COVID bed to open. On the final day of Grace’s life, after the doctor proclaimed how well Grace was doing, he unilaterally labeled Grace as DNR and then a combination of IV sedatives and narcotics were administered over a short timeframe that no one would survive, especially if already in respiratory distress. After reviewing the details, you be the judge.

“We are not one doctor. We are 17,000 doctors!!” 


Guest Avail Richard G. Urso, M.D. 

Co-Founder of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists (Global Covid Summit) Over 17,000 members. 

Dr. Richard Urso is a board-certified ophthalmologist and one of America’s Frontline Doctors. He is a scientist, sole inventor of an FDA-approved wound healing drug, and the Former Director of Orbital Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Is There Any Link Between the COVID-19 Vaccine and Heart Attacks?

It's time to STOP the LIES! 
#truth #faithoverfear #freedom

Bad science equals Bad medicine!!
  • Under five data: Mostly negative efficacy
  • Anyone with prior Covid not allowed to be studied.
  • (75% had covid already)
  • Risk?? Reward?? What’s your view?? actions. What are you doing to modify your risk factors?
Dr. Richard Urso gives parents a strong warning against mRna injections for themselves but especially their children, and provides the slam dunk data to back it up. He also speaks directly about the recent approval by the CDC, and the FDA, to vaccinate children as young as 6 months old.
It’s a respiratory virus thats easy conditions to treat! Early in home treatment in crucial!

Guest Avail Jim Harden

President and CEO, CompassCare
Author | Keynote Speaker

Firebombed Pregnancy Center Executive Forgives Arsonists—Federal Legislation Unveiled

CompassCare became the first firebombed pro-life medical office to rebuild and reopen—just 52 days after the arson attack. At a press conference on August 1st, the organization celebrated a grand reopening with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a ground breaking ceremony. The press conference included statements from Rev. Jim Harden forgiving Jane’s Revenge as well as the first official statement from any law enforcement agency since the attacks began in May. The press conference was attended by church leaders as well as local, state, and federal elected representatives. 
The official public statement from the Amherst Police Department—just three sentences—fell flat, essentially stating that there have been no arrests and requesting help from the public. 
In Rev. Harden’s message to Jane’s Revenge, he said, “Law enforcement may be asking, ‘Where are you?’ because they do not know. But God, who made the eye, sees you. And He calls to you as He called to Adam and Eve after they sinned, doing grave damage to humanity, saying, ‘Where are you?’ As Christians, we do not take revenge.” Rev. Harden went on to say, “Either let Jesus pay for your sin by joining us in submission at the foot of the cross or pay for your sins yourself forever. I implore you, come out of the darkness and confess before it is too late.” 
After Rev. Harden’s statement, some strongly-worded remarks were made by elected representatives. NY Senator Borrello, referring to Governor Hochul, Attorney General Letitia James, and others not present rebuking, “If you cannot be here to stand…to say that violence is wrong, you have given up your right to represent the people of New York State.”
Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) unveiled federal legislation — 
the Pregnancy Resource Center Defense Act — increasing penalties for violence perpetrated against pro-life organizations and churches.
Finally, the ground breaking ceremony began the process of increasing the square footage of CompassCare’s pro-life medical office by 30%, enabling more women considering abortion to be served in person and online through telehealth. At the press conference, Rev. Harden said, “What this ground breaking ceremony symbolizes is that with our global telehealth partner, Let’s Talk Interactive, CompassCare is positioned to give 650 pregnancy centers nationwide the 21st century telehealth tools to compete head-on with the billion-dollar abortion empire by reaching and serving every woman in America before she travels and before the lethal chemical abortion drugs are sent to her in the mail.”


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